How to Start an NA Group

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Last Updated on September 17, 2022

If you’re interested in starting a new NA group, then read this article! It includes information on how to organize a meeting and get a “Group Starter Kit.” In this article, you’ll learn how to pick a sponsor, hold your first meeting, and obtain literature. Read on to learn more! Become a NA Group Leader

Getting a “Group Starter Kit”

Getting a “Group Starter Kit”, also known as a group kit, is one of the first steps in starting a group. These kits are comprised of various pieces of literature to help you plan your first meeting. The “Starter Kit” contains, among other things, two copies of the latest copy of The NA Way, as well as information pamphlets and questions to break the ice. It also includes information on how to structure your group, a Group Checklist, and 7 Group Readings.

Choosing a sponsor

Once you’ve decided to start an NA group, choosing a sponsor for your group is essential. Choosing a sponsor for your group requires careful consideration. It’s important to select someone who lives near you, or preferably, near a location where your group can meet. It’s also important to choose someone you respect and trust, and who you can easily approach with questions and requests.

A good sponsor for an NA group should have a history of recovery and should be honest and open about his/her background. As a sponsor, you’re expected to live up to the Twelve Traditions, including being honest and accepting of the fact that you have suffered from alcoholism and drug addiction. Sponsors are also required to attend NA meetings and provide support to their members. It’s important to find a sponsor with experience in the group’s work, since this will be a guide for the rest of the group.

A good sponsor should be willing to spend a lot of time explaining the program to newcomers. He or she should be knowledgeable of the Twelve Steps, and can be a good example for new members to look up to. In addition, a sponsor should be someone who has a strong recovery background and can help others understand the basics of NA. The program will be much easier to follow if the sponsor is familiar with the program and has a long-term commitment to the group.

If you’re looking for a sponsor to start an NA group, you can ask other members to become sponsors for your group. Oftentimes, members will raise their hands at the end of a meeting and indicate they’re interested in sponsoring a new group. You can also approach members individually. Don’t get discouraged if some members reject your request, as they may have valid reasons for rejecting your proposal.

Organizing a meeting

Organizing a meeting when starting an AA group is a simple and effective way to begin. Most NA groups have separate meetings, but if you plan to host a group of your own, you must organize the meeting yourself. In many cases, these meetings are held at the same time as a broader group meeting. If you have a large group, you can split the meeting up into separate meetings.

First, you must choose an officer for your group. Choosing an officer is crucial. Officers carry many responsibilities. A bad officer can have a negative impact on the group. Therefore, choose your officers wisely and be committed to serving. The service manual contains a more comprehensive description of the role of an officer. You may want to get assistance from other members of your home group. You should also consider who will be the group’s treasurer.

When organizing a meeting, remember that members are expected to participate fully. The meeting Chairperson will initiate the meeting with a nondenominational prayer. You may also use the meeting as a venue for NA readings. While you are not required to share personal information at meetings, it is strongly encouraged. Group members will share their personal stories and experiences and provide support for one another. Organizing a meeting when starting an NA group can be a daunting task, but it can be accomplished with a little planning.

Most groups will have a monthly meeting, during which the group will discuss business and other group matters. In addition to that, the home group is the group’s primary responsibility, carrying the message of recovery to those who are still suffering in silence. Home groups will also discuss the work of the Area Service Committee, which is the group’s ultimate authority. And it will also discuss the activities of the local group and the Fellowship.

If you want to hold a meeting, you will need a meeting space in an accessible location. Your venue should have little to no distractions. You may even want to prepare some refreshments. You can use the literature you have available to distribute to your attendees. Organizing a meeting when starting an NA group is as easy as setting up a room and inviting NA members. You’ll need to clean up the meeting space afterward.

Obtaining literature

If you have recently enrolled in a Narcotics Anonymous meeting, you may have already obtained the literature to start your group. If not, you should contact the Area Service Committee to request a group starter kit. Once your group has a representative, you should request a group starter kit at your next meeting. The representative should bring the starter kit to their first NA meeting. After that, they should stock the group literature.

The booklet that comes with your NA group membership will tell you everything you need to know to start a meeting. As a group secretary, it is important to remember that you are carrying a great responsibility, but the members of your home group should be willing to help you out. The booklet will also contain information on meeting formats, the role of the trusted servant, service structure, and how to run an NA group. The literature will also give you a better idea of the positive atmosphere that a group should have.

Another way to get Narcotics Anonymous literature is to visit the NA World Service Office in California. They have a variety of publications and other resources for new groups. The literature can be purchased with group funds, obtained from local service offices, or from the NAWS directly. This is an excellent way to get your group started on the path to recovery. If you do not have the funds to purchase the literature yourself, consider contacting the World Services Office to request the literature you need.

The meeting chairperson usually opens each meeting with a moment of silence and a nondenominational prayer before sharing the literature. In addition to reading the literature, most meetings also have an open sharing component. During this time, members share their experiences and strength. This sharing is voluntary and never forced. You may ask questions, share your stories, or even ask a guest speaker. All of these activities are beneficial to the group and should not be limited by religious beliefs or values.

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