How to Become a Concealed Handgun Carry Instructor in Louisiana

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

Obtaining a CCH permit allows you to carry a handgun in public, and concealed handgun carry instruction can start where your permit leaves off. Course topics might include low-light scenarios, alternate positions, malfunction clearance, and multiple targets. Your courses may also include other topics, depending on the needs of your students. You must be a National Rifle Association-certified instructor and approved by the Louisiana State Police. Upon completing your courses, you must requalify annually.

Course requirements

Becoming a concealed carry instructor in Louisiana involves passing a course that teaches the laws related to the possession of a handgun in Louisiana. A concealed carry instructor must also be a registered firearm owner and must have taken a firearms training course in the state. The course requires students to score a 100% hit rate on a silhouette target. Instructors are licensed and insured, and are highly experienced in firearm training. Less than 1% of applicants are chosen for a concealed carry instructor position.

In addition to completing the course, the instructor must have completed at least two years of college and have at least 30 semester hours of practical experience. Full-time experience in law enforcement, military, or a similar field may substitute for the 30 semester hours of college required for the CHP. Instructors may be part-time or full-time employees of a public criminal justice agency. They must also have at least one year of law enforcement experience.

how to become a concealed carry instructor in louisiana

Applicants must complete the basic qualification course and the annual requalification course. The refresher course will include the Legal Aspects Section, the Firearms Section, and the Statewide Exam for Peace Officers. This course is offered by all accredited academies and will last one year. It is also recommended that candidates take an additional course to maintain their certification. The course is designed to meet the needs of law enforcement professionals and those who are looking to become instructors of concealed carry courses in Louisiana.

Before becoming a concealed carry instructor in Louisiana, make sure to have a proven record of training. If you have served in the military or worked in law enforcement, you should have a proven track record of safety training. Instructors with a proven safety record will have a stronger argument during the certification process. Keep in mind that some instructors may not have taken a course through the NRA. Some states have their own process for becoming concealed carry instructors and administer their own training courses.

Requirements for annual requalification

As a concealed carry instructor in Louisiana, you must fulfill the requirements for requalification annually. Annual requalification must be conducted with the same courses as the basic qualification. Scores from all the courses are averaged. To become a certified concealed carry instructor in Louisiana, you must first be a POST-certified peace officer. A POST-certified peace officer must also report convictions to the state’s council.

If you have received your initial certification from a certified trainer, the next step is to obtain your qualification card. The first step is to complete the acknowledgement form. This form must be filled out accurately. This acknowledgement form must be signed by both you and the candidate. Afterward, you should fill out a new qualification card with the same information as the original. The new card will expire on the same date as the original qualification. You should annotate the new card with “replacement” in the course/rounds fired.

If you fail to meet these requirements, you must submit an interoffice letter explaining why you were unable to pass the training and documenting the result. You must also submit Form 105) and Form 339 to the Commanding Officer of Education and Training, the Superintendent of Police, and all Bureau Chiefs. If you fail to meet these requirements, you will need to requalify as a concealed carry instructor in Louisiana.

Once you have received your primary certification, you must complete the re-certification application within three years of that date. During the three-year period, you must document 36 hours of instruction in your primary area. If you are adding a psychomotor skill instructional area, you must teach 32 hours of this subject in order to meet the requirement. If you fail to renew within the required time, you must recertify with an additional course.

Requirements for obtaining a concealed carry permit

If you’re interested in becoming a concealed carry instructor in Louisiana, here are the requirements. As an instructor, you need to be certified by the state police. You can obtain your permit by taking a 9-hour certification course. Afterward, you must be able to teach a concealed carry class. This can be a very lucrative career. In Louisiana, instructors must have a valid concealed carry permit and teach a class.

Once you have completed the training, you can apply for a renewed concealed carry permit. Typically, a concealed carry permit lasts five years and you must renew it every five years. In Louisiana, concealed carry instructors cannot use live ammunition or firearms while training students. This may be a concern for those who work offshore. However, if you are a trained instructor, you can provide a refresher course for new learners.

You must also have a valid firearm permit in another state. To become a concealed carry instructor in Louisiana, you must have a permit from another state. To get one, you must have a concealed carry permit from another state or a political subdivision. Also, you must complete a firearm training course at a governmental police agency. You must also complete a firearm safety course conducted by a certified firearms instructor.

If you’re a teacher or a firearms instructor, you should follow all applicable laws regarding concealed handgun instructors. As an instructor in Louisiana, you are required to comply with the laws regarding concealed carry instructors. If you violate the law by making false statements on your concealed carry permit application, you could be arrested. For this reason, it’s best to be as honest as possible.

Passport photos no longer required

There are several ways to apply to become a concealed carry instructor in Louisiana. You must first have a valid drivers license or Louisiana ID. The state police will take the photograph for you, and you can choose to have it notarized. You can also mail in the application form, which requires 3 affidavit pages to be notarized. If you do not have a photo of yourself in your passport, you can pay for the service at a local Walmart or professional photography studio. Lastly, you can also pay BCI to take your picture for you at their office for $12.

The state is attempting to reform its permit laws to make concealed carry easier. One of the proposed changes involves eliminating passport photo requirements. In addition, Louisiana now allows teachers and other school employees to carry a concealed weapon if they have undergone the same firearms training as police officers. While the bill passed the Senate, it would lose revenue for the Louisiana State Police, which would be able to invest in an online firearms training course for teachers.

Once you have a valid CCH permit, you can begin teaching classes. Some topics you may want to cover in a concealed carry instructor course include low light, alternate positions, malfunction clearance, multiple targets, and more. Instructors are National Rifle Association certified and approved by the Louisiana State Police. You must also be a Louisiana resident to teach concealed carry classes. If you have a CCH permit, you are still bound by state laws when you are in the state.

If you have a firearms training certificate and are a resident of Louisiana, you must obtain a concealed handgun permit in Louisiana. If you do not live in Louisiana, you must apply for a CHP in another state or possess a valid license issued by another state. Louisiana permits are recognized in all 37 states, and a military personnel or someone with a Louisiana driver’s license or state ID can obtain a CHP.

Requirements for becoming a concealed carry instructor at Baker Range

You can become a concealed carry instructor at Baker Range by completing the necessary training. The courses are held on a one-on-one basis and you will be responsible for your own gun. You must be a range member and have taken a concealed weapon course or another acceptable safety course. You must also provide your own ammunition and targets. For more information, visit the Baker Range website.

The USCCA’s online Instructor Training Program enables instructors to offer high-quality classes. The program is two days long, from 8am to 5pm, and the fee is $597. This fee covers the cost of a $250 toolkit, a $347 class training fee, and the required e-learning. Once you have paid the $597 toolkit fee, USCCA will email you access to the training materials.

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