How to Install Illuminated Chevy Bowties on Your Car

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Last Updated on September 17, 2022

If you want to know how to install illuminated chevy bowties on your car, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll discuss the many types available and how to install them properly. Intensity and Dual are just a couple of the options. Another advantage to these lights is that they’re made of 100 percent water-resistant material.


The Chevrolet Illuminated Black Bowtie Emblem is a Genuine Chevrolet Accessory that includes the Front Illuminated Bowtie Emblem and the Rear Non-Illuminated GM Logo. These accessories enhance the exterior of your Camaro. The illuminated bowtie on the front grille will glow when the lights are turned on. The lights are sealed for optimum performance, and this accessory has been cycled 1.5 million times for quality. The illuminated Chevy bowtie is made of ABS plastic and is 100 percent water-resistant.

Intensity Option

If you want to enhance the look of your car, consider buying a pair of LED light bowties for your Chevrolet Camaro. These are made of impact-resistant material and are very easy to install. For more information, you can visit World Parts Direct. The Dual Intensity Option cannot operate with the ColorSHIFT Bowtie option. It is also not recommended to install this option with the ColorSHIFT Bowtie, which will result in discoloration of the light bowties.

The SS Silverado and Chevrolet Bowtie can also be transformed with the LED Rear Bowtie. These are not only functional, but also look amazing. The LEDs are easy to install and come with clear acrylic inserts for an upscale appearance. You can also choose between blue, red, and white LEDs to match your vehicle’s color scheme.

The illuminated Chevrolet Bowtie Emblem can be purchased from a number of sources. The GS logo is a great place to buy a set of lighted bow tie emblems for your Chevrolet Camaro. You can also buy a color-shift controller from GMC Parts Now if you want to enhance the look of your vehicle even more.

For the 14-15 Chevrolet Camaro, you can opt to install a GM illuminated front grille bowtie emblem. These can be purchased for $14 at Everything Truck Parts. If you want to replace your Chevy logo with the BUNKER INDUST bowtie emblem, you can also choose to remove the Chevrolet logo from the grille. The BIWIR version is not available for ZR2 models.

Another option is the Dual Intensity Option, which will make the Chevrolet bowtie emblem work as a brake light and running light. This option does not operate with the ColorSHIFT Bowtie. There are a number of additional colors available for your Chevrolet Bowtie Camaro. You can also choose between the two colors for the bowtie emblem, such as red or blue, and the LED version of the Chevrolet logo.

100 percent water-resistant construction

The illuminated Chevy Bowtie Camaror emblem is an officially licensed accessory for your Chevrolet. This accessory is one of Chevrolet’s most distinctive additions and is available in a variety of colors. Its 100 percent water-resistant construction means that it is guaranteed not to crack, peel, or fade in any weather condition. In addition, the Chevy Bowtie Camaro emblems can withstand extreme temperatures from -40degF to 158degF or 70degC.

This Illuminated Black Bowtie Emblem Set includes a Front Illuminated Bowtie Emblem and a Rear Non-Illuminated Bowtie Emblem. Both of these Emblems are designed to enhance the exterior look of your Camaro. The Illuminated Bowtie Emblem, found on the front grille, illuminates when the car lights are turned on. Designed to last up to 1.5 million cycles, these emblems are resistant to extreme temperatures and water. They are offered as factory option code R88.

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