How to Make a Beer Funnel

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Last Updated on September 17, 2022

There are several different ways to make a beer funnel, but one of the most convenient is to pour the drink from a bong directly into a glass. If you want to fill your beer bong from a tap, you can simply pour it into the funnel by hand. Just remember to close the valve and pour the beer down the wall of the funnel to eliminate any excess foam. Once you’ve finished, you can simply remove the funnel from the tap.

DIY atmospheric beer bong

A DIY atmospheric beer bong is an awesome drink accessory to add to your party. This drink accessory allows you to enjoy more liquids at one time and is much more enjoyable than a normal glass bottle. The pressure of the bong pushes the liquor down your throat and into your stomach faster, increasing your enjoyment of the brew. Not only that, but a DIY beer bong is also better for the environment, making it a great way to stay healthy and reduce waste in landfills.

You can easily fill a beer bong by hand. To do so, just turn the valve and pour the beer down the funnel’s wall. Make sure the hose is above your head so the beer doesn’t foam. If the funnel is not wide enough, you might have to hold the beer funnel over your head until the liquid fills the glass. Fill the glass to the desired level and enjoy your beer with your friends!

To create your own atmospheric beer bong, you need several materials. First, you need a funnel, three to four feet of rubber tubing, and a valve. If you do not have any of these materials, you can purchase one at a local craft store. Just remember that you have to be over 21 to purchase any of the materials listed. A good place to buy these materials is College Party Guru. This site also offers party planning resources, including mermaid themed crafts and games, cocktail recipes, and more.

When making your DIY atmospheric beer bong, take care to keep in mind that the process can be quite messy and can make you nauseous if not done correctly. While beer is flowing down the bong, it is important to remember to take a deep breath before drinking. If you don’t do this, you could find yourself vomiting and unable to finish the beer. That’s okay, though. After all, we weren’t designed to consume twelve ounces of beer in two seconds.

You can also look online for step-by-step instructions to make your own beer bong. A YouTuber named dayswithjase has detailed instructions on how to make one for under $10. You will also need plastic tubing, hose clamps, valve, and valve adapter. Then, sanitize the components before using them. Afterward, you are ready to enjoy the benefits of the beer bong.

A DIY beer bong is a great way to add a unique flair to any party or celebration. You don’t need a lot of money to make one, and they don’t take much time either. They’re easy to make, and can be filled with ice, sand, or whatever you think will keep the beer cold. There are tons of DIY beer bong ideas online. You can make one for yourself and invite your friends over.

DIY shotgun tool

A DIY shotgun tool for beer funnel is a simple yet handy way to open and close a bottle. With this simple device, you can enjoy your favorite beer even more! This device comes with a keychain and is perfect for all occasions, including Christmas. You can also use it as a stocking stuffer, as it comes in 5 different colors. This tool will ensure a perfect shotgun hole every time.

A beer bong is a device that enables you to drink your favorite beverage through your mouth. These devices are perfect for those who cannot hold their drinks properly or those who want to help their friends enjoy their drink. In addition, a beer funnel is known as a “beer bong” and is usually made from two straws. The tool is made of durable plastic and is easy to clean. Once the funnel is made, you can use it for other purposes, too.

Using a “Y” connector

To make a beer funnel, start by attaching a 1-foot section of tubing to the bottom part of a “Y” connector. Next, connect the adapters to the top parts of the “Y”. Make sure the connector has five outlets on it. If the “Y” has only two outlets, beer will flow backwards. You should try to avoid using “Y” connectors that have 90-degree angles.

Another great way to make a beer funnel is by using a large quad beer funnel. It has the ultimate valves, and is made from FDA-approved plastic. Using a beer funnel to pour a drink is not only practical, but can be a lot of fun! And as always, remember to drink responsibly and in moderation. It’s important to remember that beer can be dangerous.

If you’d rather avoid making your own funnel, you can purchase one already made. You can also find the parts at a home improvement store or hardware store. Remember to clean your funnel and make sure the switch doesn’t leak! Don’t forget to clean the mouthpiece. If you’re using it with alcohol, it’s very easy to have spillage! Then, fill the funnel slowly so it doesn’t overfill and risk spilling the liquid. Drinking beer with excessive froth can lead to stomach aches and even worse, you could get sick!

If you want a bigger beer funnel, consider buying a big one that fits the whole can. Then, use a long tube (around 3 feet) that can accommodate a few beers. Make sure that the narrow end fits inside the tube aperture. Plastic tubing can be found at your local hardware store or online. If you’re looking for a more versatile beer funnel, you can even use two or four tubes with Y valves on each end.

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