How to Install a Hood Deflector on a Toyota Corolla

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Last Updated on September 17, 2022

This article will walk you through the steps necessary to install a hood deflector on a Toyota Corolla. You will need a Phillips #2 screwdriver with a long shaft for this installation. Using the right screwdriver will ensure trouble-free installation. To install a hood deflector properly, the hood deflector should not exceed 26 mm in height and must not interfere with the bumpon locations.


The FormFit hood deflector for the Toyota Corolla combines protection with style. Each deflector is engineered to fit the contours and features of your vehicle without compromising the style or finish of your car. All components are of the highest quality, and the installation hardware is made with no-drill, OEM-quality cast acrylic. In addition, the hood deflectors are made in Canada, which means they are scratch-resistant and UV stable.

Unlike other hood deflectors that attach to the hood, this one is made of durable plastic. This lightweight and durable hood protector can be removed for easy cleaning. Simply wipe it down with a mild soap and water solution and use a plastic cleaner to remove any dirt. To extend the life of your hood deflector, make sure you check the latches periodically. To ensure proper installation, the hood deflector should never be used with an automatic car wash.


When you need to protect your car’s hood from harmful flying objects, an Aeroskin hood deflector is the perfect solution. Made from impact-resistant ABS Thermoplastic, this aerodynamic shield is virtually indestructible and is the smallest hood deflector available. Designed to fit tightly on your car’s hood, the Aeroskin hood deflector is easy to install with 3M double-sided tape. You can even install it without drilling your car’s hood!

The AVS Aeroskin hood deflector fits your Toyota Corolla perfectly. Installing this product is easy because it uses 3M automotive tape to adhere to your hood. The installation process only takes a few minutes and requires no drilling or special tools. Installation is quick and easy thanks to its non-obtrusive design and limited lifetime warranty. You can even install this kit yourself at home and save money on professional installation.

The AVS Aeroskin hood deflector adds sleek styling and protection to your Corolla. The AVS Aeroskin deflector is made from high-quality acrylic materials, and its contours match the hood body lines for an incredibly tight fit. Besides offering protection from pesky flying insects, this product also protects your car’s front-end from damage.


If you want to add a stylish and aerodynamic look to your car, you can install a WeatherTech hood deflector. This product is made of aerospace-grade acrylic and is completely scratch-resistant and virtually indestructible. You can install the WeatherTech Bug Deflector on your Toyota Corolla with the help of 3M tape, a screwdriver, and some basic car tools. It takes about an hour to install and includes a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

The WeatherTech Bug Deflector provides an aerodynamic appearance to your vehicle and protects it from harmful road debris. It is constructed of scratch-resistant acrylic and has an ultra-low profile, so it won’t cause any obstruction. In addition, this product adds style to your car with its smoked finish and contoured design. If you’re thinking about installing a WeatherTech Bug Deflector on your Toyota Corolla, here are a few tips that will guide you through the installation.

First, install the rear window deflector on the driver’s side. The deflector should fit the window channel perfectly. If you’ve got a lowered window, you can use the rear window to fit the side window deflector. Make sure the deflector fits correctly by gently placing it upward, outward, and in the window channel. Once the deflector is in place, you can roll up the windows on the driver’s side.


If you are looking for a quality hood deflector, the Easy-On Hood Deflector for Toyota is the perfect product. The design is aerodynamic and made from aerospace-grade acrylic that is scratch-resistant and virtually indestructible. It is easy to install using the existing holes in your Toyota’s hood. In addition to being a good value, it also comes with a three-year warranty.

It features a streamlined design, and will look great on your Toyota Corolla. It is easy to install and remove, and is designed to fit flush to your hood. Installation is easy and straightforward, and the instructions are included. The product comes with all the necessary hardware to ensure a proper fit. Installation requires no drilling, and there are no special tools needed. The Easy-On Hood Deflector fits perfectly on your vehicle and is very durable. The manufacturer offers a Limited Life Warranty to ensure your satisfaction.

Stainless steel brackets

A hood deflector adds a modern, aerodynamic look to your Toyota Corolla. This product uses 3M automotive grade tape to secure the hood deflector to the hood, and stainless steel brackets to position and center it. Installation instructions are provided, and the hood deflector is easy to install in less than 5 minutes using common hand tools. It’s also available in several different styles and colors, so you can match your vehicle’s existing hood color.

A hood deflector is an affordable way to protect your hood and windshield from stone debris. These deflectors are made of aerodynamic acrylic, making them virtually scratch-resistant and virtually indestructible. Installing a deflector is easy, as it uses existing holes in the hood. You can install it yourself or hire a professional to do the work for you.

Stainless steel brackets for installing hood on Toyota Corolla are available from authorized Toyota dealers, backed by a manufacturer’s warranty. This product is compatible with 2014 and earlier Toyota Corolla models without air foils. It’s easy to install with automotive grade 3M tape. Installation takes only a few minutes and fits perfectly. It keeps the hood shield from catching on fire, and the deflector does its job well.


If your Toyota Corolla HB has a dirty hood deflector, you may want to clean it. First, you should remove the tape liner from the interior of your car. Next, you need to line up the deflector and hood with the hood edge. Carefully line up the square bumpon with the center line of the Type A metal mounting bracket. Then, remove the tape liner and apply alcohol wipes to the entire area.

Once the hood deflector has been removed from your car, you can clean it using an automotive-grade cleaner. Make sure to use a long-shafted screwdriver for this process. When installing the hood deflector, make sure the metal mounting brackets are properly positioned to ensure proper adhesion. In order to install it, you need to align the mounting pin holes with the hood deflector’s pedestals.

Then, you can install the Aeroskin Hood Deflector. This deflector is designed with an aerodynamic shape that protects the front end of your car while redirecting road debris away from your car. It comes with 3M automotive adhesive tape for an easy and effective installation. It also comes with mechanical fasteners that are easy to remove and clean. In addition to looking good, this deflector will protect your Corolla’s paint from pebbles, sticks, and smashed bugs.


First, install the hood deflector on the hardware. Make sure the deflector lines up with the hood edge and is centered. You can trace the outline of the deflector with masking tape. If the deflector is not in the correct location, make readjustments. You can also remove the deflector to outline the adhesive pedestals. When removing the deflector, you can use alcohol wipes to clean the mounting area.

Once the hood deflector is installed, check the height of the hood. Some deflectors can interfere with the Toyota Safety Sense sensor, so be careful when installing one. Always measure the hood deflector’s height after installation. Once installed, fold the deflector over the edge of the hood. This prevents dust and other objects from getting under it. You can also place the deflector at different heights to avoid overlapping the hood.

The most important thing to consider when installing a deflector on your car’s hood is the type of bug protection it offers. Bugs are a huge hassle for paintless cars, and a deflector can help you avoid that. By reducing the number of bugs, your car can stay looking great and fuel efficiency will increase. You can even get a lifetime warranty on some deflectors.

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