How to Build a Lube Skid

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

Many industries struggle with a skilled labor shortage. Obtaining a CDL for heavy equipment maintenance is a common requirement, but many service technicians do not want to acquire this license. With a lube skid, these issues are eliminated, and a lube skid can easily be transported in a van, which is much easier to maneuver, park, and drive than a large truck.

Choosing a lube skid package

Using lube skids in your operations is a great way to minimize downtime, keep employees and equipment moving, and cut down on transportation expenses. They also increase your technician’s ability to service equipment efficiently. These mobile lubrication units are an excellent choice for moderate-to-high-use applications. Construction, oil/gas, and agriculture industries are common places to find lube skids.

When deciding which lube skid package to purchase, it is important to consider the number of jobs you’ll be performing. Lube skids generally have less capacity than a lube truck or trailer, but they can still prove valuable, particularly for large fleets. Most of these units are equipped with a compressor or hydraulic pumping system. There are a few exceptions, however, such as Sage Oil Vac’s lube skids, which don’t require a traditional lube set-up.

Regular lube skids require component assembly, welding, and additional tools. They also require a compressed air source, which makes them unsuitable for remote lubrication operations. Lube skids can also be used for emergency lubrication, including repairing faulty equipment. Some of the best skids are multi-unit units, and some even include air compressors. But, be sure to choose a lube skid package that includes a compressor.

how to build a lube skid

Choosing a lube skid manufacturer

If you operate a lube service provider business, you may be interested in purchasing a lube skid. These units are very useful for servicing large fleets of machines. However, if you only need to service a few machines, a smaller lube equipment may be sufficient. Both lube trailers and skids provide similar benefits. They both feature enclosed environments to protect from vandalism, theft and the elements. They are also very easy to transport.

Purchasing a lube skid is an excellent way to keep all of your maintenance materials in one convenient location. Many manufacturers also offer the option to add generators or air compressors to their lube skid packages. Some service truck operators opt to include power washers with their skids, too. When choosing a lube skid manufacturer, make sure to consider how many maintenance jobs you anticipate undertaking each year. Also, consider visibility and location of specific equipment.

If you plan to use your lube skid on a mobile basis, make sure to choose a manufacturer that has the appropriate number of lift points. Some manufacturers offer multiple lift points for easier access and use. If you have several small locations, you can purchase one lube skid for each location and move it from one to another. Choose a manufacturer that can offer a variety of different sizes, and have plenty of storage capacity.

In addition to selling a custom lube skid, a lube skid manufacturer can also offer used lube trucks. These vehicles are essential for many different industries. They are convenient and cost-effective support vehicles. They can make the difference between a smooth operation and a dreaded downtime. Many lube skid manufacturers are available in the marketplace today, and you can choose the one that suits your needs.

The Sage Oil Vac lube skid offers mobile service providers a new level of versatility. Designed for a variety of service vehicles, it can be mounted on a mechanic truck, crane truck, van body, or pickup. Its pump-free design allows the user to apply lubricant without removing the lube truck or trailer. If you use air compressors in your service truck, the Sage Oil Vac lube skid is an excellent choice.

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