How to Break the Fin Seal in Genshin Impact

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Last Updated on September 17, 2022

The mission in Genshin Impact requires you to break the fin seal and enter the moonlit depths. You will need to interact with the statues and stone tablet to accomplish this task. Read on to learn how to break the fin seal! We will also talk about how to fight Hydro Mimics and the statues in Enkanomiya Shrine. Hopefully, this article will help you in your mission. If you need help, we’ve provided some guides in the past.

Enkanomiya Shrine

The fin seal in Enkanomiya Shrine is one of the final quests in the game, and the player must find it in order to gain access to the Spirit Pearl. Once you find the Second Sigil, you must travel to the Heart of Watasumi to retrieve the mechanism to unlock the door. Once you have this key, you can proceed to Tsuyuko, who will guide you through the rest of the quest.

In order to enter Enkanomiya, players must complete certain World Quests. The first of these is the Moon-Bathed Deep questline, which begins at Mouun Shrine in Watatsumi Island. To begin the quest, players must first complete the Eye of Watatsumi quest in order to gain access to the Shrine. The second part of the quest is to break the seal on the Pearl that has the “Moon Bathed Deep Key.”

The quest is not as simple as it seems. Players must find the Key Sigils in order to break the seals. The key is found on the moon-bathed deep. The Moon-Bathed Deep is a pool under Sangonomiya Shrine. Activating the altar will grant access to the Still Water’s Flow world quest.

To open the “Fin” shrine, you must defeat the enemies that are guarding the Ley Line Monolith. The Ancient Stone Tablet will give you the necessary instructions for unlocking the shrine. The tablet also contains the solution to the puzzle. To break the fin seal, you must rotate the fish statues facing the disc that locks them in place. After successfully completing the puzzle, you’ll receive the Spirit Pearl and be able to unlock the shrine.

Interacting with the stone tablet

The Fin Seal is a puzzle that must be solved to access the Spirit Pearl. In order to break this puzzle, you need to rotate fish statues. Rotate them in certain directions to complete the puzzle. The fish statues glow when you have them in the correct orientation. Using your teleportation skill, you can rotate the statues. If you do not have a Teleportation Key, use a Timer to complete this quest.

In order to complete the Moon-Bathed Deep world quest, you must travel around the island of Watsumi. There are several levels to this quest. The first is to break the Fin Seal, and this is a very perplexing task. We’ve outlined the steps to break the Fin Seal so you can complete the quest successfully. This guide will explain how to interact with the stone tablet and unlock the fin.

The next challenge is the tail of Watatsumi. To find this challenge, you must travel east to the island southeast of Borou. In order to unlock the tail, you must defeat several Fatui enemies. When you reach the tail of Watatsumi, you’ll need to interact with the Electrogranum plant near the shrine. Once you’ve broken the Fin Seal, you’ll have to battle with Fatui enemies, such as the Hydrogunner and Cryogunner. Once you’ve defeated them, you’ll be able to collect the Spirit Pearl.

Breaking the fin seal can be difficult, but if you’re determined and have the right tools, you can complete the challenge without difficulty. To get started, simply talk to Priestess Tsuyuko. She’ll guide you through four successive quests. Once you’ve done all four, you’ll be prompted to explore Watatsumi-Eye Shrine and the Heart of Watatsumi.

Interacting with the statues

The quest to break the Fin Seal is relatively easy. After you find the stone tablet with information about the Fin Seal, you need to interact with the statues of fish and get them to rotate in the proper direction. If you’re confused about how to proceed, don’t worry. We’ll explain it in this article. In the quest, you’ll need to interact with the statues of fish to solve the puzzle and find the Spirit Pearl.

To start the quest, you need to travel to the North part of Watsumi Island. Once you reach the North part of the island, you will find a small island with a stone tablet and a shrine. The objective of the game is to use the pearl statue to break the fin seal and unlock the Spirit Pearl. It’s a puzzle that will challenge your thinking skills, but it is very doable and satisfying.

To break the Fin Seal, rotate the statues of the fish to the center of the shrine. Once the statues are facing the right direction, the ground will glow blue. Once the statues are facing the right direction, a Spirit Pearl will be revealed. The Spirit Pearl is also the key to unlocking the Final Heart Seal. You’ll need to collect the Spirit Pearl to get it. It can be found in the Sangonomiya Shrine.

The final part of the quest is quite easy. The first part of the quest is to interact with the statues. You must rotate each statue in the right direction until it faces the center. Rotating the statues is easy, but players may be confused by the many statues that turn at the same time. Once all the fish statues face the center, they’ll glow and indicate that the puzzle has been completed.

Rotating the statues to break the fin seal

There are two puzzles in Rotating the Statues to Break the Fin Seal. The first one requires you to manipulate a mysterious pillar. The second one requires you to rotate two statues that are locked into place. Once you have solved both puzzles, the fin seal will be broken and the way to the Spirit Pearl will open. The final puzzle is a little more difficult but will reward you with the Spirit Pearl.

You can’t just start anywhere; the Moon-Bathed Deep world quests have several layers to them, and this one is especially tricky. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a guide for you that will make the whole process easier to complete. Start by going to Watatsumi Island, and look for the stone tablet and shrine. You’ll need to rotate the statues in the correct order to unlock a stone tablet and the fin, and then read the tablet.

The first puzzle is incredibly easy, but requires you to turn the statues in a certain order. If you don’t do it the right way, you’ll end up having to replay it over again. This is where the strategy comes in handy. You can’t just jump around and try to figure out where the statues are, you have to turn them to face the center and follow the instructions on the statue.

The final puzzle requires you to turn all fish statues to face the disc. You must then defeat the Hydro Mimics, which will help you unlock the Mysterious Pillar. In the final circle, you’ll need to rotate all the statues and then talk to Tsuyoko to unlock the Key of the Moon-Bathed Deep. With the right strategy, you’ll be able to unlock the Mysterious Pillar and unlock all the Mysterious Statues in the world.

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