How to Connect HDPE Pipe to Gate Valve

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Last Updated on September 17, 2022

If you are looking to install a gate valve, but are unsure of how to connect HDPE pipe, read this article. It will help you get started. You’ll also learn how to install a valve using HDPE pipe. Then, you’ll be ready to purchase your gate valve and start installing it! This article will give you all the information you need to know to install the valve.

AVK 150-PM Bi-directional Knife Gate valve

The AVK 150-PM Bi-directional knife gate valve has a full bore, plane bore design, and is available in two different materials: ductile iron and EPDM. Other materials can also be added to the valve. AVK offers valves with fusion-bonded epoxy coating. The valve is available in a variety of different configurations to suit different application needs.

These Knife Gate Valves are available in different sizes, from 3″ to 48″. They have high-pressure ratings of 150 and 250 psi CWP and are designed for temperature ranges from -40degF to +1000degF. These Valves are available with either hardened gate or seat for increased safety. For applications requiring high pressure or high abrasive resistance, they are available with optional hardened seats.

The AVK 150-PM Bi-directional knife gate valve is a versatile piece of equipment for many industrial applications. Its body is made of ductile iron with a 150-m fusion-bonded epoxy coating. As an added benefit, it is corrosion-resistant and low-maintenance. These valves are particularly useful in wastewater applications. These valves are also designed for slurry media and are available in acid proof stainless steel.

A variety of configurations is available for DN50-600. In PN10 to DN300, VG valves feature a 316-Stainless-Steel body and SS316L blade. A PN10-600 valve features a protected reinforced seat and a rugged cast body for high pressure operations. They also have a range of gate materials. DN600 valves can have EPDM or NBR seats.

AVK 150-PS Bi-directional Knife Gate valve

The AVK 150-PS Bi-directional knife gate valve is designed for continuous flow with full bore and plane bore and features a plane bore and a plain bottom. It is made of quality materials and features a self-cleaning feature. It is available with various actuator options such as pneumatic and electric. A scraper is available to help ensure proper shutoff operation. The AVK 150-PS Bi-directional knife gate valve offers unsurpassed performance and value.

Designed for general industrial service applications, the AVK 150-PS Bi-directional knife gate valve has metal-reinforced rubber sleeves and is available in several sizes. The valve’s design ensures a non-clogging shutoff, even in the presence of suspended solids. Its low flow resistance makes it a popular choice in a variety of applications, including mining and chemical processing.

This highly engineered, bi-directional knife gate valve is designed to meet the requirements of MSS SP61 and ASME B16.5. It features a cast stainless steel body and a polymer-lined spool. It also features a double block-and-bleed valve, which is used in gasketless systems. A line blind valve is available in both MSS and ASME B16.5 specifications.

An AVK 150-PS valve is lightweight, and a knife gate is easy to actuate. Its low weight and rugged design make it an excellent choice for many industrial applications. AVK 150-PS Bi-directional Knife Gate valves are designed for tough environments and can handle a wide variety of slurry media. In addition, these valves are made of acid proof stainless steel, which reduces maintenance and corrosion risks.

This versatile valve is available in PN10 to PN600 and DN50-900. It has a 316-Stainless Steel blade and is available in table D/E or ANSI 150#. Other AVK 150-PS valves feature bonneted designs, bottom splash guards, and flush ports. In addition to the bi-directional design, AVK 150-PS valves can be ordered with different materials and v-ports for varying pressure levels and slurry flows.

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