How to Stop Your Bearded Dragon From Seeing Its Reflection

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

You may be wondering how to stop your bearded dragon from seeing its reflection. Here are a few tips to help you solve this problem. First, you must avoid placing a basking lamp in the tank, as this will create a reflection on the glass. Also, you should keep the lighting at a certain angle, as the eyes of this species are highly sensitive to direct light. Second, try to distract your beardie with plants and decorations to prevent it from seeing its reflection.

Glass surfing

Glass surfing isn’t associated with any medical issues, but if you notice your beardie scratching the glass, it may be a sign of stress. A lack of enrichment and stimulation in a beardie’s life can lead to behavior changes, including scratching. To address the issue, you can try a few simple changes. A weakened immune system is one of the main causes of glass surfing, so provide your beardie with a supplementary food, such as crickets, or offer them a regular diet of fruit and vegetables.

Glass surfing is a symptom of stress, which can lead to other problems in your beardie. Your beardie may be shedding, eating, or otherwise looking unhealthy, so you should seek veterinary help if you suspect any of these problems. Similarly, the presence of new items in the enclosure can trigger glass surfing. To solve the issue, remove new items from the enclosure. This way, you can prevent your beardie from seeing reflection in the glass.

Glass surfing may also be a sign that your beardie is laying eggs. Young beardies are often territorial, and will start scratching and bouncing their heads on the glass as they compete for attention. A beardie that notices other beardies in its enclosure may start frantically scratching and attacking its reflection. This may lead to behavior problems, including scratching the glass and escaping the enclosure.


If you have a bearded dragon in its tank, you may be wondering how to stop it from seeing its own reflection. While most bearded dragons aren’t bothered by the reflection, you may want to cover up three sides of the tank with some type of background design, a piece of cloth, or even a wall hanging. This can help your beardie avoid seeing their reflection, but you should remember that covering up three sides of the tank can negatively affect your beardie’s visual stimulation. Some beardie owners try setting up a viewing spot in front of a window and let their dragon enjoy the view for hours. However, even self-adhesive plastic coverings can leave large areas of glass, so you should always be aware of this.

Changing the background in your bearded dragon’s aquarium is a great way to reduce your beardie’s stress levels. While beardies don’t experience self-awareness, they don’t know they’re being reflected and will perceive the reflection as a potential threat. If your beardie is stressed, he may be less able to tolerate the mirror and continue to see his reflection. Boredom can last weeks or even months, so you’ll want to do something about this behavior before it becomes a permanent problem.

Changing the lighting and the design of the habitat can also reduce the reflection. Changing the lighting in the tank can help too. If you’re looking for an easy solution, try leaving a side of the tank unlit. Try different types of lighting and try different lighting settings until you find the one that is the best for your beardie. You might also consider buying a special reptile bulb, which can be found in most pet stores.


You may have noticed that your bearded dragon is prone to batting at mirrors, and this may cause stress. This behavior may happen in your tank, or it may happen in your home. You can prevent your beardie from seeing its reflection by blocking light sources in the enclosure. But if your beardie is still prone to attacking mirrors, read on for ways to prevent reflections in your beardie’s tank.

One thing you can do is to place a backdrop behind your glass tank. This is usually done by covering a small portion of the tank with a transparent sheet. However, if this does not work, you can use a transparent screen or a transparent backdrop to block the glass. The glass may not be completely clear, but it will reduce reflections and allow your beardie to enjoy the environment.

If your beardie has become used to their enclosure, they may scratch the glass to see the image. A glass barrier may cause them to scratch themselves because they think they can see themselves in the mirror. This behavior can also be a sign of stress or lack of food. If you notice your beardie frantically scratching the glass, it may be hungry. Once the beardie is hungry, it may scratch its reflection to remind you that it’s time for a snack.


The best way to keep your Bearded Dragon from seeing his reflection is to hide it in a corner. This can be done with plants and decorations. You may also cover part of the tank with a backdrop designed for reptile tanks. Keep in mind that these decorations do not block the entire tank, but can only partially block the reflection. Changing the lighting of your beardie’s tank can help to reduce reflection.

If you have a large enclosure, consider putting fake plants and plastic hides in the corner of the tank. These items will not harm your beardie and will help to regulate its body temperature and stress level. Remember, beardies have a hard time adjusting to new objects and decorations, so try not to overcrowd the tank. However, if your beardie is particularly hesitant to interact with new items, try placing some fake plants around its tank.

Another good option is to place some edible herbs and stones in the tank. Bearded dragons love climbing, so adding branches and stones in its tank is a great way to give him some extra climbing space. Try to avoid placing plants and stones too close to the tank’s glass window. If you can, place them at an appropriate height so that the beardie will be able to hide in the hiding area.


For weeks or months at a time, your beardie dragon may get bored of seeing his reflection in a mirror. Fortunately, you can prevent this behavior by creating stimulating play activities for your reptile. Hamster balls and artificial insects are two excellent options for blocking your beardie’s view. You can also cover part of the tank with a backdrop, which is designed for reptile tanks. Be sure to position the backdrop in such a way that your beardie doesn’t see its reflection in a mirror.

If you’ve noticed that your beardie has been glass surfing, you might want to consider taking your beardie to a vet. Glass surfing is a common behavior among beardie owners, and is usually done for no apparent reason. Luckily, the behavior passes quickly once the beardie becomes bored with the activity. However, if your beardie seems to have developed a habit of viewing his reflection in a mirror, you may want to consider a different method.

Another option for preventing your beardie from seeing his reflection in a mirror is to use an excavator clay kit to build caves. These caves can be placed near the beardie’s enclosure, which should be free of mirrors. A cave can also help you avoid impaction concerns. In addition to building caves, you should clean up any poop around the enclosure regularly and watch for signs of egg laying. Finally, provide enrichment activities for your beardie dragon so that he doesn’t get bored easily.

Providing enough space

If you want to prevent your Bearded Dragon from seeing its reflection, you should provide enough space in its habitat. There are several ways to minimize its exposure to reflections, including proper habitat design and décor. Some minor changes can have a significant impact. Providing enough space to stop bearded dragon from seeing its reflection will help to ensure your Beardie is comfortable in his new home. Providing enough space in your beardie’s habitat will keep it comfortable and free of stressors that may lead to glass surfing.

Another way to prevent your beardie from seeing his reflection is to make sure his habitat is large enough for him to roam around freely. Provide a suitable background on three sides of the enclosure. It will also avoid glass surfing, a condition called “glass surfing” where the bearded dragon scrambles and tries to balance on a glass surface. If your beardie starts to glass surf, it may believe that it is another lizard, causing stress.

Another way to reduce reflection is to change the lighting in your beardie’s tank. Changing the light in your beardie’s enclosure may help reduce this problem, but the angle must be adjusted carefully. Direct light, like a basking lamp, will cast a glare on the glass. Also, a background border or a plant on the walls can distract your beardie from seeing its reflection.

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