How to Correct Wide Set Breasts

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Having wide-set breasts is a frustrating problem. Wide-set breasts, also known as east-west or butterfly-shaped breasts, are defined by a large gap between boobs. Most sources suggest that this gap is equivalent to three fingers. This means that you can easily slip three fingers between your boobs without touching the breast tissue. This problem is most noticeable with medium-sized breasts, which have enough volume to make the gap visible but not meet to cover it.

Plunge bras

A popular type of bra for wide set breasts is a plunge bra. It covers the fuller outer side of the breast while drawing it closer together. The plunge bra also features a low, vertical seam, which is helpful for women with this shape. Its side panel and low plunge center also provide additional support under the breasts. Many users have noted that this bra is comfortable to wear and helps them achieve a natural, rounded shape.

A Plunge bra can also correct cleavage problems caused by wide-set breasts. The plunge-style gore mimics a push-up bra’s lift, but is less restrictive and offers less side coverage. The center panel should rest against the breastbone. It should help you create a flattering cleavage. This type of bra also corrects wide-set breasts without compromising support.

Plunge bras are ideal under low-necked clothing, because their wide-set straps pull the breasts together and create a natural-looking bust shape. A special type of plunge bra is called a bralette bra. Its soft-material construction makes it the perfect option for everyday use. In addition, it can even help to minimize the effect of wide-set breasts. So, if you’re looking to find the right plunge bra for your body type, consider the options listed below.

While the sleeveless plunge bra is not for everyone, it’s an excellent choice for women with wider-set breasts. This bra provides a minimal, smooth look underneath sleeveless dresses. It also features good underwire support, which helps keep the breasts cool. The straps of this bra are soft and secure, and won’t push against the skin at the back or fold near the hook and eye closure.

Another option is a balcony bra. This bra style was popularized by Marilyn Monroe in the 1950s. It isn’t entirely clear how this style got its name, but some sources claim that its uplifting nature creates a balcony effect when viewed from a balcony. Regardless of its name, the horizontal neckline gives the appearance of balcony-style breasts. The plunge bra is also one of the most comfortable and supportive bras on the market.

Breast augmentation

When undergoing breast augmentation, most women desire a fuller look, without looking too fake. The breast is a highly modified body appendage, and during puberty, it undergoes significant changes. Once fully grown, it develops into a full female cup. As a woman ages, weight changes, hormonal changes, and pregnancy all contribute to breast development. In addition to wide set breasts, other common body types include heart-shaped, asymmetrical, and pear-shaped breasts.

During the first months following surgery, the implants can be displaced too far to the lateral side. This can create cleavage problems and create a wide set appearance. To avoid this problem, the surgeon should consider the asymmetry of the patient’s previous breast surgery. The augmentation should correct the asymmetry of the breasts. Once the implants have healed, they will be more movable. A year after the procedure, the breasts will be more natural-looking.

The process of correcting wide set breasts with breast augmentation is not difficult. The surgeon stitches the incisions together and may place drainage tubes. After the procedure, the surgeon will give you specific instructions for breast care and follow-up. You will be sent home wearing a surgical bra, and may need follow-up appointments to monitor your healing. The breasts may sag slightly, causing the implants to droop. In severe cases, implants may rupture or deflate, requiring another procedure.

After a patient chooses a reputable plastic surgeon, he or she can then discuss different placement options. The surgeon may place the implants underneath the muscle, behind the pectoral muscle, or under the breast tissue. This will depend on the size of the implant and the desired result. The surgeon will discuss the pros and cons of each implant placement with the patient. While the procedure is generally quick and straightforward, it is still necessary to discuss the possible risks and benefits with a qualified plastic surgeon.

A cleavage measurement is important before undergoing a breast augmentation. The distance between the nipples will determine the placement of the implants. Having an optimal placement is essential in giving a woman a natural-looking cleavage. A doctor can perform breast augmentation to achieve this effect, but there is always a risk of placing the implants too close together. This may result in the nipple pointing sideways.


Wide set or symmastia refers to the merging of the two breasts at a lateral level. This can cause little or no cleavage, or result in a web of fat and tissue across the cleavage area. There are different types and degrees of symmastia. While the cause of congenital symmastia is unknown, some factors are responsible for its occurrence.

When breast size is a primary concern, many slender women want to increase their cup size by two or three cups. They may also wish to correct their symmastia. A consultation with a cosmetic surgeon can help determine which procedures may be appropriate for your specific situation. During your consultation, Dr. Chong will discuss the various options surrounding capsulectomy, capsulorrhaphy, and Strattice. Submuscular implants, subglandular implants, and/or hysteroscopic breast surgery are other options for patients suffering from symmastia.

Before you undergo a breast implant surgery, it is important to understand your body’s natural shape and size. In extreme cases, the implants will sit so close to each other that they will touch. Some women refer to this as the “uniboob” look or breadloafing. To ensure your satisfaction with your hygienic results, a plastic surgeon who specializes in breast augmentation will discuss your options.

Surgery is the most common treatment for symmastia. This surgical procedure will redefine your cleavage by removing excess tissue or creating new pockets for implants. Some women may need more than one surgery, while others may require several. To avoid complications, your plastic surgeon should perform your surgery after your breasts are finished growing. After the surgery, the tissue may not hold your implants apart, resulting in symmastia.

Because everyone’s breasts are unique, a surgeon can perform a breast implant revision surgery to correct symmastia. The procedure may require the pocket to extend laterally outward from the midline of the breastbone. Recovery from this surgery is usually quick and painless. The patient will be required to wear a special bra for four weeks to allow the implants to settle into their correct position.

Lateral displacement

A patient with lateral displacement of a wide set of breasts might be unhappy with her cleavage because of her implant placement. To fix this problem, you will need to correct the lateral crease of your breasts. To do this, you will need to note the crease of your lateral breast in a standing position. Mark the desired position of your breasts and note the current position of your lateral breast crease. The lateral breast crease is hidden inside the crease of your lower breast. In a standing position, this incision is hidden.

Surgical intervention is necessary to correct lateral implant displacement. In most cases, this requires correcting the lateral displacement of a wide set breast. A lateral capsulorrhy is a procedure to fix the issue. The surgeon places the implants in the chest pocket on the side that has the most lateral displacement. This surgery aims to restore the cleavage and reduce the IMD by ensuring that the implant is positioned medially and centered.

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