How to Cut Visual Kei Hair

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Last Updated on September 17, 2022

Visual kei hair is colorful, spiky, and often goes to extremes. While it can be messy and unruly, the right style makes for a unique and fashionable look. This type of style should be maintained in place with hair glue or hairspray. The style requires spikes to remain in place and be straight. In addition to hair glue, visual kei hair also requires ratting to stay in place.


The visual kei hairstyle is a combination of goth and punk fashions. This style is often quite extreme and is made up of multiple colors. Instead of wearing all black, the visual kei usually wears pastel colors and floral or animal prints. The different subsets of visual kei fashion include Elegant Gothic Lolita and Aristocrat. In addition to the main visual kei hairstyle, there are many variations on this style.

Visual kei artists often cross-dress by taking on an entirely feminine look. For instance, Mana of Moi Dix Mois is an ex-MALICE MIZER, while Toshiya and Shinya of Dir en Grey were both girls. For full-blown visual kei haristyles, consider following Waka’s lead in the Danger Gang.

Visual kei is a subculture of Japanese music that is characterized by striking clothing and striking hair. Band members of the style typically dye their hair to match their outfits, often in an array of colors, depending on the type of visual kei they are wearing. Visual kei is inspired by a wide range of fashion styles from Western glam rock to Japanese manga.

The style of Japanese fashion emphasizes individuality, shock value, and metrosexual aesthetics. Although visual kei is largely unisex, many artists opt for a more androgynous look to attract more fans. Male visual kei artists often sport lean and slender figures and adopt a semi-feminine appearance. For instance, a female visual kei artist may wear a long, flowing dress.

Long dreadlocks

Visual kei hair is not an easy type to cut and style. It can take hours to create. Here are a few tips to keep your hair looking great. – Use a hair straightener. If your visual kei hair is long, use a straightening product and comb it. – Avoid bleaching your hair. Bleach will dry out the strands and make it brittle.

– Use a reference photo to make sure your haircut matches the rest of your style. Using a straightening iron, run the hair through to make it look straight. You may need to use bobby pins for additional styling. A hair straightener may make your long dreadlocks look sleeker, so use one with care. The visual kei hairstyle is a popular one, so get creative and try different styles.

Layered cuts

The layered cut is a perfect way to achieve a visual kei style without sacrificing its ease of care. It is a staple of visual kei, the Japanese culture that focuses on prominent hairstyles. While many VK artists wear their hair straightened, layered cuts make them more manageable and easier to style. In addition to this, layering allows more freedom when it comes to creating different hairstyles.

To create a Visual Kei look, you can mix and match different pieces of clothing. Some clothing can be created by tearing up older clothes. Adding accessories like goggles, glasses, rags, and ties will complete your look. Adding chains and arm warmers will also complete your look. Lastly, you can match your hairstyle with other visual kei apparel, like a skirt or blouse.

The third layer in Visual Kei hair is shorter than the other layers, ranging from neck length to bust length. It is a staple of visual kei hair, and is often worn by both men and women. This style also works well with various extensions, such as straight strands and undercuts. The layered hairstyle is also appropriate for wearing headpieces. Various piercings are common in Visual Kei.

Visual Kei looks are often gothic or emo-inspired. The clothes themselves are often ripped or distressed. This style of fashion is characterized by its unique and stylized look. While many people consider this look as emo, there is a difference between this look and emo. Casual Kei looks are more casual and relaxed. Rather than wearing ripped clothes and a frock coat, Visual Kei looks are often characterized by a polished distressed look.


If you want to have a distinctly Japanese style, then you might be interested in learning about the Colors of Visual Kei. Visual Kei hairstyles are inspired by traditional Japanese attire, but are more colorful and elaborate than the usual anime style. Many of these hairstyles include spikes, horns, and other edgy accents. There are several variations of this hairstyle, but these are just a few of the most popular ones.

To achieve a visual kei look, it is important to go bold with the color of your hair. You should try to be as unique and colorful as possible. Although it can be hard to style visually, you can make it yourself with hair glue or hairspray. When using hairspray, make sure that the spikes are in place. It will help to use ratting to fix it in place.

Oshare Kei – This is the least extreme of the Visual Kei substyles. Its main goal is to emphasize individuality and freedom of expression through fashion. Although it is often associated with anime, the color black is the most popular. Some of the hairstyles also feature discolored bangs. You can also choose between two different types of Visual Kei hairstyles. Choose the one that is most flattering for your face shape.

Colors of Visual Kei Hair


Visual kei hair is a great style for a day at work or a night out. It’s very vibrant and stands out a little bit more. But like any other style, it can be quite a challenge to maintain. It requires a certain amount of time and product to straighten and maintain. Fortunately, there are many methods to make it look its best. Listed below are some tips that will help you make the most of your visual kei hair.

– Visit a hairdresser who has experience in Visual kei hair cuts. Ask about the cost and experience of the hairdresser. This type of hair is not easy to cut and can take hours to complete. If you want a visual kei style, you’ll need to spend a lot of time on the process. You’ll also need some products to take care of your hair at home, such as rat-tail combing, styling spray, teasing combs, and straightening iron.

When choosing a stylist, remember to ask them about their experience and expertise in cutting visual kei hair. Many stylists are experienced in this style, so you’ll be able to find one who understands your needs and preferences. If you’re unsure, you can reference a reference photo to help you make the right decision. For a more permanent look, you can go for a permanent straightening iron. In addition, bobby pins may be required for additional styling.

Remember that this type of style is not for everyone. In fact, visual kei is the most popular style in the world, and it’s hard to find a good stylist that can do both. Luckily, there are a variety of places in Japan that specialize in cutting visual kei hair. While you’re out on the town, you can still find one close to your home. And remember, it doesn’t have to cost a lot.

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