How to Open the Trunk on Your Hyundai Elantra

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Last Updated on September 17, 2022

If you’re having problems opening the trunk on your Hyundai Elantra, there are a few possible reasons. The trunk lock may have broken or become blocked over time, making it inoperable. The handle may be spinning, but it isn’t activating the mechanism. Here’s what to check. Listed below are the most common reasons for this problem. If none of these apply to your vehicle, read on for more helpful tips.

Hands Free Smart Trunk

One of the benefits of the new Hands Free Smart Trunk for Hyundai Elanstra is that it does not require any effort on the part of the driver or passengers. Most smart car trunk systems require the driver or passengers to use a button or wave a foot underneath the bumper in order to unlock the trunk. The Hands Free Smart Trunk eliminates this awkward movement entirely. Once installed, the Hands Free Smart Trunk for Hyundai Elantra will ensure your car is locked or unlocked no matter where you are.

Activating the Hands Free Smart Trunk for Hyundai Elanstra is as easy as pressing the key fob. The trunk opens when the key is held in the detecting area for 3 seconds. This feature is available on all models except for the GLS. This feature is located in the Smart Trunk, so it must be kept out of reach of children. If your children are in the backseat, they may accidentally unlock the trunk. The key fob or smart key will also contain a dedicated Smart Trunk unlock button.

The Hands Free Smart Trunk for Hyundai Elanstra also provides an automatic trunk release. This feature works with the car’s proximity key and is compatible with the 2017 model. The rear seatback can be split 60/40, making it easier to fit large items inside. The trunk has a 14.2 cubic-foot capacity. The trunk can also be locked or unlocked from the outside with the Proximity Key.

The Elantra has plenty of new technologies to offer its drivers. The Bluelink Connected Car System gives the driver a chance to control the Elantra remotely, and the Hyundai Digital Key lets a family member or friend use their smartphone to unlock the car. Other new features include heated front seats and a power sunroof. These features make the Hyundai Elantra more appealing than any other sedan on the market today.

The Hands Free Smart Trunk for Hyundai Elantra is available on select trim levels and is a great option for drivers who prefer convenience over style. It can unlock the doors and start the engine with the touch of a button. A smart-trunk also allows the driver to store items in the trunk, ensuring that they are within reach. In addition to the Hands Free Smart Trunk for Hyundai Elantra, this feature is compatible with select smart phones.

Broken trunk cable

If your Hyundai Elantra’s trunk cable breaks, the in-cabin trunk opening system will not work. Instead, the driver must use a key to open the trunk or use the remote to release the trunk latch. However, if the cable is seized, the trunk will not latch and may remain open. To avoid this problem, you should contact a Hyundai service center as soon as possible. Hyundai has issued a recall of 600,000 vehicles.

First, check the release switch. The cable may have a damaged plastic retainer. If it is not, it is likely to have a broken micro switch or a damaged latch solenoid. If it fails to work properly, you may need to replace the entire latch assembly. If the problem is not fixed by these steps, you will have no way to open the trunk from the outside. Afterward, you can replace the trunk latch release lever, if possible.

Although the 2009 Hyundai Elantra is quite a reliable car, it has been known to have problems. While it runs great, it has been subject to several recalls, the most common of which involves the immobilizer. This part costs about $250 to replace. Another common problem with the Elantra is the interior door handle. It costs around $60 to replace. This problem is so common that a recall for this model has been issued.

In addition to a manual unlock method, most Hyundai models include a keyhole to manually open the trunk. Unfortunately, the keyhole is difficult to notice on models with a large trunk, so you might not recognize it. I discovered mine on the left side of my car, so it was hard to notice at first glance. Aside from being hard to locate, the keyhole is often dirty. You may have to use a remote to get it out.

Lock actuator malfunction

If the wireless trunk latch fails to open, you may have a problem with the lock actuator. Although this does not pose a safety risk, it may be annoying. The best way to fix this issue is to have the latch replaced immediately. If the lock actuator motor is not functioning, you should have it replaced as soon as possible. This way, you will avoid further damage to your car’s electrical circuitry.

In addition to the actuator, other factors may cause the boot/tailgate to not open. Sometimes, the key lock cylinder is faulty and it does not trigger the latch when you turn the key. If you can’t open the trunk manually, you can book an appointment at an authorized Hyundai mechanic through AutoGuru. This will save you from spending more time and money than you need to.

If you’ve tried to unlock the door without success, try applying 12 volts to the actuator using jumper wires. If it doesn’t work, try using a Power Probe to check the power to the actuator. Otherwise, you may have to replace the actuator. Even if it’s expensive, it will improve the convenience of your car and avoid the need to worry about the problem again.

The first step in repairing the door lock actuator is to disable the remote. A remote battery may be installed, and that may cause the actuator to malfunction. If the battery is still working, you should remove it from the car and call an ASE-certified mechanic for diagnosis. A technician can then fix the door lock actuator for you. This can take as little as an hour, but it’s a good idea to consult the wiring diagram before you do so.

During the diagnostic process, you should look for other possible problems. If the trunk lock is not functioning properly, you should visit a local mechanic. A qualified mechanic can determine the exact problem and solve the issue once and for all. A mechanic can make sure your car is not in a dangerous state. A mechanic is also able to provide you with an accurate and complete inspection report. While a professional can help you determine the problem, the repair itself is relatively simple.

Unlocking trunk with key fob

If you’re having trouble unlocking the trunk of your Hyundai Elantra, you may have to take your key fob out of the car. Using the physical key is probably the easiest and most convenient solution. The key fob is placed near the center console or glove box. To open the trunk, pull the release lever next to the driver’s seat and depress the “unlock” button.

If the car won’t unlock the trunk when you press the release button, you may need to replace the locking mechanism. The trunk release button can be found on the interior or on the trunk itself. If the trunk doesn’t unlock on its own, you can try pressing the button on the remote. If this doesn’t work, you can also turn a smart key. Alternatively, if you’d rather use a manual key, you can insert the smart key into the trunk lock hole and turn the key to unlock it.

If you’re worried about accidental opening of the trunk, you can turn off the Hands Free Smart Trunk function. This feature prevents the trunk from opening without the driver’s consent. Instead of waving your foot beneath the bumper when unlocking the trunk, you just hold the smart key on your person and the system will open the trunk automatically. This way, there’s no need for you to physically open the trunk and avoid getting injured.

If the trunk release button is stuck, try using a slim jim to open the trunk. These tools are available at most automotive parts stores. When you’ve tried them, you’ll see if it works. If not, you can always call a locksmith. If you still cannot unlock the trunk, you can try to turn on the car’s battery or short out a fuse box to get the keys out.

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