How to Build Darius ARAM

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

So, you’re looking for a tank or Cach build. This guide will help you with that! Here are some tips for your Darius build, including the Hemorrhage passive, and Dead Man’s Plate! We also have a quick guide to a Tank build for Darius. Read on to learn more! Also, check out our guide to a Tank build! You’ll be glad you did!

Cach build

The kings of ARAM were seated on thrones: Malphite, Galio, and Katarina. On the throne was Darius. He sat on a rat manh. This tidal wave symbolized the king’s power and authority. Darius was crowned king on this day. This poem has been translated into English as “throne of ARAM”.

This card has some unique abilities. Darius possesses a rogue chemist skill, which helps him build explosive weapons. His ability to ward off enemy attacks also makes him more dangerous. He is also a very fast fighter, with good movement speed. His strength and speed allow him to outpace any opponent. He can do this by using his special skills, such as his piercing gaze.

A Ram’s stats have the potential to cause havoc with other classes. But how can you ensure a high success rate? Using the Statistical Darius ARAM build guide by METAsrc will help you get the highest possible win rate. It will also help you save your runes, items, and spells. It is also useful to have a good item list to ensure that you’re getting the best performance out of your Darius ARAM.

Tank build

For Darius ARAM, you need to have a good item build and set of runes. The most effective Darius ARAM item build consists of 5 stacks of Conqueror, which can be used to increase AD. The other keystone rune is Phase Rush, which boosts movement speed and makes it harder for opponents to get away from Darius. Triumph is a useful item to use when finishing enemies. It deals bonus damage to targets with low HP and heals Darius when he takes them down. The second wind and hunter-genius items can help to deal with poke and buffs with bonus HP regeneration.

The second ARAM hero is Ahri, an AP assassin mage with high single-target damage and insane burst potential. She’s a great tank if used correctly, as it can use Charm to deal damage to single targets. You can play safe until level 5 and then unlock Spirit Rush, a devastating spell. While these heroes are great for tanks, it is important to note that tank suicide is a huge risk, and can result in insane AP scaling and an angry enemy.

Hemorrhage passive

It is essential that you learn to counter Darius’ Q abilities when building the hero. This is because Darius is a bully in the top lane and will usually force a champion to go 1v1 against him. A better option would be to wait until he gets near four or five stacks of Hemorrhage before you can trade. Also, you should avoid dueling him when he has a low stack of Hemorrhage. Lastly, if you aren’t getting hit very often, you should try to flee instead of trading.

If you are a dPS player, you can try using a ranged champion, such as Kayle. This champion has an excellent ranged attack that can farm in the laning phase and poke Darius when he’s going for CS. He has a slow and heal ability to counter Hemorrhage, and his ultimate will block most of his R damage. You’ll have a massive advantage after level six with Kayle.

Dead Man’s Plate

If you are looking for a new item to add to your kit, Dead Man’s Plate is the way to go. This item is extremely effective for bruisers, as it provides a great set of base tank stats and two unique passives. This item is also very effective for mid-game power spikes, and it solves the problem of being kited by bruisers. Besides being an efficient item, Dead Man’s Plate is an excellent choice for those playing obscure champions.

When building Dead Man’s Plate, remember that it is best to pair it with items with significant movement speed. This item is also very good against champions that do damage on hit. However, if you are a bruiser that doesn’t tend to dominate lane, you might want to transition into another tank champion instead. These items will help you out a lot when playing as a bruiser in the meta.


If you’re wondering how to build Darius Aram with the passive, you’ve come to the right place. This build is designed to maximize the potential of this champion throughout the entire game. The passive is very important for Darius, as it increases the true damage over time and also grants him bonus AD. The passive also gives Darius a high chance of killing the lane opponent, even when you’re behind. Despite this, it’s easy to underestimate Darius’ damage, especially if you’re a few kills behind.

As a mark/dash champion, you can also use the Apprehend ability to sneak up on enemies. This spell is great for surprising initiations. You can also use Flash to evade enemies and dives. You can use the passive to your advantage, especially if you’re a new player. But you need to keep in mind that your main goal is to protect yourself from enemy spies.


When building for ARAM, the Pyke is one of the best champions. His ultimate is extremely powerful and causes tons of damage, especially on squishy targets. Additionally, the Pyke build resets after each kill, which makes it very easy to land a Penta Kill! This guide will show you how to build a Pyke for ARAM. Let’s take a closer look!

There are two different tiers of champions. The A and B tiers have balanced champions, while the S tiers are very weak champions. The B tier champions have medium power and can generally hold their own against most other picks. The C and D tier champions are very weak and should only be played if you don’t have any other options. If you want to build a Darius aram, Pyke is your best choice.


While many players have Senna as one of their favorite support champions, this is a mistake. The champion does have some useful abilities. For one, she has a unique ability called Dawning Shadow, which fires two beams of light that grant her sight and cause physical damage. It also shields her allies. This is great for team fights, as she has no set combo. However, she can last-hit an enemy with her Last Embrace, which will also root them. Her Piercing Darkness can also deal damage to enemies while they are rooted. The goal is to keep your allies at high health to avoid getting hit yourself.

Senna can also be built with any items. Some players use Frostfire, Muramana, Rageblade, RFC, Seryldas, or Glacial, but that is not the best build for dps. Another option is to build Senna with Moonstone and Runnans bolts, but this build is not ideal for teams that lack dmg. As the final build, Senna is an excellent choice for teams without much dmg.


ARAM allows you to build a ranged damage tank with a great deal of survivability. The build begins with some decent starting items, but you should focus on getting the core items. These include the mythic item, bordered, and several other options. Here are some tips on how to use Talon to get the most out of your builds. Talon is a great choice for building a tank because of the damage he can deal, but his low health makes him difficult to sustain in the early game.

ARAM champions are great at solo carrying. Nasus can one shot opponents and his increased Siphoning Strike stacks make scaling him much easier. Nasus can also carry harder than any other hypercarry. Irelia is a good alternative to Nasus as she has mobility, healing, and backline access. It is worth keeping in mind that you don’t need to have a lot of gear to be competitive with this champion.

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