How to Get Collectibles in Bakery Story

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Last Updated on September 17, 2022

If you are a new player, you might be wondering how to get more Collectibles in Bakery Story. Collectibles are rewards in the game that allow players to level up their characters and unlock new features. Collectibles are scattered throughout the game and can be found randomly, through Purchases, and by participating in Monthly events. There are 4 different levels of mastery for Collectibles, and some are easier to get than others.

Randomly drops

As you play the Bakery Story game, you’ll find that the game randomly drops various items and decorations. You can find kitchen appliances, counters, and cake recipes among other things. Buying diamonds will give you an additional 5% bonus. These items will help you advance in the game, but you can also earn them by collecting them. Randomly dropped items are also helpful in completing the Bakery Story achievements.


In Bakery Story, you can earn Collectibles by purchasing different items, and then using them to decorate your bakery. You can also view the collection information of a particular item to learn more about the rewards they give you. There are 5 different categories of Collectibles, and each of these items will reward you with a different reward when you use them. In Bakery Story, you can also earn Collectibles by cooking any recipe, which can include pie, bread, or cake.

However, you have to do some hard work in order to earn the best items in the game. The Floral Bouquet can only be obtained by purchasing the requisite amount of floor tiles. You will likely have to buy several of these items, and they’re often bought in bulk. But you can still find the rarest collectibles by spending time and collecting more items and tips from neighbors. The same applies to the Fleur de Lis and the Floral Bouquet, which require you to buy more items and tip your neighbors.

Another way to earn gems in Bakery Story is to buy a new table and chair. In addition, completing goals will give you gems. Sometimes, you’ll be given gems halfway through, but it’s best to buy them early. In addition, you can download games advertised on the game to earn extra gems. These will let you unlock even more items and upgrades. And don’t forget that upgrading grocers and pantry will speed up your ingredients receipt and increase the amount of money you make.

The biggest advantage to purchasing items in Bakery Story 2 is the daily dose of fun. While some other games may care about lost customers or overly-long recipes, this game does not. It rewards your detective skills and your knowledge of customers. This will help you unlock special cakes and cupcakes, which will make you a more powerful baker. You will also get access to exclusive content in the game. There are also many challenges and unlocks in the game.

Monthly events

One of the most popular ways to obtain coins in Bakery Story is by participating in monthly events. These events offer unique and seasonal treats for players to bake. You can also earn exclusive themed decorations. However, to get the most out of the monthly events, you must know how to acquire the most Collectibles. In this article, we’ll explain the best ways to obtain these special items. Let’s begin!

Redeeming collectibles

One of the biggest questions on the new game, “Bakery Story,” is how to redeem your collectibles. You can get Gems by completing certain goals in the game, which will give you more coins to spend on your bakery. Collectibles can be redeemed after you reach a certain level. Luckily, the game offers a variety of different options to achieve this. Read on to learn more about collecting these coins.

Redeeming collectibles in Bakery Story 2 is the key to unlocking extra coins, allowing you to bake more items at once. You can also earn cash by redeeming special collectibles and upgrading your shop. However, you must keep in mind that redeemed collectibles can only be used on the bakery that you own and can be traded to other players. While there isn’t a specific number of coins you can redeem, the amount you have can be as high as 100 coins.

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