How to Adjust a Bully Clutch

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

Before you can properly adjust a Bully clutch, you need to understand the Break-in process. Increasing the weight and stiffness of the spring will increase the positive engagement. The heavier weights will also require you to accelerate below the engagement RPM. On the other hand, the stiffer springs will increase the stall speed. For proper adjustment, you should first understand the spring and air gap combination. Then, determine the exact spring and weight combination for your car.

Break-in process

When it comes to your car’s clutch, the first thing you should do is find the height of the springs in the clutch. This is usually done with a Bully clutch gauge. Depending on the brand, you may need to recalibrate the gauge. If you use another brand, make sure you measure the thickness of the spring retainers. The height of the clutch springs can vary wildly from brand to brand, so be sure to know your model’s specs.

The first step is to measure the air gap between the friction disks. It’s a small distance that’s expressed in thousandths of an inch. If you notice a significant gap between the disks, try adjusting them further until they meet the wear limit. Then, use the dowel pins to pull the levers up. Repeat this process with all of the levers to determine the best setting.

After you’ve measured the height of the springs, you can adjust the spring height to make your clutch more or less slippy. Generally, you can adjust the spring height by dividing the readings by the number of springs in your clutch. This will keep the clutch engaged at the correct RPM, while lowering the springs will reduce slip. For proper clutch engagement, you should check the spring height. The average height will be between the bottom of the spring retaining washer and the top of the activator plate.

Changing the air gap

To change the engagement RPM of a Bully clutch, you need to first determine its spring height. The height will be affected by many factors, including spring diameter, spring preload, weight package, and engine power. Turn the spring adjustment clockwise to increase slip, and counter-clockwise for less slip. To determine the spring height, measure from the bottom of the spring retaining washer to the top of the activator plate.

The air gap is the clearance between the friction disks. It is measured with a common feeler gauge and stated in thousandths of an inch. As the friction disks wear, the air gap can increase to the wear limit of.050 inch. If you need to reduce the air gap, you can insert a shim under the activator plate to restore the air gap to its original dimension.

Changing the disc thickness

When determining the stall speed of a Bully clutch, it is vital to know how much friction the clutch is producing. The friction of the disc is affected by pressure and heat. The thickness of the disc should match the clamp force, otherwise the clutch will not perform as it should. There are several factors to consider before making a decision. Here are a few. First, make sure the Bully clutch has been manufactured with the proper thickness of disc.

Changing the spring

You can easily change the spring in a Bully clutch by following a few simple steps. The spring height is determined by the diameter and preload of the spring. This will depend on several factors, such as the weight of the car and engine power. If you’re looking for more slip, turn the spring adjustment clockwise, and counterclockwise for less slip. You should measure the spring height between the bottom of the spring retaining washer and the top of the clutch activator plate.

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