How to Soften African Wax Fabric

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Last Updated on September 17, 2022

If you’ve ever wondered how to soften African wax fabric, here are a few tips to try: Soak the fabric in vinegar, preferably white wine or apple cider vinegar. Then, hang it to dry. Then, you should find it much softer to wear. Don’t worry if you’re not a natural fabric softener, though. In most cases, the wax will disappear over time, but if you’re a bit unsure of how to soften African wax fabric, here are some methods that can help you.

Avoiding using fabric softener

African wax fabrics often contain a combination of colours and intricate patterns. Newly purchased African wax prints are stiff but will soften with time. To soften this type of fabric without using harsh chemicals, you should first fill a sink with water and half a cup of table salt. Use warm water when softening the fabric and avoid using fabric softener on a black African wax print.

African prints, also known as Holland wax and Dutch wax, are made of raw cotton yarns that are woven into a dirty, stiff cloth. The fabric is then bleached white to remove any impurities, reinforced, and regenerated before stretching it. Traditional Malian mudcloth is also made of cotton and is dyed using fermented mud, tree leaves, and other plant materials. White vinegar is a great natural softener for this type of fabric, but you should avoid using it on African prints unless your dry cleaner specializes in them.

If you do choose to use fabric conditioner or fabric softener, it is essential to remember that African prints will naturally soften with regular washing cycles. Avoid using fabric softener and wringing your fabric – it may compromise the color quality and make it fade more quickly. To get a soft, supple African wax fabric, you can either soak it in a bucket of water or add a few drops of fabric conditioner to the water before washing. You can then wash it on a cold or lukewarm cycle.

If you have ever had African wax fabric, you may have had a hard time washing it. The waxy coating on the fabric is often so thin that it becomes stiff. This is not an issue when you have the right detergent, but it can be a problem if the waxy fabric is already stained. It should be washed two or three times to remove the residue and prevent it from spreading on your clothes.

Avoiding hot water

The most important thing to remember when washing an African wax fabric is to avoid washing it in hot water. Like denim, African prints can fade and become weak if they are over-washed. To test if your African print is fade-resistant, lay a white cloth on top of it and iron it until it dries. If the white cloth bleeds, your African print needs to be washed separately and in cold water.

Another effective method to soften African wax prints is to soak them in vinegar or salt water before washing. Vinegar removes the natural oils in the fabric and makes it feel softer. Use white vinegar. If the fabric is too expensive or fragile to be washed in hot water, try soaking it in warm water for 10 minutes. You’ll notice an improvement in its softness afterward!

When washing African wax print fabrics, be sure to use a mild detergent and wash on a gentle cycle. Avoid using hot water or any detergent that has dark vinegar because it can damage the African print fabric. Also, avoid washing African prints in hot water, as this could cause them to shrink and fade. Hot water can also damage the fabric’s dye, so be sure to choose a drycleaner with experience washing African print fabrics.

Drying African print fabrics should be line dried. Make sure to use clip or peg fasteners to keep them in place. If you can’t hang them to dry, try ironing them upside down instead. Using the same method for your African wax fabric will not make the dye look as faded. However, if it does happen to fade, the fabric will lose its luster and will become weaker.

Avoiding steaming

To soften an African wax print fabric, you can use a hand-held steamer or a garment steamer. Fill the steamer with water and liquid fabric softener, and hold it over the fabric. Allow the fabric to sit for 10 minutes. Then, smooth it out. This should make it more comfortable to wear. Avoid steaming African wax fabric if you have a delicate or fragile fabric.

African wax print fabrics are often waxed to make them shinier and more durable. This can make them stiff and inflexible at first, but over time, the waxing will make them softer and more comfortable to wear. To soften an African wax fabric, use a home remedy. Combine half a cup of salt with water and soak the fabric in the solution. Don’t overdo it–one cup of salt is enough to soften an African wax print.

If you do wash an African print fabric, be sure to send it to a professional cleaner. Make sure they have experience with African prints. Many dry cleaners don’t have the right experience with African print fabrics, so if you don’t ask, you’ll end up with ruined clothing. If you’re not sure if your dry cleaner has experience with African print fabrics, check their reviews online or call them directly.

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