How to Make Someone Obey You Using Dua and Amal

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

Are you looking for ways to get someone to obey you? Do you find yourself frustrated by their refusal? Are you trying to retaliate for the way you are treated? If so, you‚ve come to the right place. Below you will find a proven method of obtaining what you want. You may even be able to make them change their behavior in a matter of days. Read on for more. Listed below are some of the Duas and Amal that you can use to gain your desired results.


You can use Dua to make someone obey you if you want to get your way. There are a variety of Islamic recitations that you can use, including Quranic verses, Surahs, and Masnoon duas. You can repeat these repeatedly to influence your target‚s behavior. This is also known as wazifa, which means “speech to the Almighty”.

If you want someone to obey you, the Dua to make someone to obey you is found in the Qur‚an, Ayat 25. To be effective, you must read the verse 111 times in the order written on the Qur‚an. If you want fast results, you can consult Molana Ashif Ali Khan, who can help you. Once you‚ve performed the Dua, you must cleanse yourself and repeat the verse 111 times. When you are finished, blow some air onto the person and let them know that you want them to obey you.

The Dua to make someone obey you is the perfect solution if your relationship is stalled. If you have faith and trust in the Almighty, you‚ll have a strong ally in the person you‚re trying to influence. Ultimately, this person will be obedient to your commands. The next step is to find out what has gone wrong. You must also be sure that you‚re clear about what is going on in the relationship.

Similarly, Dua to make someone obey you can help you in a variety of situations. You can use it to make someone listen to your needs, and you can use it to make your boss agree with you. You can also use it to change someone‚s mind, and ask them to do what you want. It‚s not that difficult to make someone do what you ask. You just have to be careful with the way you use this dua.


If you have asked yourself how to make someone obey you, then here are some tips. You must first make Niyyah and read wazifas related to making someone obey you. By doing so, you will have the power to make anyone do what you ask. Here are some examples of duas. Read them and recite them. You‚ll be amazed at the results! Just do them and you‚ll have a person who‚ll obey you.

Dua. Reciting a dua on a food or drink can make someone follow your wishes. This dua should be recited 111 times. This dua can change the heart of a stubborn person. Make sure to repeat it loudly and clearly. It will make them change their mind and do what you want them to do. If this doesn‚t work, try repeating it until they start obeying you!

Duas. Duas to make someone obey you can be quite powerful. Duas for this purpose can be as simple as asking Allah to make them agree with you, or as complex as making a person change their mind and obey you. Using duas to make someone obey you can help you get the result you want. You can even make a dua for yourself and tell someone else to obey you as well!

Islamic Duas. A powerful dua can change a person‚s mind, make them listen to your command, and even make them listen to your advice. The Muslim belief is based on three pillars, love, and respect, and these three are the foundation of a successful marriage. By practicing a powerful dua, you can make anyone listen to you. When used correctly, these duas can even make someone listen to a lecture or order.


If you have the power to change someone‚s mind and make them listen to your orders, you can use the magic of wazifa. You may want to get your boss to listen to your orders, or you might want to get your wife to listen to your commands. Whether you‚re in charge of a large corporation, a small team, or a single person, wazifa will help you get what you want.

To use this wazifa, find a molvi sab who is a specialist in wazifa. Sadhus have been getting the training for many years, and can provide secondary guidance and instant help with their mantras. They can help you with your difficult situations at home or in the workplace, and can also help you with your love life. However, it‚s advisable to seek advice from a molvi sab before performing any of these rituals.

You can also use this wazifa to influence the actions of family members or friends. If you‚re looking to influence a friend‚s actions, you can ask them to change their ways or become more loyal to you. Similarly, you can ask someone to follow the path of Islam. You can also use wazifa to convince your parents to agree to your love marriage. But be sure to use it with good intentions.

The first step to wazifa to make someone obey you is to perform ablution and recite the Durood e Shareef 11 times. Next, you must spread the jaa e namaz in the right direction. After this, you must recite the dua to ALLAH and visualize the desired outcome. Remember to avoid doing anything that is prohibited according to Islam.

Surah Al Haqqah

The first thing that you must understand when studying the Book of Allah is the concept of absolute Truth. This is also known as haqq-il-yaqin. It is the concept that you must adhere to if you want someone to obey you. This concept can be applied to a number of different things. The word itself can be misleading because it could mean something completely different to each person.

The first part of the Dua is to recite it until it results in a positive result. You can also ask for help from Molana Ashif Ali Khan, if you are looking for a quick result. First, clean yourself and repeat the 22nd verse of Surah Fatir 111 times. Then, make a supplication by blowing air into the person‚s mouth.

The second part of the verse is the same for both Ayats 49-54 and the verse above. The verses following the verse have different meanings. Some scholars maintain that the word al-haqqa means sudden torments. In this way, it fits with the destructive and excruciating torments that Allah inflicted upon the peoples of Thamud and ‚Ad.

The second part of the verses is the most important. The verses after the DUROOD-E-DAWAAMI and Isha Nawaz are the ones that will make someone obey you. Considering these, this is probably the easiest Surah in the Holy Quran to memorize. It is very simple and can help you stabilize a relationship.

Blow on the person

The Dua to make someone obey you is found in Ayat 25 of Surah Jathiya. You can recite this Dua until you get the desired result. For fast results, contact Molana Ashif Ali Khan and he will help you. First of all, you must wash your hands. Recite the 22nd verse of Surah Fatir for 111 times and breathe deeply. Then, blow air on that person to change their mind.

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