How to Make a Tumblr RP Promo

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Last Updated on September 17, 2022

To make a Tumblr RP promo, there are a few steps you should take first. Using a tool like Canva to make a great image and tag it correctly will greatly increase your chances of attracting followers. Using lsrp or lsrpg tags will help you with your search, and you should tag each and every RP promo you make.

Using Canva

A Tumblr blog needs a banner. You can make a snazzy banner using a free Tumblr banner maker such as Canva. With over a million graphics and images in its library, this service has all the tools you need to create a Tumblr blog banner. Once you’ve chosen your banner, you can add text to it by choosing from a variety of fonts and background colors.

The first step is to select a shape or box from the toolbar. It should be positioned beneath a texture. Next, crop the shape into two parts and save them as separate files. You can then import the image into the Canva design template. Once you’ve finished, you’re ready to share your Tumblr RP promo! You can also post it as a link to your Tumblr account.

Using lsrp or lsrpg tags

In the Tumblr RP Promotion section, there are two types of tags you can use: lsrp and lsrpg. The former is for writing-based rps, while the latter is for games with more elaborate stories and themes. Unlike the former, lsrp and lsrpg tags are not as popular as other tumblr tagging schemes.

Creating a queue for tumblr rp promos

If you’ve ever been a part of a tumblr RP campaign, you know that the first step to success is creating a queue. This will allow you to post on a regular basis, and ensure that your posts are on top of the tags. In order to create a queue, you need to first determine what tags to use. Most guides recommend posting at least 10 posts per day.

After creating a queue, you can set a schedule for the posts to be published each day. You can also set a specific number of posts that should be published on a daily basis. After creating a queue, you’ll need to enter a time and date to publish new posts. Once you’ve done this, you’re ready to go! You can queue up to 300 posts, and choose how often you want them published.

Getting reviews from RP affiliations

Getting reviews from RP affiliations is crucial to the success of your promotion. This not only helps you improve your RP, but also draws attention. A shout-out from a RP affiliation will increase the visibility of your promo on a popular RP website. When making a tumblr RP promo, you should try to summarize your plot in an attractive way.

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