How to Change Battery in 2019 Acura Key Fob

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Last Updated on September 17, 2022

How to change the battery in your 2019 Acura key fob is not as difficult as you might think. Here are some tips to make the task a breeze. Make sure that the battery is placed on the positive side (+) and that the metal key is back inside. Test your new Acura key fob to ensure that it’s working properly. If you experience any problems, consult a technician.


You’ve probably noticed that your Acura key fob has suddenly stopped working, or has exhibited a variety of strange behaviors. If this has happened, you can easily change the battery by referring to the owner’s manual. To be certain that you’re using the correct battery type, check the owner’s manual. After that, you can proceed with the replacement. This procedure should take only a few minutes, and you can have your Acura key fob back in no time.

Remove the positive battery cable from the key fob by twisting and pulling. Make sure not to damage the cable by rubbing it with a metal object. Remove the battery’s clamp, using a ratchet or wrench. Remove the battery and clean the battery tray and the cable connections with proper battery cleaning solution. If you’re unsure of how to perform this process, you can try the steps outlined below.

Before removing the old battery from your Acura key fob, you must make sure the battery is inserted into the right compartment. When replacing the battery, always make sure that you keep the positive side facing up. It’s important to test the new battery before proceeding to replace the one in your key fob. If you accidentally put the new battery inside the wrong compartment, you may cause some issues.

The battery for the key fob of the Acura RDX can be changed easily. The new battery can be purchased for under $5 on Amazon, or you can find one for your own vehicle. Once you’ve replaced the battery, you should try to click the key fob back together again. After you’ve done this, your key fob should be back in operation in no time. So, keep reading to find out how to change the battery in your Acura key fob!

In order to replace the battery in your 2019 Acura key fob, make sure you have the proper tools. You’ll need a 10mm wrench, a terminal cleaning brush, and a battery protector. If you’re having difficulty accessing the battery, you should consult the owner’s manual. Once you’ve located the battery, it’s time to loosen the bolt that holds the black negative battery cable.

To change the battery, first remove the internal key of the key fob. Then, insert a flat-head screwdriver into the small slot in the middle. Next, remove the old battery from the key fob. Make sure that the new one is installed with the negative side facing downward. Reassemble the key fob and replace the screw. You can also do this process while the car is in use.


If your key fob is no longer working properly, it may be time to change the battery. The process may differ slightly depending on your particular key fob model. To change the battery, remove the key fob’s metal blade and open the battery compartment. Use a flathead screwdriver to unscrew the battery. You may need a small screwdriver or pliers to remove the old battery. To change the battery, press the two halves together and you will hear clicking sounds.

The key fob will have a small indentation in the middle. Insert the flat-head screwdriver into this indentation and gently pry out the battery compartment. Then, place a new CR2032 battery into the slot. Carefully snap the two halves back together and reinstall the screw. Don’t forget to replace the CR2032 battery before you put them back together.

To change the battery in your 2019 Acura key fob, you’ll first need to turn the ignition to the On position. Within four seconds, press the lock button on the key fob. Then, press the unlocked button on the key fob and repeat the process. You can also search for your specific model’s battery type online. Alternatively, if you’d rather not do the search, a step-by-step guide or video will provide you with an accurate answer.

If you don’t feel confident enough to perform the battery change yourself, you can also seek professional help. A trained Acura technician can install a new battery for you. However, keep in mind that labor costs can add another $20-$40 to your service bill. So, be sure to check the owner’s manual for specific details. However, if you’re in a hurry, a simple DIY will do.

Replace your key fob battery by following the directions below. If you can’t find your key fob’s battery, you can get one from a trusted automotive locksmith. The key fob will function again with a fresh battery. If your key fob’s battery isn’t functioning properly, you may need to contact your dealership. They’ll be able to replace the battery for you at a much lower price than your usual dealer.

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