How Much Does it Cost to Pigeon Proof Solar Panels?

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

When it comes to bird control, you can get creative by installing spikes or mesh netting around your solar panels. Using spikes or mesh can help prevent pigeons from gnawing through your solar panels’ wiring, and you can even mix and match these methods to keep birds out. If you’re not a handyman, you may want to hire a professional pest control company to get rid of pigeons and apply biocide.

Bird spikes

Bird spikes for bird proofing solar panels are a good solution for pest birds that may roost under the solar panels. They prevent these birds from landing on the panels and reducing their output. Bird spikes are made of premium-grade stainless steel that protects against UV rays, chemical degradation, and rust. These spikes can also protect the wiring from bird droppings. Abco Tech provides a 100% guarantee on its products.

Depending on the size of your solar panels, you can purchase different spikes to suit the size of your panels. You can also get bespoke spikes that can be fitted to buildings. While some bird spikes look unappealing, they actually prevent pigeons from landing on them. Once the pigeons are trained not to land on them, they will not bother your solar panels.

Defender(r) Solar Panel Bird Spikes are available in various sizes. For example, the six-metre pack contains 18 excluder strips and one tube of silicone adhesive. A fifteen-metre pack contains 45 exclusion strips and two tubes of silicone adhesive. The 50-metre pack contains 150 exclusion strips and seven tubes of silicone adhesive. For a more precise installation, you can use Defender(r) Solar Panel Bird Spikes, which have 126 silicone locking holes to ensure the spikes stay in place.

Steel spikes may be effective, but net mesh is a better solution if you’re trying to avoid a large number of birds. Bird spikes are cheap and easy to buy – a three-foot piece can be purchased for less than fifteen dollars. And because they are cheap, you won’t have to purchase multiples or a full-sized kit for your solar panels. Moreover, they’re also very durable and don’t require frequent replacements.

Mesh netting

One of the most effective and convenient ways of preventing pigeons from damaging your solar panels is by installing mesh netting. This type of netting does not require any drilling or glueing and is made of high-quality stainless steel. Mesh netting can be positioned around vents, electrical boxes, and railings. The right amount of opening will allow wind and water to pass through while preventing birds from perching on the panels.

The bird mesh can be applied in two ways: either between the panels and the roof to block birds from nesting under them, or it can cover the entire apparatus. Besides mesh netting, ledge modification is also an effective option. Solar panels are usually installed on roofs, and since birds can still perch on them, mesh netting can prevent them from nesting underneath solar panels.

In addition to nesting beneath solar panels, pigeons and squirrels can damage the electrical system, posing a fire hazard. Not only can nesting birds damage the solar electrical system, but their droppings and feathers can be dangerous to humans. In addition, bird droppings are corrosive to solar panels, so it is important to protect them from damage.

Bird deterrents

A bird deterrent is a highly effective method to keep pest birds from nesting and damaging your solar panels. Most commercial rooftop solar arrays experience this problem due to the presence of seagulls. Cleaning the solar panels is a temporary solution but the best long-term solution is to fit bird deterrents. These devices are extremely effective at preventing birds from nesting near solar panels and can tie into your solar panel cleaning process.

Besides the sound they make, there are also ornamental reflective scarecrows that can be placed near solar panels to deter birds. These scarecrows are equipped with anklet bells that emit sound when in contact with air. They come with four mirror spiral rods that reflect bird droppings. These are important as bird droppings are acidic and can damage the top coating of solar panels.

Besides the deterrents, birds also need protection from predators. Solar panels can offer a shelter from sunlight, and the birds need the shade they need to regulate their body temperature. They also need the shade to escape from the sun, which is not suitable for them. Fortunately, there are a number of affordable bird deterrents that you can use to keep these pests at bay.

Scare-pigeon tactics

There are two main methods for preventing a roosting gang of snooping shrews from taking over your solar panels: tuck netting and a deterrent kit. A tuck netting is a more humane way to scare away pigeons. It can be installed on a flat surface around solar panels, while a deterrent tape is placed around a steep angle, such as at the bottom edge. This way, it doesn’t hurt the birds but makes their roosting area more slippery for pigeons.

A professional pest control service can combine pigeon-proofing with legal chemical treatments to reduce the number of birds living near solar panels. The latter method requires a landlord’s consent. Therefore, if you are renting an apartment or a house, you must get permission from the landlord or property owner before carrying out pigeon proofing work. It is therefore important to inform the landlord about your solar panel problem so that they can request a pest controller’s inspection to identify the cause of the problem.

Another method to deter pigeons from roosting around solar panels is to install a one-way trap door. This trap will make it impossible for pigeons to nest under your panels. The best part about this method is that it is affordable and highly effective. After all, pigeons are attracted to food, so don’t forget to make your garden clean!

Damage caused by birds

If you have solar panels, you are probably wondering how much pigeon proofing your panels will cost. This can be an expensive proposition, as pigeons are known for causing damage to solar panels, roof tiles and wiring. After all, they also carry diseases. Here are some reasons why pigeon proofing your solar panels is so important:

Pigeon droppings contain high levels of acid and can cause the wires to corrode. Pigeons also cause long-term damage to solar panels by eating into the wiring, disrupting their function, and making a big mess. Not to mention the noise and mess caused by the pigeons nesting in your solar panels. But there is a solution! Pigeon proofing your solar panels is an effective solution to this problem and will keep the birds out.

If you are not sure whether or not you need pigeon-proofing of your solar panels, you can use anti-roosting spikes that can be purchased from garden centres and DIY stores. These spikes can be attached to the panels in any location to deter pigeons from nesting. Pigeon proofing your solar panels does not need to cost a fortune. And most of these deterrents will last a long time and will prevent pigeons from nesting. The best part of pigeon proofing solar panels is that you won’t be harming the birds in any way.

Pigeon proofing your solar panels is a smart investment. Pigeons are attracted to nest-building materials and can cause serious problems if left unchecked. While this method is not foolproof, it works, and many customers have learned the hard way. You can also use fake owls as a deterrent for pigeons. However, don’t use fake owls to prevent pigeons from nesting under your solar panels.

Cost of pigeon proofing solar panels

The cost of pigeon proofing solar panels depends on a number of factors, including the size and type of your roof and the brand of solar panels. You’ll also need to factor in the cost of any additional equipment or labor required, such as ladders or scaffolding. Regardless of the specifics, the process can be relatively inexpensive, even for DIYers. But be sure to check your local building code before hiring a solar panel company.

In addition to the cost of pigeon proofing solar panels, you may want to consider hiring a professional bird control company to take care of the problem. A professional company like A-1 Bird Control can help protect your solar panels and provide free estimates. This service is ideal if you are on a budget, but you should keep in mind that pigeon proofing solar panels can be expensive in the long run.

Birds like solar panels because they offer shelter and protection from the elements. However, pigeons will build nests on your roof and cover the panels with their droppings. Not only will the materials end up covering the roof, but they can also clog your gutters and cause an unpleasant mess in your garden. Besides that, pigeons are often most active during the early morning and late evening hours. Their calls can also travel through the roof.

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