How to Make a Scrub Or Nurse’s Cake

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Last Updated on September 17, 2022

This article is a great introduction to how to make a Scrub or Nurse’s Cake. You can also use it as a guide to make 2-D shaped cakes. This cake is the best choice if you’re looking for a realistic cake for your next Halloween party. If you’re unsure about what to bake, there are many options. Read on to learn how to make a Scrub or Nurse’s Cake with a realistic looking base.


If you want to celebrate the recent promotion of a nurse, you can make a cake to mark the occasion. This cake looks like a functional pair of nursing scrubs, complete with a nametag clipped to the pocket. It also has a heart-shaped orange design. It is both colorful and creative. You can even use a clothesline to display the scrubs, which adds a touch of youthfulness to the cake.

One fun idea is a heart-shaped sponge cake adorned with a sucker. Another fun option is a cake inspired by the popular TV show Monster High. This cake is perfect for a nurse who enjoys the show. The details on this cake are stunning and you can use the name of the nurse on the name tag to customize the cake. If you’re unsure about the design, you can print free cupcake toppers online.

Decorative items can include a stethoscope, syringe, prescription bottle, band-aids, and flowers. You can also include items that a nurse would bring to work, such as a giant cup of coffee or a favorite pen. You can also customize the cake with a message describing the recipient’s personality. You can even add edible confetti to the cake to make it more personalized.

Once the sponge cake is baked, the next step is to airbrush the pattern. For this step, you’ll need to consider shadows. The shadows will give your scrubs a realistic look. In addition, you should carefully outline any pockets or cookies using a contrasting color. Finally, you’ll need to add the flood icing to the cookies. If you’d like to add more details, you can use a zebra cake to decorate your nurse’s scrub top cake.


A zebra-print scrub top cake is a classic choice for birthdays or any occasion. The cake can be carved with a serrated knife or crumb-coated to achieve a unique look. For an added flair, you can dye the icing any color you like. To finish the cake, pipe or ice it with a Wilton 18-inch tip and smooth the buttercream with a smooth paper towel or warm hand.

2-D Shaped

If you want to give your guests a surprise for a special birthday, why not give them a 2-D shaped scrub top cake? This cake will look even better when it has a scrub on top! To make it look like a real scrub, you’ll need a sponge cake. To make it, simply cut out the pieces of scrub and glue them to the top cake using edible glue.

Sturdy base

A cake should have a sturdy base that is moist but firm. You can make a cake from scratch or buy a store-bought mix. Make sure it cools completely before icing. The icing acts as both a structural and decorative layer. Add just enough icing to cover the cake and keep it from sliding around. Once the icing is on, decorate the top.

Decorated with kind words

You can celebrate a medical professional with a sweet cake featuring their favorite words of encouragement. One great option is a simple sheet cake decorated with a doctor’s prescription form and a congratulations message written on it. You can even include bandaids and a hat. This cake by Rachel’s Sugar Shop is a great example of a scrub top cake decorated with sweet, encouraging words.

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