How to Make Meen Pattichathu Or Meen Peera

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Last Updated on September 17, 2022

Learning how to make meen pattichathu or meen peera requires 11 ingredients and four simple steps. To begin the recipe, you’ll need to grind coconut with shallots, ginger, turmeric, and chillies. Then, add the coconut paste to the water, press the fish into it, and cook it on low heat. Cooking time varies depending on the type of fish you choose.


Meen Peera is a delicious fish curry that is typical to Kerala. This dish combines sardines and anchovies with coconut and aromatic spices to create an exotic taste. It is best served with rice. It is a heartwarming home food that will transform the way you think of food. To make it, prepare the fish in advance and serve it at a later time. The coconut and tamarind mixture in the fish curry will help it absorb the flavors of the sauce.

Generally, the dish calls for a small amount of coconut oil. You can vary the amount to taste. In addition, you can also use small anchovies or sardines. If you cannot find kudampuli, you can use raw mango pieces in its place. Serve meen peera with rice and enjoy! If you have never tried this delicious dish, now is your chance! It’s a great way to experience authentic Kerala cuisine.

First, you’ll need to clean the fish. Make sure the fish is clean, and then marinate it in the coconut mixture for about 10 minutes. Then, cut the fish into pieces. Add the sardines to the coconut mixture. The coconut mixture should be coarse and not smooth. After the fish is cooked, you can add the coconut oil. The coconut mixture will thicken and become the perfect meal!


Meen peera is a typical Kerala dish, which is prepared using sardines and anchovies. This preparation requires four steps. First, grind coconut along with shallots, ginger, turmeric and chillies. Once the coconut paste is ready, add water to the pot. Place the fish into the pot and cover it with the coconut paste. Cook on a low flame for 15 minutes. Stir the mixture occasionally.

The fish should be cleaned and marinated for at least 10 minutes. Then, rinse them under running water and cut them into thirds. Next, add the sardines to the meen chatti. Finally, coarsely grind the ingredients, adding the one cup of water to the mix. Add the spices. Mix everything well. Once the mixture has been combined well, you are ready to cook meen peera.

Meen peera is a delicious and authentic Kerala seafood dish. Made with sardines and coconut, it is a simple and easy dish to prepare. This dish is traditionally served with rice or gambooge. You can prepare it with any type of small fish, from sardines to anchovies. Once you’ve mixed the coconut and green chillies, add turmeric powder to the mix. Add a couple of slices of raw mango to the pot if you like.

Nutritional value

Meen Peera is a yellow-coloured recipe made from various small and medium-sized fish, such as anchovies, sardines, and other varieties of natto. The recipe is rich in proteins and other nutrients. During mango season, you can add some raw mango pieces to the dish. The dish is usually served with white rice or a curry, but can also be enjoyed on its own.

Meen Peera is a delicious non-vegetarian dish that goes well with rice. The preparation process is simple: clean the fish and remove any bones. Grate the coconut finely and add a few spices. Mix in ground turmeric, onions, garlic, and green chillies. Stir in shredded coconut, curry leaves, and other spices. Mix well. Your meal is now complete! The delicious taste and nutrition of Meen Peera will leave you wanting more!

Serving size

Meen Peera is a classic Indian dish made with fresh fish and coconut. It doesn’t require deep frying or elaborate sauces. Instead, it is prepared with a few basic spices. It is served with rice. If you’re wondering what you can serve with meen peera, here are some ideas. Served as a side dish, it is a perfect combination of flavor and health. A single serving of meen peera is typically large enough to serve a large group of people.

The first step in making meen peera is to prepare the coconut-fish mixture. This mixture needs to be coarse but not smooth. Crushing the ginger and coconut will also add more flavour. Next, add the fish to the coconut mixture. It will take about 10 minutes to cook, but it can be longer if you want it to be spicier. Once the fish is cooked, add the coconut oil. Stir to mix.

Another option for this dish is to use small fresh fish instead of large. Fresh Mathi are better than dried ones. You can use a variety of fish in Meen Peera, but the best choice is an Indian Sardine. Any type of small fish will work. Ideally, the fish will be small enough to be mashed and served. If you’re serving Meen Peera for one, make sure you cook it well ahead of time. For a traditional flavor, cook the meen peera in an earthen pot.

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