How Big Is Las Vegas Compared To London?

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Last Updated on September 17, 2022

We’ve all wondered how big Las Vegas is compared to London. It’s a good question that should be on every traveller’s mind. The United Kingdom is home to 68 million people, while Las Vegas has a population of approximately six hundred and thirty four thousand. Here are some facts to help you decide. Also, check out the weather in each city! And, of course, let’s not forget the cost of living.


A recent survey shows that the majority of residents in Las Vegas are White. However, there are also significant minority populations of people of color, with only 0.9% of the population being American Indian or Alaska Native. In addition, there are also significant numbers of Asians and Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islanders. However, the majority of the city’s population is Hispanic, which makes up 32.9% of the total population.

When it comes to language, both the United Kingdom and Las Vegas have large and diverse populations. While English is the official language in both countries, about three-quarters of the population speaks Spanish Creole. In addition to English, 147,121 people speak Spanish Creole. Meanwhile, around 729 people speak Portuguese Creole. Although London has a larger population than Las Vegas, the cost of living in the United Kingdom is still significantly higher than that of the U.K. The same income could cover about two and a half months of living expenses in both cities. Despite the differences, both cities are relatively affordable compared to each other.

In terms of size, Las Vegas has more people per square mile than London. In terms of population density, it is roughly equivalent. In addition to the same area, Las Vegas is twice as big as London. In the United States, the population of Las Vegas is about half the size of London, but more than double as dense. It is the second largest city in the U.S., behind New York and Chicago. However, it’s still much smaller than London and New York combined.

In terms of age, London is more populous than Las Vegas, and its citizens are younger than their European counterparts. However, London has a lower unemployment rate than Las Vegas, which indicates better economic and career prospects. London also has a lower crime rate, which suggests a more progressive and vibrant city. This makes the population of London considerably more diverse and exciting than that of Las Vegas. If you are looking for a city that is less expensive to live in, Las Vegas may be the place for you.


Whether you’re planning a visit to either city or are just wondering about the differences between the two, the following information can help. The United Kingdom has a population of 68 million people while the population of Las Vegas is 634,773. To give you a better idea of the size of these two cities, consider these comparison charts. These charts show the daytime maximum and minimum temperatures for each city. While London has a desert climate, Las Vegas enjoys a temperate four-season climate tempered by the surrounding seas.

While both cities are large, they have some important differences that make them different. For example, London has a large population of young people while Vegas is dominated by older people. In general, a larger city has better opportunities for growth and development because its population is more dynamic and creative. London also has a lower unemployment rate compared to Las Vegas, ensuring better economic growth and career prospects. Despite these differences, Las Vegas is growing much faster than London, which means that it is more dynamic and vibrant.

Water sports

The average temperature in both cities is over 27 degrees Celsius, while the average maximum temperature in London is just 15.2 degrees. Both cities are the perfect place to enjoy water sports such as surfing, wakeboarding, or water skiing. While it is comparatively expensive to commute to both cities, Las Vegas is significantly cheaper than London. You can get a monthly public transport ticket in England for $178, whereas the same ticket costs $38 in Las Vegas.

Cost of living

Considering your relocation from London to Las Vegas? Want to find out how much you’ll spend on living expenses in each city? We’ve compiled a list of cost-of-living costs that you may find helpful. You can use this list to compare the costs of housing, health care, and other necessities. Listed below are the expenses you’ll need to cover on a regular basis.

Grocery costs are a little higher in Las Vegas than in London, but the cost of utilities and childcare in the U.S. is significantly lower. The overall cost of living in Las Vegas is lower than in London, which is an excellent place to live if you’re on a tight budget. You’ll be able to find a variety of housing options in Las Vegas and save money on your rental.

The cost of living index compares cities on a national scale. This index takes into account consumer expenses, such as transportation, health care, and other goods. The national average is 100, so a number higher or lower than 100 indicates lower costs in the city. By using these indexes, you’ll know how much money you’ll need to make ends meet, especially when job hunting. Having this information handy can also help you create a budget and decide whether a particular location is affordable.

Another way to determine the cost of living in a city is to use a cost-of-living calculator. These calculators use consumer goods to compare the cost of basic necessities in two cities. You should consider your income and expenses, lifestyle preferences, and the necessary expenses. Remember that costs can vary greatly from city to city, so take these factors into account before making a decision. The comparison can help you determine if moving to a new city is an affordable choice for you.

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