How to Make Warhammer Movement Trays

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Last Updated on September 17, 2022

One of the things that makes building movement trays for your Warhammer army so much fun is the flexibility it gives you. If you’ve ever wished that you had a movement tray that held all of your Orcs and Goblins in a row, you can build your own. Movement trays allow you to set up complex scenarios and allow your players to move their troops wherever they want. Fortunately, there are a number of options for movement trays that are both affordable and easy to make.

Sizes of movement trays

When you play Warhammer 40k or other tabletop wargames, you’ll need to make sure you purchase the correct size movement tray. These trays add millimeters to the base of your models. This can lead to rule discrepancies. Make sure to purchase the correct size, as it can make the difference between your models and others. Read on for the proper sizes. If you’re unsure of what you’ll need, try generating a PDF of the trays you’ll need.

While most movement trays are pre-sized for certain armies, you can also purchase custom-designed movement trays to accommodate your army’s list. You can find movement trays that hold anything from one to sixteen miniatures. Some movement trays are rectangular, while others are circular. They are designed to fit the bases of different wargames. Custom movement trays are available for both square and rectangular miniatures.

If you’re playing a game of Warhammer: Dark Age of Sigmar, you can pick up movement trays with a range of sizes that are perfectly suited for your army. For instance, if you’re playing an Undead army, you’ll probably need two 80x120mm movement trays, which are suitable for smaller cav units. And if you’re playing a Vampire Counts army, you’ll want to invest in a 125x25mm movement tray.

Materials needed

If you’re making your own warhammer army, one of the best materials to use is MDF (medium density fiber board). This stiff, flat board has no knots or “grain” and has crisp edges. Using MDF to make your movement tray means you won’t have to worry about fixing miniatures or changing ranks as you go. This sturdy board will withstand knocks.

You will also need some PVC glue to make your movement tray look nice and presentable. Make sure that you apply it only on the outer sidebars of the movement tray, as the inside part will get too glued. You can test the glue by throwing a small handful of sand onto one side of the tray. The sand will stick to the glue, so you should carefully remove it one side at a time.

Magnets are also needed. These trays work by using magnets, but they don’t come with magnets. This makes them better for metal-based models that have plastic bases with washers glued under them. They also work because they have polarity zones/fields across them, which means that magnets will always try to pull into them. Magnetic movement trays also work with hollow plastic bases, although it’s recommended to use those with magnets.

MDF Movement Trays are a great way to move regimental troops around your gaming table. They can be easy to assemble and can have the same scenics as miniature bases. These trays also eliminate the need to drag miniatures across the table or carry them from one side to the other. Another great feature is that they’re magnetic, so you won’t have to worry about them falling over.

Dimensions of trays

The dimensions of warhammer movement trays depend on the base size of your model. For example, a movement tray that holds six 40mm round bases will have minimal spacing between them. If you’re using a rank-and-file system, you may want to reduce this spacing. Some movement trays are made with extra room for paint or material on the base. To assemble the tray, you’ll need super glue.

Movement trays are a great way to make moving regimental miniatures much easier. Movement trays are available in several sizes, and work well with games with rectangular bases. They come unassembled, so you’ll need PVA glue to mount your miniatures on them. They can also be used as proxies for larger units, such as lords. You can buy different-sized trays to accommodate different sized armies.

If you’re looking for a custom movement tray, you can design one that fits your army list perfectly. These trays are usually sold in pre-determined sizes, but you can order them custom-made to fit any army list. You can also get movement trays designed to hold mounted miniatures with 25mm by 50mm bases. These trays can hold anywhere from one to sixteen models, depending on the base size.

There are also some movement trays made for undead units. Undead players often make their units larger than they need. For example, if you have an army of eighty hundred or so, you should purchase two movement trays of eighty and twenty-five mm. In case you have a small cav unit, or one that requires more movement trays, you can use a 125x50mm movement tray.

Sizes of magnetised trays

The metal movements trays for Warhammer 40k are available in a range of sizes and can be used to move and position regiments. They are made of galvanized sheet steel and are perfectly magnetic. The trays have a raised lip which holds miniatures in place while allowing large units to move freely. They are suitable for most fantasy games such as Warhammer 40k and Kings of War. For extra magnetisation, the trays can be made with Rubber Steel Sheets.

Despite being a popular accessory for Warhammer 40k, there are many reasons to buy them. The size of movement trays will vary depending on the miniature you are using. Magnetic movement trays come in three different sizes. A 2.4″ x 3.25″ tray will fit onto one of these. A 2.4″ tray can be used for larger models. Alternatively, a smaller tray is available if you want to use the magnetised warhammer movement tray for a larger model.

You can choose between a 32 mm movement tray and a 25 mm tray. A 32mm movement tray fits a 20 mm square magnet in the centre of each circle. The base of a 25mm movement tray is the same diameter as a 32 mm movement tray. Alternatively, a 25mm tray will fit a 3mm base. Both of these types are compatible with both 40k.

A size-specific movement tray can be made for your Warhammer 40k models. For instance, you can cut a square movement tray from a single sheet with a pair of tin snips. Then, use superglue to attach the two sides of the tray to the movement tray. This ensures a perfectly stable tray during play. It also keeps the models out of the way.

Sizes of cardboard trays

To make your warhammer miniatures move faster, you can purchase movement trays. These trays come in various sizes and can be used for games that use rectangular bases. Usually, you purchase the trays unassembled, and you must use PVA glue to mount the pieces. In the end, these trays will make the movement of your regiment’s miniatures a breeze. But before you buy one, you should be sure to consider the size of the miniatures you plan to move.

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