How to Draw Max and Ruby Step by Step

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Do you want to learn how to draw Max and Ruby? You are not alone! Countless other young people want to know the same thing! The best way to learn how to draw Max and Ruby is by following a step-by-step guide. There are countless steps to drawing your favorite characters, including Max and Ruby. Here are some tips to help you get started:


Learn how to draw Max and Ruby by following this easy to follow tutorial. Max has a backward letter J shape on his bottom lip and Ruby has a letter W on her collar. You can use any of the techniques in this tutorial to create the perfect portrait of these two adorable bunnies. This tutorial also shows you how to sketch the figures and create raised vertical lines. After you have mastered the techniques in this tutorial, you can move on to more difficult characters.

First, sketch the legs and shoes of Max and Ruby. Next, make a facial outline with round eyes and lids. Draw a diamond shape bottom for Ruby. After this, you’ll need to sketch Ruby’s bottom. You can copy the sketch or you can use the picture. Don’t forget to add the details. You’ll need to make the ears and mouth look realistic. Once you’re done with this, you’ll be able to draw the rest of the character easily.

While drawing Max and Ruby, consider the details of their personalities and the setting. Ruby and Max love Halloween and want to decorate the house. Both want to see the Queen at Buckingham Palace. Max also wants to make the Royal Guard smile. Ruby also wants to surprise her grandma for Grandma Appreciation Day. These two are the perfect companions for your next artwork project. You’ll have fun making these adorable characters!


The rabbits Ruby and Max are two of the cutest cartoon characters ever created. They are a pair of rabbits with thick ears and chubby cheeks. In this tutorial, we will learn how to draw them step by step. First, we will sketch out the basic shapes, such as their body and head. Next, we will sketch out the details of their faces, like the thick ears and letter J-shaped thumb.

After sketching out the basic shapes, you should move onto shading. Use red color for the main part of the face, and give it crystal-like dimensions. You can use this tutorial to learn how to draw Ruby and Max in different media. This tutorial also includes the use of Photoshop and Illustrator to create the final drawing. Make sure that you choose the proper software for the job. Then, you can go on to learn how to draw Max and Ruby step by step!

To learn how to draw Max and Ruby, we’ll look at the two main characters from the cartoon. Ruby wants to do a trick for trick-or-treating, while Max just wants treats. Meanwhile, Ruby is trying to come up with a winter costume for the Four Seasons presentation. This will be a challenging task, but we’ll learn the tricks in no time. We’ll also learn how to draw the dwarves.


To learn how to draw Max and Ruby, you can find a great tutorial for this on the internet. These simple characters are based on popular children’s books and were created by Canadian-American illustrator Rosemary Wells. The tutorials will show you how to draw them using a pencil and various drawing software, including Photoshop and Illustrator. Besides pencil, you can also use these tools to draw Max and Ruby.

When you watch the show, you will understand how Ruby and her friends spend their days. They are very active and love playing. They go on adventures and explore new places, including the park. Ruby wants to practice her handstand, and Max wants to play with her mud pie. Max is also very busy, because he wants to go to the swings with Louise. They even build a sandcastle.

The cartoon also teaches kids how to draw their favorite characters. Max and Ruby have several adventures. They go to a candy store, where Ruby helps Candi. They get candy, but Ruby eats too much! Ruby also helps Louise by pretending to be a pirate, and she is teaching Max how to play the piano. Besides, they also go on safari together. Max scares Ruby with his animal toys. Ruby and Louise also visit Baby Huffington, where they find red spots on Max.


The steps in this tutorial will show you how to draw Max and Ruby. They are both friendly and patient characters. Ruby loves her brother Max so much, that she reads him stories, takes him out for walks, and even involves him in school activities. Then, when you’re done with Max’s drawing, you can move onto Ruby’s picture. You’ll find that this drawing tutorial is very useful for both kids and adults.

First, sketch out the facial features of your characters. For Ruby, her nose and lips are shaped like letter J’s, while Max has a thick, curved sleeve. You can use a pencil to sketch in the details, such as her curved sleeve and letter J-shaped thumb. Then, sketch in the rest of the face details. Make sure to draw the eyebrows and the cut line.

Next, you’ll need to add the reflection of the ruby slipper. To achieve this, you’ll need a graphite pencil or pastel pencil and graphite powder. Use a pencil in a similar color as the background. For the reflection, you’ll want to draw small circles, representing the reflection of the ruby slipper. If the shadows are too light, the drawing won’t look right.

Mrs. Huffington

One of the most popular animated characters is the cat-and-dog duo, Max and Ruby. If you want to learn how to draw these adorable animals, follow this step-by-step tutorial. These two are adorable and charming, and their cute little faces will make you smile. You can even try this tutorial for adults, too! You’ll love drawing these adorable cats! You can follow the steps to draw them in no time!

You’ll need to sketch a rabbit face for Max, as well as thick, chubby cheeks and ears. The tutorial also includes an upside-down letter J for Max’s thumb, an egg-shaped oval for his bottom body, and a square for his head. The gem on Max’s nose is also made out of a square and a smaller square in the center. Finally, you’ll need to add a few cuts to the gem to make it look more realistic.

The two main characters of the series are named Max and Ruby, and their parents are called Mr. and Mrs. Huffington. They live in a small town called Bunnyhop. Max and Ruby’s mother, Mrs. Bunny, and father, Mr. Huffington, are played by Emily Scott and Catherine Disher, respectively. Their grandmother, Mary, is portrayed by Emilio Virguez and the cartoon has several other familiar faces.

Max’s new animal friend Stick

Learn how to draw Max’s new animal friend Stick using the following step-by-step drawing instructions. You can use the Max and the Tag-Along Moon story as your inspiration for the drawing. The story was written by Floyd Cooper and Anne Ferguson, and it’s a classic story that kids love. The story was developed in collaboration with Kellogg-Hubbard Library. Storywalk is a registered service mark.

Grandma’s surprise party

When you are preparing for your Grandma’s surprise birthday party, your child will love to draw Max and Ruby in costume! Both of them want to be scary, but Ruby also wants to be a fairytale character. In order to make the choice easier, you can ask them to make a picture for the party. You can create a sketch of the two of them as they are at the tea party!

You can also draw the two of them having fun playing with their toys, or just as a pair. Max and Ruby are always busy helping their friends, and this is the reason why they are the best friends. Whenever Max and Ruby are together, they help each other out. Max is always trying to keep Ruby entertained, while Ruby is trying to earn her Astronomy badge from her Bunny Scout Leader. When Ruby and Louise get to the party, Max tries to distract them by playing catch with them. In the end, Ruby and Max decide to play together.

Ruby and Max have an upcoming surprise party for Grandma’s birthday. They have recently bought new roller skates, and Max wants to be a tow truck to help Ruby skate there. They also have a special treat that Ruby wants to make for her Grandma’s surprise tea party. But Max has other plans for Grandma’s surprise party! He wants to be in the swimming pool!

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