How to Farm Bleached Bones Trove in World of Warcraft

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Last Updated on September 17, 2022

Bleached bones are an untradeable drop from Undead Zealots. Instead of trading them, players can burn them at the Altar of the Damned for 4.5 Prayer xp. Players can also bury them for 4.5 Prayer xp but they will not give you any warning when you bury them. They can also be turned into bonemeal at Ectofuntus for 450 Prayer xp.

Untradeable drop in Undead Zealots

Bleached bones are a rare item found on the dead bodies of undead zealots. You can use these bones to craft mounts, enchant weapons, and garden. Bleached bones are also used to make Bone Dragon Souls. However, they are not a tradeable item, so you cannot sell them to other players.

Untradeable drop in Dragonfire Peaks

There are two methods to farm Bleached Bones in the game: using a weapon and farming. Alternatively, you can go to the Lava-ubers in the dungeons area of Dragonfire Peaks. You can loot bleached bones from the floor of these lava-filled dungeons by hitting the skull with your weapon or riding a mount over it. The bones can be used for farming, crafting mounts, and for obtaining Bone Dragon Souls. Some people also recommend farming for bones in the Cursed Vale, while others say the lava-filled areas of Dragonfire Peaks are the best places to find Bleached Bones.

One way to farm these untradeable drops is to kill Undead Zealots and burn their bones on the Altar of the Damned to recharge player prayer points. You can also bury bleached bones at the Ectofuntus for 4.5 Prayer xp, though there is no warning when burying them. However, you should also know that you can turn them into bonemeal.

Bleach damage skull

If you are a beginner and are wondering how to farm bleached bones trove, you’ve come to the right place! Bleached bones can be found in Dragonfire Peaks. They appear as a block of Dragon skull, which you can loot by hitting it with a weapon or riding over it with your mount. The bones are useful for crafting mounts, gardening, and gaining Bone Dragon Souls. This is the most popular method of farming Bleached Bones in the game, but some players recommend going to Cursed Vale as well.

The Battle of Bones is a region in the western United States, marked by chalky white soil, stunted trees, and traces of an ancient battle. While exploring this wasteland, explorers must navigate through a savage landscape filled with bleached bones, whose marrow has resisted nature’s cleansing elements for nearly three hundred years. Fortunately, there are ways to make the most of the bounty this trove offers!

Preserving bleached bones

The ancient animal bone found in the “Preserving Bleached Bones” trove has become an artifact for the collector. The artifact has a number of uses, including mounting, gardening, and crafting mounts. These bones can also be found in the Bone Dragon Altar, a small dungeon in the Dragonfire Peaks. Once inside, you can use the trove for any number of purposes, including making mounts and crafting.

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