How to Find Deleted AO3 Fics

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Last Updated on August 17, 2023

How to find deleted AO3 fics? Sometimes, you can find deleted AO3 fics just by entering the download link directly. This is the case with Glenmore’s Albion and the Woodsman. There are other ways, however, to find deleted AO3 fics. This article will discuss some of them. In the meantime, enjoy reading these deleted AO3 fics.


If you’re unable to retrieve a particular fic on AO3, you can try It’s easier to locate work in this archive than, but you should check out every capture to be sure. In some cases, you might be lucky enough to find an older version of the fic. You can also ask someone to find it for you, like @destielfanfic.

There are times when you’ll be able to find a specific fic by entering its download link directly into the search bar. This method is useful if the fic’s author changed his username. If this method fails, you can search using an AO3 pseud instead. A pseud is just a variation of the original author’s username.

how to find deleted ao3 fics

Another way to find a fic is to look through AO3’s cached link. These links often include the author’s name, as well as the title of the story. Doing this will give you access to the deleted chapters and stories. If the page is not listed, try searching for “author + title” in the search bar. This will return all stories and chapters that were previously archived by that author.

Despite the fact that Wayback is a literal version of the archive, it can be helpful if you want to see deleted fics. Although deleted fics won’t have text, you can still view the author’s name, rating, and pairings. Moreover, you can access the link to the original post on AO3.


If you’ve been wondering how to find deleted Ao3 fics from Diigo, then you’ve come to the right place. AO3 stands for Archive of Our Own and is an online community where fans can post fanfiction and original works. The site runs as a free-for-all, so some writers choose to delete their fics after a few months or years. However, you can use this site to find deleted books, and if you have a fanfiction account, you can also link to it from the website.


If you’ve tried searching the Wayback Machine, you may have found some old fics that have been removed by their authors. It’s not always easy to find a deleted fic, but there are a few ways to do it. One option is to contact the author. This way, you can contact them and ask if they’d be willing to repost the story.

The first method involves filtering based on tags or warnings. You can also enter a lengthy keyword chain. When the AO3 fics were first posted, the tag pool was practically empty. It’s not impossible, but you need to be patient enough to wait for a code, as it can take months. This method of filtering will help you find the deleted fics.

Another option involves archiving. This will help you find deleted fics in other places. If you’re an avid reader of AO3, you may be able to find the fic you’re looking for on LiveJournal. A good archive will allow you to archive your stories. If Livejournal does delete your account, you will have to find another way to access deleted ao3 fics on LJ.

Tinestamp is another way to search the AO3 archive. AO3 users have voiced frustration over the inability to filter out content in the archive. They have a hard time excluding content from Severus Snape, or using slash as a tag. Also, many meta posts are mixed in with AO3 fiction. So, if you’re looking for deleted AO3 fics, this is one way to search for them.


You’re not the only one wondering how to find deleted AO3 fics, since there are also authors who have posted their own works on the site. You’ve probably noticed that the site is free for everyone to post fanfiction, and some writers are prone to deleting their own work. There are ways to get the files back, though! Let’s take a look at how you can do this.

To find deleted AO3 fics, look for the link that appears after the summary. Deleted fics will usually still have their title, author name, rating, pairings, summary, and link to the original post on the site. You can also use the name of the author to look up the fic in question. If the author has been banned or removed, the link will still be there. If you don’t want to search for the author’s name, you can also go to the user’s profile and see if they’ve removed the fic.

Another way to find deleted AO3 fics is to use Wayback. Wayback will only capture the original link if the author has changed their username. So if you know what their username is, you can use it to find their fics. This method works a lot better than the “check every capture” method, but it won’t always work. But it’s worth trying, because it will help you find deleted AO3 fics if you’ve been trying to find them.

X-posted fics

If you’re looking for deleted AO3 fics, you’re not alone. Most fic writers, especially experienced ones, struggle to find deleted works. The good news is that there are ways to locate them. These methods will give you the best chance of finding deleted work. Read on to learn how to do it. You can also search Wayback Machine or an archive like Google Scholar. The Wayback machine can search for individual urls, as well as HTML text and screen caps.

Once you find the author page, click on the link that’s cached on your browser. Sometimes, you can find deleted AO3 fics by searching their download links. You can also type in the author’s name, combined with the title of the story, and it will take you to a page where you can view deleted chapters and stories. If the story is still on Wayback, you’re almost there!

If you’re wondering how to find deleted AO3 fics, just look at the fics’ original post on AO3. Most fics have information such as the title, author name, rating, pairings, summary, and a link to the original post. Even if the fic was removed due to inappropriate content, you can still access it through Wayback. The author’s name and email address are also listed on the post.

Alternative usernames

There are two ways to archive your works at AO3. The most common is to delete the fic itself. Another way is to orphan it. Some people simply drop their old account and convert it into a pseud. Orphaned fics will show up as “(original username)-orphaned.”

AO3 users have expressed frustration with the lack of ability to filter out content. For example, there are no filters for slash as a tag, and meta posts are mixed in with fiction. This makes filtering difficult. There are many other reasons why this problem is so widespread. However, one of the most common is the lack of tools to prevent toxic fanfiction. This feature will help AO3 users avoid engaging with authors who are racially biased.

While most AO3 users stick to their own fandoms, some have gone too far. One fic in particular has been famous in a fandom across AO3, and the title “Sexy Times With Wangxian” is the most popular. The “Wangxian” part of the title refers to the main romantic pairing. The fic contains over 200 chapters of porn and has received much criticism.

For example, the user who deleted the AO3 fic should be able to use “-authors name” in the search bar. It will then appear in the list of suggestions when a fanfic has been deleted. Users can also use “-authors name” in the search bar to find more information on the user. This can be a good practice in some cases, but not all.

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