How to Check F1 Code on GSXR1000

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

I recently got an f1 error code on my GSXR1000 while riding. It came on and went away as soon as I got home. It didn’t have anything wrong with the servo motor and I was unsure what was causing it. It turns out that this problem is easy to troubleshoot if you have the right diagnostic tool. But how do you check the f1 code on your GSXR1000?

FI code thrown could refer to the “exup” valve in the stock exaust system

One of the common reasons the FI light comes on in these cars is the EXUP valve. You can remove it from the stock exhaust and replace it with a performance one. Make sure the servo motor is still connected to the engine. The engine will have more top end power, but it will also have a whiny running quality.

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