How to Breed a Sylvan Dragon in Dragon City

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Last Updated on September 17, 2022

If you’ve been looking for information on how to breed sylvan dragons in Dragon City, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll talk about the Synchronizations of different sylvan dragons, the Best breeding combination, and how long it takes to breed a sylvan dragon. Then, we’ll look at how to breed a sylvan dragon in dragon city.

Synchronizations of sylvan dragons

A Sylvan Dragon is a light force of nature that protects the elven woods. It was born and raised in the deep forest and is capable of learning various war moves. At hatching, it is already knowledgeable of its basic moves and can learn more by training it. The following article will discuss the process of breeding a Sylvan Dragon. It can be bred using the Breeding Event in the game.

Best breeding combination

The best breeding combination for sylvan dragons in Dragon City is to breed pure, rare, and legendary dragons with each other. Starting with a pure dragon and a pure element is the best combination, as legendaries have only 1 element, and are not very useful for combat, but they are great for gold gathering. However, they should only be bred with pure dragons, as legendaries have one element and are rare and expensive.

Among the legendary dragons, Kratus is the easiest to breed. The best breeding combination for Kratus is a pure dragon and a war dragon. Next on the list are sanctuary legendaries, which have four elements, as opposed to only two. You can breed these legendary dragons with any pure or hybrid dragon in the game, but you should keep in mind that they have longer breeding times than Kratus.

Creating unique dragons in Dragon City can be quite expensive, but the rewards are worth it. The process involves researching dragon breeding formulas, leveling up a dragon, and hatching eggs. In addition, offspring types are dependent on the parents, which means there is a certain degree of luck involved. The rewards of a successful breeding attempt depend on the number of eggs and the number of dragons.

Legend dragons are a great choice for the highest level of players, but be sure to avoid breeding two black-eyed dragons together. The higher level dragons increase the chances of the resulting hybrid being level exclusive, but be aware that this breed is rare. To ensure the success of your breeding efforts, you must have the basic building blocks: eggs, parents, and dragons.

Time it takes to breed a sylvan dragon in dragon city

If you are wondering how long it takes to breed a sylvester in Dragon City, you should start with a few basics. Dragons have different hatching times – one will hatch in 30 seconds while the other will hatch in five. You can compare these hatching times to the amount of Gems it will take you to breed a sylvan dragon in Dragon City.

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