How to Become a Freak Athlete

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

Become a freak athlete by learning how to unlock your athletic abilities. The Freak Athlete is creative and strong from head to toe. They know that no athletic skill is beyond their reach. In this program, Reece “Highlight” Humphrey reveals his secrets for unlocking your athletic abilities. The materials are delivered digitally to you in PDF format. You can download them or print them out if you prefer.

Long jump

Developing your ability to accelerate quickly is critical to long-jump success. If your take-off is not optimized, you will experience negative rotational forces, which can affect your landing. To overcome rotation, you must practice various take-off drills and run-ups. Ideally, you should focus on your take-off angle, which is shallower than that of the high jump. In addition, you must learn to maintain your speed while landing.

Freaky athletes react to situations and perform incredible feats. They have honed their skills over many years of training and development. Examples of athletes with freak training are wrestlers and weightlifters. These athletes know how to move heavy external loads rapidly and react well to precarious positions. They also have excellent proprioception. By following their instructions, you can become a freak athlete in long jump.

You can start your jump with a forward-facing foot and rock back so that you are standing on your rear leg. Then, swing your arms in opposition to your legs. Your arms should be fully extended to maximize your momentum and push through the ground. You can also use the momentum you build up while rocking back to accelerate your speed. Aim for optimum speed at the last moment before take-off or close to it. Otherwise, the athlete will decelerate.

Developing your speed is essential for the long jump. Elite male long jumpers can leap up to 11 meters per second! And female long jumpers can reach seven meters in under 10 seconds! But you can’t just jump high like Powell – you need to train your muscles for concentric and eccentric action! The best training is a combination of strength, speed, and conditioning. It’s all about learning to move faster.


If you’ve ever wondered how to develop superhuman strength and speed, you’re in luck. There’s a training program that will help you achieve your goals, and it’s called “How to Become an Explosive Freaker Athlete.” Created by Dr. Seedman, the program is comprised of 16 power and speed workouts that will help you improve your overall strength and athleticism. Plus, you’ll gain agility and quickness, which is crucial for enhancing your speed and explosive power.

To become an explosive freak athlete, you’ll need to train your body for high-stress movements. A power circuit consists of four to eight different explosive movements performed in a boot camp-style format. The athlete alternates between exercises, resting for thirty seconds between each effort. The circuit’s density and potentiation effects are largely determined by the movement goal of each exercise. In the power circuit, each exercise targets a specific skill outcome and builds upon itself to produce a high level of explosive performance.


How to become a freak athlete physically? It’s possible if you know the secrets of this legendary athlete. You must be strong from head to toe. But, how do you unlock these skills? This guide is written by two elite level coaches and athletic performance experts Reece Humphrey and Dustin Meyers. It explains each technique in great detail so that you can learn to perform at your peak.

Freaky athletes react to situations with incredible speed, power, and agility. Their physical skills developed over years of intense training. Wrestlers and weightlifters are examples of freak athletes who can move large external loads quickly and react to precarious positions. They also have excellent proprioception, which helps them react to sudden movements. The key is to focus on achieving these skills. In addition to training your physical abilities, you should also improve your mental strength, which is essential to become a freak athlete.

Multiple planes of motion

Whether you play football or soccer, or practice tennis or gymnastics, learning to move efficiently in multiple planes of motion is critical to your athletic development. Not only will this training reduce the risk of injury, but it will also increase your athletic performance. Training in all three planes is also essential for preventing injury. Almost every sport requires athletes to move through all three planes of motion, from backpedaling to quick rotations.

While learning the three planes of motion is a basic component of any fitness training course, it’s often forgotten during the initial phase of training. Planes of motion refer to the way the body moves through space. For example, a biceps curl or a step forward lunge uses the sagittal plane of motion while a side lunge or an adduction exercise uses the frontal plane.

Many athletes focus on training in the frontal plane, but it’s also important to train in the transverse plane. You can do this with exercises such as the squat, deadlift, and press. In addition to resistance training, you can also learn to move efficiently in the sagittal plane by doing exercises such as broad jumps and lateral hops. For example, a baseball player might use the frontal plane to slide to the right corner of the field or shuffle to steal a base. The ability to move in all three planes will carry over into many aspects of an athlete’s game.

When it comes to jumping, one of the most important considerations is how well you use each plane of movement. If you only use the sagittal plane, you’ll end up in a position where your leg muscles are overused and weaker than the others. This will negatively affect your overall performance. Strength is the force you exert against resistance, power is the maximum muscle contraction, and agility is the ability to move in opposing directions. When training in the three planes of motion, you’ll be able to avoid these disadvantages.

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