How to Make Food in an Adorable Home

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

If you’ve ever played the game, you’ve probably wondered how to make food in an adorable home. There are plenty of ways to impress your partner and earn bonus hearts. If you’re stuck for ideas, here are a few ideas that will surely get your partner’s attention. You can use expensive food items or special codes to get bonus hearts when you make food for your partner. Here’s a look at some of the best recipes for you to try out.

Meals that can be prepared for your partner

In the game Adorable Homes, you must prepare meals for your partner, who is at work. In order to do this, you will need to buy furniture and other items to improve the appearance of your home. You will also need to feed the cats. And once your partner returns from work, you will have to prepare a bento box for him or her. Here are some tips for preparing tasty meals for your partner!

how to make food in adorable home

To get the most love from your partner, you have to prepare meals for your partner. In order to do this, you have to prepare healthy meals for your partner. You can choose from a variety of food combinations, from fancy to affordable. Remember that the more expensive the food is, the more ‘love’ your partner will feel when you bring them home! Try different combinations of food and see which one works best for you.

The game has six different locations that can be unlocked. Among them is the Adorable Home Kitchen, which was added to the game on September 30, 2020. It requires 3,000 Love to unlock. After unlocking the kitchen, you will have the option of preparing meals for your partner. You can then give your partner the prepared dishes in a bento box. Your partner will be surprised and delighted to receive this sweet gift from you.

Meal combinations that earn you bonus hearts

In Adorable Home, you can unlock extra hearts for making certain meal combos. The combination of food types that can earn you bonus hearts is called a “bonus code.” Fortunately, there are ways to get extra hearts without spending real money. If you know how to use the bonus code, you can earn up to 100 bonus hearts per day! Read on to learn how to earn bonus hearts in Adorable Home.

The game allows you to cook meals for your male character. Providing him with healthy food will earn him extra hearts. The more nutrient-rich the meal, the more love it will earn you. Similarly, preparing a heart-shaped bento box for him will earn you a lot of hearts. Try to fill the box to the brim in order to earn bonus hearts!

You can make heart-shaped food by mixing ingredients together. You can use the hearts to buy various kinds of furniture. The game also has cool down timers that can help you save the pets. You can also buy new rooms and furniture to fill them. In Adorable Home, the game is suitable for players over 13, but you should avoid giving it to children younger than 13.

Costly meal combinations

Adorable Home Kitchen provides numerous options for your child’s meals. Choose from many types of main courses, side dishes, and desserts. You can also select a bento box if you want to prepare a meal for your child. With this app, you can prepare a meal that fits the child’s specific taste buds. The app is lgbtq friendly and has gained over 5k downloads in the last month.

The price of these food items may vary without any logical connection to their function. The more expensive combinations are not necessarily more expensive, but they do yield more love when your partner arrives home. You should test a number of combinations before settling on a particular one. The combination of foods should be selected according to its price and compatibility, and ideally, the higher the price, the more ‘love’ your partner will feel.

Codes that give you bonus hearts

You must have some Adorable Home Codes if you want to get free in-game love rewards. Adorable Home is a game where you can relax and make food with cute pets. You also get to play games as a cat owner, and you can take care of your kitty’s needs. You can adopt new pets and make yummy food for your family in this game.

The Adorable Home is a relaxing simulation game for both iOS and Android devices. The objective of the game is to beautify your house, feed your cats, and earn hearts. To buy different things, you need lots of hearts, so that you can purchase them. Those hearts are useful when you make new food items, decorate your home, and buy new luxurious furniture. Here are some Adorable Home cheat codes for you to get extra hearts!

You can also collect bonus hearts by completing mini-games. Complete the mini-game successfully to double your love. Watching a video or two will do the trick. The good news is, these methods don’t require a lot of time. As long as you make sure to login everyday, you will surely earn plenty of hearts. So, make sure to use these cheat codes in Adorable Home!

Food is one of the most essential aspects of this game. You can prepare different meals for your partner by using different ingredients and combining them properly. You will earn more hearts and love if you can make him a delicious bento box with as much variety as possible. And the more delicious the food, the more love your partner will give you! This cheat code works for the game’s bento boxes too.

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