How to Make Maui Milk on a Bud Farm

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

You can upgrade your pasture to level 46 to be able to make 50 MAUI MILK. You will need 24 lumber and 420,000 coins to complete the upgrade and 18 hours to harvest 50 batches of the milk. To start making Maui Milk at level five, you will need to plant 32 maui waui and 12 purple kush. You will get 55 coins per batch of Maui Milk. As your mastery level increases, the amount of milk each plant will yield will increase.

Buildings in a weed farm

The backbone of a weed farm is a series of buildings, the most important of which is the dispensary, which functions like a shop where players can purchase weed and supplies. The dispensary is located at the heart of the farm, accessible through the peace icon in the phone menu. To make maui milk, you will need at least four guanos, each of which costs a certain amount of gold.

Once you have the basic buildings up and running, you can move on to the next phase, building more grow houses. As you expand, you can expand your production to other crops. You can also buy other grow houses in Los Santos to increase your profit further. Aside from this, you can also buy other businesses to expand your business in the game, such as a methamphetamine farm.

how to make maui milk on bud farm

Upgrade your operation to progress through the mobile farming game

As you progress through the mobile farming game, you can upgrade your animals, buildings, and crops. To do this, you can collect stars, which can be used to purchase items or resources. You can connect with other players and friends to build a community. Once you have a farm, you can build production buildings and interact with other players. You can feed your animals and use their products to upgrade your operation.

Creating 50 Maui Milk in the level 5 pasture

When you are upgrading your Bud farm to reach the top of the game, you will need to upgrade several things in order to maximize the amount of milk your dairy can produce. This includes the growing tools, farmland, buildings, and generators. Generators take time to upgrade, so if you’re just starting out, you’ll want to focus on watering machines and light bulbs for now. Eventually, you’ll need to upgrade the rest of your farm, including generators.

Upgrade your stash to hold more plants

To produce Maui milk, you must have at least one plant in your stash. Upgrade your stash by purchasing more pots. If you don’t have enough room in your stash, sell off your buds to make space for more. You can also upgrade your van by spending 420,000 coins and 24 lumber. For level 5 pasture, you need 32 maui waui and 12 purple kush. The base price of Maui Milk is 55 coins per batch. During the leveling process, you can use your base price to compare prices on Floydslist.

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