How to Add Breast Collar Rings to Saddle

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

You can add breast collar rings to your saddle by using the center-ring design or the Spacer. Regardless of your saddle strap width, the rings should fit across the horse’s chest smoothly and loosely. The bottom strap should fit loosely so that it falls several inches away from the skin. Then, use the Snap hook to secure the rings. You’ve successfully added breast collar rings to your saddle! Now, you’re ready to add them to your saddle.


A breast collar is an essential piece of riding equipment. They attach to the dee rings on the saddle skirt and provide anti-slide support. Here is a look at how you can add breast collar rings to your saddle. First, measure the width of your saddle’s skirt. If it is too small, the strap should be longer than your saddle’s skirt. Once you measure the length of your skirt, measure the distance from the gullet to the breast collar.

If you want to use breast collars, you need to make sure that you have enough room to adjust them to the shape of your horse’s chest. Make sure that they fit evenly on both sides and are in the center of the horse’s chest. Keeping the breast collar too low or too tight will make your horse’s job harder. Make sure that the strap between your horse’s legs is slightly loose but still prevents it from sliding backward.

The next step is to make sure that your saddle fits properly. Try to slide your hand into the saddle to make sure that the ring fits properly. Try not to squish it too tightly or too loosely, as this may cause painful pressure points on your horse. Once you’ve got it snug, you can attach the breast collar rings to the saddle tree. This is an easy way to make your saddle look good.

how to add breast collar rings to saddle

Adding breast collar rings to saddle is an easy and quick way to protect the neck of your horse. First, you need to measure your horse. You can use a soft string to measure from the center of your horse’s chest to the front of the dee ring. Pull the string taunt for the best results. If you’re unsure how to measure your horse, watch videos on YouTube to get a better idea of how long your horse’s chest is.

Center-ring design

A center-ring breast collar is a simple design with three straps attached by a d-ring. The breast collar itself is a circular D-ring with a concho-covered ring on the center. Two thick straps are used as shoulder straps and a cinch is attached to the cinch’s front dee. To fasten the breast collar, two tugs are attached to the dee rings on either side of the shoulder straps.

Breast collars are essential pieces of riding equipment. They attach to the dee rings on the saddle skirt and prevent the saddle from sliding backward. This prevents the saddle from shifting backward and provides anti-slip support to the horse’s neck. A breast collar with adjustable rings will allow you to customize it according to your horse’s size and shape. Choosing a center-ring breast collar design will allow you to adjust it according to the size of your horse.

A center-ring breast collar is a simple design with adjustable tugs back to the saddle. The leather is double stitched and lined with black 100% felt. The center ring is attached with stainless steel dees. The breast collar straps are 17 inches long, excluding the rings. The chest pieces are 2 1/2″ wide and are in excellent condition. They have a few sweat & dirt stains on the underside. However, the leather is still in good shape and the strap to the girth is still soft.

A five-point breastplate is a hybrid between a western and polo breastcollar. It attaches to the saddle by 5 points. This design distributes pressure nicely across the chest and lifts the side ring. The side ring often has an elastic insert. These breastplates can also be wider than their English counterparts and help distribute pressure evenly across the chest. If you have a poorly fitting saddle, it can be even more uncomfortable.

Different saddle-strap widths

Breast collars are available in different styles, colors, and materials. Leather breast collars are the most common, but you can find them in nylon, mohair, fleece, and neoprene, too. These collars are adjustable on either side of the saddle-strap, and the length can vary from one to four inches. Before choosing a breast collar, consider how you plan to use it. Depending on your riding activity, you may want to consider getting one that is wider than the other.

Breastplates come in different sizes, so it’s important to choose the correct one for your horse’s size and breed. Breastplates vary in their dimensions and styles, but most of them contain five points of contact. Choose one that fits comfortably, as an ill-fitting breastplate can restrict the horse’s shoulder movements and cause saddle movement. If you’re buying a new breastplate, be sure to lunge your horse first to make sure it fits properly.

There are two types of breast collars: those with thick, thin, and medium straps. Thick straps are best for high-torque events like Western riding and showpiece saddles. Thinner straps are better suited for riding in less-crowded classes. While saddle jostling is not a problem in Western riding, thick shoulder straps are more suitable for high-torque events, like barrel racing.

When choosing a breastplate, make sure to measure the chest strap. The chest strap should be horizontal from the girth to the horse’s chest. The wither strap should not interfere with the horse’s shoulder or windpipe. A fist-width of strap should fit between the chest strap and the horse’s withers. If you have trouble determining how wide your horse’s chest strap should be, a hand-width of your palm will be close enough to fit in.

Snap hook

One of the most important pieces of riding equipment is a breast collar. It connects to the dee rings on the saddle skirt and prevents the saddle from sliding backward. It also provides anti-slip support. To learn how to add breast collar rings to saddle, read on. Here are a few steps you should take. This will ensure a safe fit and prevent your horse from slipping backward.

First, remove the straps from the breast collar. The breast collar can now be a pulling collar. A replacement concho can be purchased from Tandy leather. Attach it to the saddle with the saddle snaps. When using the breast collar, be sure to put it in the correct position. You don’t want it to rub on your horse’s shoulder. This way, it won’t fall off while riding.

The next step is to measure your horse’s chest. The best way to measure the chest circumference is to saddle him and run a string or soft measuring tape across his chest. This measurement is known as his “dee-ring”. The breast collar comes in several standard sizes, so choose one that matches your horse’s build. An average-built horse should wear a 34-inch breast collar, while a heavily muscled stock type should try a 36-inch breast collar. Arabian horses should try a 32-inch breast collar. If you’re unsure of your horse’s chest circumference, buy a tug with a different length to try.

The process of attaching breast collar rings to saddle begins with removing the saddle’s bluing. Before you can install the breast collar, you must first remove the saddle’s d rings. Normally, you’ll be riveted the breast collar rings into place. If you’ve already removed the bluing, it’s time to attach the breast collar rings. The saddle’s d rings are riveted into place.

Wither straps

Breast collars are made to cinch your horse’s chest, so you must choose a size that fits over the horse’s shoulder without causing restrictions. You can find breast collars with cinch rings in many saddle shops. The breast collar should fit over the horse’s shoulder with a little slack in the strap. You can also use a leather dog collar to secure your breast collar.

The first step in adding breast collar rings to your saddle is to make sure you build the saddle with a spacer. Once you’ve done this, you can add the breast collar rings to your saddle and you’re ready to ride! You’ll also need a spacer, which must be placed in the tree when you’re building your saddle. If you want to make a leather breast collar, you can find them in a wide variety of styles.

There are several types of silver breast collar trim available. Cowboy silver, also known as White Bronze, is a popular choice. It’s durable and recognizable by its weight and markings. It also has a slight yellow tint to it. White bronze isn’t found on more expensive production saddles, but you can always order one separately. However, it’s important to make sure you choose the right type.

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