How to Adjust the Front Sight on an AK 47

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

When you’re ready to make adjustments to your AK 47 or AKM, you’ll want to have the right tool. A sight tool is made specifically for front sight adjustments. The tool fits over a round insert in the sight. To adjust the elevation, simply push the tool to the right or left. Make sure to push the tool opposite the direction in which you want the bullet to strike. For example, if you want to adjust the front sight to shoot down the middle, push it to the right.


In order to adjust the front sight of your AK rifle, you’ll first want to aim it properly at a clearly visible target. Aim for the lower edge of a 12-inch target, and aim to produce hits and points of impact in the center of the target. The point of aim (POA) and the point of impact (POI) should be within six inches of each other vertically, but there’s always a chance the AK will miss. If you’re concerned about the difference, then you’ll have to sight the gun in.

A sight tool can help you adjust the front sight on an AK47/AKM. A good one costs between ten and fifteen dollars, but is worth the extra money. The other method is to bang on the pin with a hammer or mallet, but this is not recommended. A cheap tool can twist the front sight or deform it, so it’s best to invest in a high-quality sight tool.

If you’ve ever lost the manual for your AK47/AKM, there’s a simple way to fix it. First, lay the rifle on a hard surface, preferably one without a carpet. Place the front sight hood and muzzle tip flat on the surface. Next, place a spent shell casing over the hood of the front sight. Finally, tap the hammer lightly with a plastic or brass shim stock.


If you’re wondering how to adjust the front sight on your AK 47, you’ve come to the right place. There are several different ways to adjust this important rifle accessory. To begin, lay the rifle flat on a hard surface. Place the muzzle tip and front sight hood on the surface. Then, place a spent shell on the other side of the adjustment cylinder and tap the shell with a hammer. Then, repeat this procedure until the windage is center.

Once you’ve installed the target on the 100-meter range, you can begin the adjustment process. First, install the target in the front sight block and turn the rear sight elevation adjustment cylinder to “1”. Make several shots in order to verify that your vertical POI is within the cylinder’s arc. Once you have gotten it level, you can adjust the front sight post. Screw it back into place and make adjustments for low impacts. Lift it if the impact was higher than normal.

Next, screw the front sight in or out. This is done with a front sight tool that comes with your rifle. This tool is included in the cleaning kit that stores in the rifle’s butt-trap. The adjustment will move the point of impact approximately 8 inches at 100 meters. Increasing the front sight will raise or lower the point of impact by the same amount. You can also screw it back into place and repeat the process as necessary.


If you’re wondering how to adjust the front sight on your AK 47, you’ve come to the right place. The AK’s sight drum is adjustable, and you can use a socket wrench to make the adjustment. To do so, first lay the rifle on a hard surface, with the muzzle tip and front sight hood touching the surface. Next, place the spent casing on the side of the adjustment cylinder and tap it with a hammer or other object.

The AK’s front sight is screwed into a round steel piece base, which is set horizontally into the triangular front sight assembly. Next, adjust the sight’s windage and elevation using a dedicated tool. This tool is manufactured by a number of US commercial companies. The tool works like a C-clamp, and moves the sight’s base. The process is easy and quick.

While the rear sight is not adjustable, the front sight can be adjusted to increase or decrease the weapon’s precision. It is important to know that this front sight is used to make adjustments, and not vice versa. The rear sight can be adjusted as well, but you should never use this method if you’re working with a long-range rifle. As long as the rear sight is in the same location, you should be good to go.

Magna-Matic Defense

The AKFST, or adjustable front sight tool, is a precision-machined steel piece of equipment used to adjust the front sight on an AK 47. Unlike the C-clamp sight tool that many people use, the Magna-Matic tool is made with a full-circle construction that allows for much more accurate windage adjustments. The tool’s elevation adjustment tip has positive contact with the front sight post, and its long lever makes for easy access. The tool is universal and works with most variants of AK47 and AK-47A1, but it is not compatible with Yugo SKS and other guns with different front sight bases.

Before beginning the adjustment process, you must engage the firearm’s safety. Then, use a dedicated AK sight tool to adjust the front sight. The smaller the adjustment, the larger the impact on moving the front sight toward center. Repeat the process, firing three more shots to ensure the windage is aligned properly. Then, use the same technique to adjust the rear sight. Once you have centered the windage, the AK front sight will no longer need adjustment.


To adjust the front sight of an AK 47 rifle, first make sure the firearm is engaged and the firearm safety is engaged. Use a dedicated AK sight tool to adjust the front sight of your AK. The less adjustment you make, the closer the sight will move to the center of the target. Then, fire three more shots and repeat the process until the windage is where you want it to be.

Once you have the front sight of your AK 47 rifle set, it is time to adjust the elevation. You can adjust elevation by screwing the front sight post in, while windage is adjusted by shifting the cylinder. As with all rifles, you must adjust the elevation in the direction of the deviation. If your gun shoots low, for example, you need to lower the front sight. If the front sight is too high, then you need to adjust it lower.

You can also adjust the front sight of an AK 47 by using a special tool. You can buy dedicated tools for this purpose, but they are not cheap. Also, a poorly made tool is more likely to bend the front sight or cause it to break. So, spend a little money to purchase a quality tool to adjust the front sight of your AK 47. There are many options out there.

Confirmation target

The Soviet Army issued a confirmation target for the 7.62x39mm AK47/AKM rifle. This target is a black rectangle on a white background. The aiming point is the center of the lower edge of the black rectangle. The black rectangle is about the same width as the AK’s front sight post at 100 meters. In addition, it provides a sufficient amount of contrast for sighting.

If the front sight is misaligned, the rifle will move. This is known as parallax. The reticle in the front sight must be adjusted to allow clear vision of the reticle to be successful. Correctly adjusted front sights will help you shoot accurately without the parallax effect. However, proper setting of your scope is essential for the best shooting. So, it is recommended to read the manual before using your rifle.

Rear sight adjustment

There are a few different techniques to make the rear sight adjustment on an AK 47. The most common way is to line up the front sight post with the upper edge of the rear sight, and then center the “U” notch in the middle of the front sight post. This method works best when shooting from about 100 meters away. However, if the distance is less than that, the front sight must be adjusted to compensate.

To do this, you first need to zero the rifle. To do this, you should place spent ammunition on the round sight base and tap it gently. One millimeter lateral movement will move the point of impact 10 inches at 100 meters. Repeat the procedure until the sights align properly. Make sure to do this before using the rifle in combat. It is crucial to ensure proper sight alignment and safety. After that, you can aim at a target and practice your aim.

Rear sight adjustment on Ak 47 can be done manually or by using a sighting device. You can choose a sight setting for 100 meters, 200 meters, or even 400 meters. The last setting is referred to as a battle setting, and provides the best torso size accuracy. Once you’ve adjusted the sight, you can match your point-of-aim with elevation and then adjust the rear sight accordingly.

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