How to Stop Your Hamster From Chewing Plastic

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

Your hamster is probably chewing up all sorts of plastic in the tank. Fortunately, there are several effective solutions. Some of them are wood, cardboard, paper towel rolls, and even your own cell phone. Read on to learn more. These alternatives to plastic for hamsters may even prevent your hamster from chewing your plastic. Regardless of which method you use, be sure to provide your hamster with fun and interesting chew toys to keep them entertained.


If your hamster is constantly chewing plastic or metal, you need to provide an alternative for them to enjoy. While some hamsters prefer tubes and wheels, others simply prefer to chew on wood. If you are unable to buy a new toy for your hamster, you can search your house for items like boxes, wood, and tissue paper. You can also purchase a spray made of bitter apple that will redirect your hamster’s chewing to something else.

The first step is to keep your hamster’s cage free of plastic and other materials that are toxic for him. A glass tank will not provide your hamster with anything to chew, and they will have nothing to chew on, so you will need to provide wood-based toys. Then, try to keep an eye on your hamster. If you notice his behavior becoming increasingly problematic, it’s time to consult a veterinarian.

You can also purchase a metal wheel for your hamster. This particular one is made specifically for degus, chinchillas, and rats, but you may find that it doesn’t work as well for hamsters. You can purchase a similar one online. In any case, make sure you watch your hamster’s chewing closely. Make sure that you’re vigilant about it!

If you’re unable to remove the wooden bars, hamsters will feel trapped in the cage and will chew on it in order to get out. It’s also possible that they’ll be teething when they’re chewing on plastic. The chewing will help prevent their teeth from getting too long and may lead to an escape attempt, too. It is also important to provide alternative chewing materials for hamsters.

Paper towel rolls

Toilet paper rolls and paper towel tubes make wonderful chew toys for hamsters. You can use empty rolls for this purpose, and it’s easy and cheap to make one for your hamster. Just make sure to leave some exits for your hamster to get out safely. You can also use toilet paper rolls to store your hamster’s wires and cords, and you can replace them when they start to look ragged.

To stop hamsters from chewing on the bars of their cage, provide them with more toys. Hamsters love to chew on cardboard tubes, so make sure to buy cardboard tubes that are safe for your hamster to chew. You can also place food in cardboard rolls and plug the ends. If you have a hamster, you can also check the cage for damaged paint or deformed metal bars.

If your hamster chews on plastic, consider removing it from their toys. You can use toilet paper rolls instead. These are longer-lasting and will keep your hamster from biting on plastic. You can also try smaller cardboard boxes that are free of dye. These make great chew toys for hamsters because they’re hardier than toilet paper rolls. You can also use wooden toys. You can buy wooden toys at pet stores.

The main reason your hamster might bite the bars of his cage is due to boredom. They may be bored or attention-seeking and simply want to chew on plastic to relieve boredom. However, this behavior isn’t fun for you or your hamster. Try to provide him with toys to distract him from his boredom. He may also be bored and start chewing on metal bars.


Despite the fact that hamsters are natural chewers, they still need to engage in chewing on a regular basis. This is good for their teeth and overall health, but too much chewing can cause your hamster to develop long teeth, which can pose a health risk. Hamsters also need to keep busy and exercise their minds. Boredom can be stressful for a hamster, and chewing on cardboard provides both of these.

The best way to stop your hamster from chewing on plastic and cardboard is to simply replace the items your hamster is chewing on. Whether your hamster loves chewing on cardboard or simply scavenging for materials to stuff their nest, he or she will find it very appealing and can be an excellent source of entertainment. If your hamster doesn’t seem to be eating the items you’ve given him, it’s possible that he is simply unable to digest them.

Another good way to stop a hamster from chewing plastic is to buy plain, undyed cardboard. Hamsters chew on cardboard because it’s softer than other materials. The only problem with cardboard, however, is that it can be toxic to your hamster if you’re not careful. Instead, you should opt for brown cardboard that is made with no dyes or colors.

In addition to replacing your hamster’s food with healthy, fresh foods, and toys, you should also check the condition of the cage. If the cage is deformed or missing paint, it may be the cause of your hamster’s obsessive chewing. If it’s not, you should replace it with a higher-quality cage and give your hamster a better life.


You might be wondering how to stop a hamster from chewing plastic in its cage. You should know that chewing plastic can lead to serious issues in your hamster. It’s not uncommon for a hamster to grind its teeth to avoid painful growth. But gnawing plastic is bad for the teeth of a hamster, and it can also be painful for your hamster in the long run. In order to stop your hamster from gnawing plastic, you can follow the 6 tips listed below.

Give your hamster toys that are safe to chew. Hamsters need to chew for their dental health, and this behaviour is also necessary for their mental stimulation. Give them wooden toys or wood-based chews. Avoid giving them plastic cage bars. Alternatively, you can offer your hamster crunchy vegetables or wooden chews. Make sure they have toys that are made of natural materials that are safe to chew.

If you can’t keep your hamster away from plastic, try giving him a chew toy. Hamsters are rodents and will need to file down their teeth at some point. Luckily, chewing toys can help them pass the time in between eating. Besides, hamsters will enjoy gnawing on these fun toys. But if this still doesn’t stop your hamster from chewing, you can still help them grow into healthy, happy hamsters!

You should also consider replacing the water bottle with an alternative object. Some hamsters chew the plastic water bottles because they like them more and they feel stressed when they are separated from their cage mates. Providing chewable objects to your hamster instead of plastic water bottles might distract them from the plastic water bottle, thus preventing it from being a source of stress for your hamster. Once you’ve replaced the plastic water bottle, your hamster should be happier and healthier than ever!

Water bottles

Fortunately, there are some simple solutions to the problem of your hamster chewing up plastic water bottles. It is important to recognize that your hamster may be chewing water bottles for attention. The best solution is to find a solution that will work for your particular situation. You may want to try one of these alternatives if you’ve tried everything else to stop your hamster from chewing water bottles.

The best way to stop your hamster from chewing plastic water bottles is to make sure he is receiving plenty of enrichment and physical activity. Some hamsters crave chewing toys, and they will get bored with plastic water bottles if you don’t provide them with chewable alternatives. However, if you don’t want to invest money into these solutions, you can also try other solutions that will help your hamster stay happy and healthy.

First, check the gaskets on the bottle. These gaskets can become damaged over time and should be replaced as soon as possible. To replace them, take the water bottle to a local hardware store and purchase replacement gaskets. Be sure to purchase the correct size gasket. Also, make sure that your pet’s drinking tube is secure – some bottles contain metal ball bearings inside the drinking tube, which create a vacuum, keeping water inside.

If you’ve tried everything else, your hamster may have become used to chewing on plastic water bottles. It’s difficult to direct your hamster’s attention to something else, but you can try to provide enrichment opportunities to make the water bottle more appealing. To make the problem worse, your hamster may find a way to chew on other objects as well. By removing a source of stress, you can stop your hamster from chewing the plastic water bottles.

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