How to Inlay a Coin in a Gun Stock

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

Adding an inlay to your gun will add a touch of class to your firearm. After you have chosen the inlay pattern, you need to determine the coin’s size and color. Once you’ve decided on your design, you’ll need to determine how to install it. Once you’ve installed the inlay, you can add engravings to it, such as initials or a name.

Choosing a coin

When choosing a coin to inlay into a gun stock, consider the material that is best for the inlay. Usually, glass is a good choice. Glass is an air-curing polymer that looks like the surface of a desk nicknack. You can choose to use car wax or a buffer pad to feather the edges. Glass will magnify the coin. To cement the coin into the stock, you should use high-grade epoxy.

Choosing a pattern

A gun stock’s decoration is a personal choice. Since the invention of gunpowder, people have decorated their firearm stocks. This art was adopted by Americans more than two centuries ago. Inlaid designs were cut into the wood beneath the surface, and they can be anything from patch boxes to initial plates to fish. Whether you’re looking for a personal touch for your gun or a functional piece of art, inlay work is an enjoyable and relaxing hobby.

When inlaid into a gun stock, silver creates an elegant look. To achieve this look, you must first carve grooves into the wood’s surface. Next, burnish the wire into the groove until it is flush with the surface. Make sure that the width of the groove matches the diameter of the silver wire. You must also choose a pattern that fits within the dimensions of the wood.

Choosing a color

Adding a custom colored inlay is a great way to make your gun more unique and beautiful. Some guns come with a simple wood grain pattern, but gun collectors love to change it up! In addition to changing the wood color, collectors can add custom colored resin inlays to make their rifles or shotguns look better. Here are some tips for choosing a color to inlay a coin in a gun stock.

Choosing a size

If you’d like to inlay a coin into your gun stock, it’s important to choose the correct coin size for the gun stock. The coin itself is flat and will require a shallow recess to fit into. Recesses should be 1/64 inch or deeper, with the edges of the coin being slightly larger than the center of the stock. After you’ve recessed the coin in the right location, you can use a high-quality epoxy to cement it into place.

Rifle stocks and pistol grips can have a variety of inlays. Initial plates can be a shield, diamond, or pointed oval. A monogram plate can be a square piece of silver, gold, or other metal. The initial plate itself can be any shape, as long as it is at least five-eighths of an inch long. To make an inlay, you will need a sander with a belt or rotary disc.

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