How to Care For Buffalo Horn Glasses

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Last Updated on September 17, 2022

Buffalo horn spectacles can last for several years with proper care. To extend the life of buffalo horn spectacles, they should be oiled and sanded every year. The service process takes approximately two weeks per frame. It is important to store buffalo horn glasses in a cool, dry environment, out of direct sunlight, and away from chemicals. These tips will keep your buffalo horn spectacles looking new for years to come.


If you are planning to keep a pair of buffalo horn glasses, you should know how to care for them. To keep them preserved, you should store them in a MONOCEROS humidor. This humidor includes a hygrometer and a classy case. You can buy one from a dealer or a partner of ROLF. You are covered by the warranty as long as you follow all instructions carefully. Please note that normal wear and tear is not covered under the warranty.

When you buy a pair of horn-rimmed glasses, you must discuss the maintenance of the material with the optician. While horn is relatively lightweight, it is not as soft as other materials, so you should not use softeners to keep them from cracking. However, the opticians must make sure that the glasses fit well. A good way to care for a pair of horn-rimmed glasses is to have them regularly cleaned.

The buffalo horn frame is delicate and needs special care. You must avoid prolonged exposure to strong light. If you must expose your buffalo horn glasses to water, make sure to wipe them off with a soft cloth. Also, don’t use any type of silicone formulas or waxes. They may impair their ability to breathe. Finally, never use ultrasound equipment or caustic household chemicals to clean the horn.

OWP Buffalo Horn eyewear

To maintain OWP Buffalo Horn eyewear, you should take care of them properly. Like most horn eyewear, buffalo horn does not expand under heat. This characteristic makes it prone to cracking. After the horn has been heated, it retracts back to its original shape. However, an optician can counter this phenomenon by holding the glasses in the desired position while they cool. Here are some tips for caring for your horn eyewear.

First of all, horn eyewear requires less maintenance than most other materials. As a natural material, horn adapts to your body temperature. Thus, there is almost no buildup of heat. Furthermore, horn eyewear is lightweight and hypoallergenic. It also doesn’t require a special cleaning regimen. If you are concerned about the care of your horn eyewear, read on to find out the best ways to maintain your owp buffalo horn eyewear.

OWP Buffalo Horn eyewear care should start at the beginning. Opticians should first fit the glasses properly. Natural materials are susceptible to some amount of bend, so they need to be heated gently. A special device heats the material evenly, which the optician will use to heat them. Make sure that the optician does not touch the heated horn material. Secondly, you should avoid extreme humid climates.

Proper care for your owp buffalo horn eyewear is critical to maintaining its beauty and longevity. Buffalo horn is highly durable, but it does need special attention to ensure they look and feel their best. Once you wear your OWP Buffalo Horn eyewear regularly, your frames will last for years. Buffalo horn frames are also very adaptable to your face shape, so you should consider taking proper care of them.

Hoffmann Natural eyewear

If you’re shopping for new eyewear and you’d like to buy glasses made from natural materials, consider purchasing a frame from Hoffmann Natural Eyewear. This German company is made from sustainable and natural materials and focuses on the individuality of each frame. The company uses sustainable methods in manufacturing and puts quality above all else. They’ve been making eyewear since 1978, and this brand’s dedication to quality is evident in every pair.

The history of Hoffmann is rooted in a fascination with natural horn. Founder Joseph Hoffmann discovered that the material was perfect for making spectacle frames, so he opened a small workshop in Eifel. Today, the company employs 90 people and ships to over fifty countries. To further explore the unique properties of natural materials, Hoffmann has also branched out into other materials like wood, slate, alpaca hair, and even the finest gold.

The craftworkers at Hoffmann Natural Eyewear have been making frames from buffalo horn for more than 40 years. They combine the finest high-tech options with traditional craftsmanship. Buffalo horn is different from most other materials and it is much more colourful on older animals. Hoffmann uses only the best and most sustainable buffalo horn available. They work with a great deal of care to ensure that their eyewear lasts a long time.

The attention to detail at Hoffmann Natural Eyewear is second to none. The company’s atelier is located in Germany’s Volcanic Eifel region. In addition to its high-end buffalo horn eyewear, the Hoffmann range of eyewear also features a selection of premium wood frames and innovative glazing concepts. Whether you prefer classic designs or trendy shapes, the Hoffmann natural eyewear range offers something to suit everyone’s taste.


Although these stunning spectacles may not need to be wiped regularly, proper care and maintenance is required for them to look and feel their best. To keep them looking and feeling new for several years, Buffalo horn glasses should be cleaned and serviced annually. To care for your glasses properly, use a microfiber cleaning cloth and polishing cream to wipe them off. You should buff the lenses with the polishing cream every two to three months, and avoid water and any chemical cleaners. You should also avoid using your glasses in climates that are extremely humid or corrosive.

To care for your Buffalo horn glasses, you can firstly wipe them with a soft cloth. This will prevent the horn from drying out and fading. If you regularly wear them for at least 4 weeks, you will notice that they will begin to contour to the shape of your face. This is because buffalo horn is the most skin friendly material. In fact, after wearing these glasses for four weeks, your buffalo horn temple will conform to your face shape.

After a few months, it is important to clean your Buffalo horn glasses by heating them in an oil bath at 150 F. Once dry, you can apply a protective finish with a dry cloth. If you have a high-grade buffalo horn frame, you should consider using a CR-39 lens. It will last longer than polycarbonate lenses. If you do not need to wear your glasses very often, you can also opt for high-quality, 1.7-inch index glass lenses.

Another way to take care of your buffalo horn glasses is to grease them regularly. You can use linseed oil to grease the rims of your glasses every two weeks. Then, wipe the lenses with a microfiber cloth to remove the excess oil. Afterwards, rinse them with water and dry them using a cosmetic wipe. You may also try soaking them in alcohol, which will absorb moisture from the horn, making them less attractive.


If you’re interested in owning a pair of buffalo horn glasses, you’ve probably wondered how to take care of them. While buffalo horn is durable, it does not expand and crack like conventional plastics do. After heating, the horn frame retracts to its original shape. Opticians can counter this by holding the glasses in the desired position while they cool. You should never soak the horn glasses in alcohol or other chemicals.

You may have purchased your buffalo horn glasses at a store or online. However, before you get them, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s care instructions. You may be surprised to know that they come with a humidor and hygrometer. These accessories will ensure that your buffalo horn glasses last for years to come. You can purchase these accessories at ROLF dealers and partners. While the frames are protected by a limited warranty, normal wear and tear is not covered.

Despite its luxury status, you can buy your buffalo horn eyewear from an online or offline boutique. The glasses typically start at around $1,000, and the material is not as flexible as acetate. It’s therefore important to take special care of buffalo horn glasses to preserve their beauty and longevity. The best way to take care of your new glasses is to avoid them from getting damaged or destroyed. Buffalo horn glasses are a rare and beautiful addition to any wardrobe.

Buffalo horn eyeglasses are crafted from multiple layers of Asian water buffalo horn. This material has unique natural striations and makes it hypoallergenic and ultralight. Moreover, the frame itself is made from durable titanium. You can choose from square, small, and oversized styles. And since buffalo horn eyeglasses are durable, they can last for years. A few tips will help you protect your purchase from damage.

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