How to Make a Fire Hydrant Cake

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Last Updated on September 17, 2022

This fire hydrant cake was inspired by my husband’s fire hydrant cook jar. I made it with six layers of wt cake, covered it in bc and fondant, and added a firefighter puppy and puddles of color flow. I also carved the shape using gum paste. This cake took about 6 hours to create. Once complete, the cake weighed about 6 pounds.

6 layers of wt cake

The inspiration for this 6 layer cake came from my husband’s fire hydrant cook jar. I made the cake using 6 layers of wt cake, covered it with bc and fondant, and added a firefighter puppy and puddles of color flow. The cake was a big hit with my husband! He loved it, and so did I! I’m sharing the recipe with you below!

For the fire truck cake, the best type of cake to use is one that is slightly denser. Softer cakes are harder to cut and shape and will leave behind more crumbs. I recommend wrapping the cake in plastic wrap before cutting it into shapes. You can also refrigerate the cake for a few hours or even overnight. This will keep the layers of cake from drying out too much. When stacking the layers, try to evenly distribute the batter between each stack. If it’s too soft, you can freeze the cake for a few hours or overnight.

carved then covered in bc then fondant and airbrushed

First, prepare the cake. You will need a 10″ round cake board with holes for spacing. For extra lines, use a piping tip fitted with PME no. 6 and place it close to the cake to allow it to dry before you remove it. For the fire hydrant, I used FPC Sugarcraft’s Vintage Oval Picture Frames Mold.

Fondant vs Sutters

Fire hydrant cakes often have intricate details, and fondant is a great choice for such a project. Its smooth texture and professional finish makes it an easy choice for detailed decorating. However, fondant is difficult to make and if you’re not very experienced, you may want to buy it ready to use. A downside to fondant is that it tends to be dry and candy-like.

Both frosting and fondant are used to create the fire hydrant cake design. Both are good choices, but they do have their pros and cons. There are some exceptions to the rule, so read the instructions carefully. Professional cake designers often use a combination of both. The combination of these two flavors is also a nice choice for a fire hydrant cake. However, fondant is generally more expensive than buttercream.

Fondant extruders vs extruders vs extruders vs extruders vs extruders vs extruders vs extruders

You can choose a Fondant extruder or an extruder with a number cutter if you want a large number. If you are not sure which one is better for your project, you can make a paper template. Impression mats are perfect for creating brick patterns on fondant. Before using a brick cutter, make sure it is frozen for 5-10 minutes so the edges are smoother.

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