How to Store Metal Dice

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Last Updated on September 17, 2022

There are some important things to keep in mind when you’re storing your metal dice. Unlike acrylic and resin dice, they require different storage techniques. They should be cleaned periodically and stored in a padded container or soft dice bag. After playing, you should always wipe off any oils on the dice and store them in a dry, padded container. Avoid storing them with resin or acrylic dice in the same location. Instead, store your metal dice separately from them.

Avoid storing metal dice in a dice bag

Metal dice should be stored separately from resin and acrylic dice, as they have different care needs. Clean your metal dice regularly with a soft cloth to remove finger grease. Rinse them with lukewarm water, and then dry them with a microfiber cloth. Keep metal dice out of direct sunlight and away from flammable objects, such as matches and lighters. Also, avoid storing metal dice in a dice bag, as they will tarnish and rust if left in a wet state.

If you regularly play with metal dice, it is a good idea to store them in a velvet bag. Rather than keeping them in a plastic or foam dice bag, you should place each die into a separate piece of cloth, preferably an old t-shirt. This will prevent any bare metal surfaces from scratching or damaging the die’s surface. Metal dice tend to be heavier than plastic dice, and any hard surface will dull the sharp corners.

You should also roll your metal dice on a padded surface. This is important because metal dice are heavy and can scratch or ding wooden tables. Metal dice can also make a loud noise, so they shouldn’t be rolled on solid surfaces. A padded surface will allow you to roll your dice without the risk of damaging the table. If you have a wooden table, you should consider buying a padded table or dice tower instead. You can also buy plastic dice if you don’t have the budget for a metal table.

Another option is to purchase a dedicated dice bag for your metal dice. These bags come with a velour exterior, and the inside is made with satin, which adds another layer of protection. You can also get themed dice bags that don’t interfere with game play. You can purchase dice bags that relate to a specific theme, such as the game you’re playing. This is the best option for metal dice.

You can also use a plastic bag for resin dice. This is an elegant solution that comes with a double layer. The back velour has a golden dragon design. The double-layer makes it possible to store metal dice easily. They’re durable and are perfect for storing dice that are often in a metal case. There’s even a compartment that separates the plastic and metal dice.

Avoid storing metal dice on a wooden or tile table

When it comes to storing dice, metal is a different material than acrylic or resin dice. Generally speaking, metal dice need a little more care than resin and acrylic dice. They should be cleaned occasionally and stored in a soft dice bag or padded container. After using metal dice, remove any oil from the surfaces and dry the dice with a non-abrasive towel. When storing metal dice, never store them with acrylic or resin dice.

To properly store metal dice, make sure to keep them off wooden or tile tables. They tend to get scratched and scuffed when left in contact with the table’s surface, so they should be kept in a dry, lint-free place. Then, dry the dice with a microfiber cloth to protect them from dust and other contaminants. This step is especially important if you store your metal dice on a tile or wooden table.

To avoid scratching or denting your wooden table, you should store your metal dice on a soft surface. This is because metal dice are quite heavy and will easily scratch or ding a wood table. Also, metal dice are known for their loud noise when rolled on a solid surface. Fortunately, the material used to protect them is padded and makes the rolling process quieter.

Another way to protect your dice from damage is to purchase a wooden or tile table padded with felt. It is important to note that wooden trays can be heavy and can damage your artwork if you roll them on them. They can also scratch gemstone dice. In these cases, a padded wooden dice tray with felt is a better solution. However, this solution is not perfect because felt can be scratched by the rolling dice. You should look for a table with a balance between practicality and visual appeal.

Avoid storing metal dice in a dice vault

A good storage solution for your metal dice is a padded case or a soft, dry dice bag. Make sure not to bang them together, as repeated impacts will leave dents in the dice. If they get dirty, wipe them off with a soft, dry cloth. Do not mix them with acrylic or resin dice, as these materials may contain chemicals that can tarnish the metal dice.

To protect your dice, keep them away from heat and direct light. If you store your metal dice on a glass table, they may break, which could ruin your game. To protect your dice, use padded surfaces or invest in a dice tower. Metal dice are heavy and can easily break. Avoid placing them in a dice vault where they can be damaged by heat or sunlight. In addition to a dice tower, you can also store metal dice in a dice vault.

While most people buy wooden cases, there are also some metal dice storage options available. A Dice Vault made from wood is a beautiful and classy way to keep your dice organized and safe. A case like this will keep your dice safe while you’re not using them. A wooden dice vault is the best choice if you only have a small number of metal dice. A case made from metal is also not recommended.

Avoid storing metal dice in a dice tin

To protect your metal dice from scratches, keep them away from tins and other containers that contain plastic or resin. While you can use bags or dice tins for storage, it is advisable to store them separately. While metal dice are more delicate than plastic ones, they are susceptible to damage. To maintain their beauty, you should regularly clean them using a mild soap and water solution. If possible, store them in a soft, dry dice bag. After using, remove any excess oil or water from them, then wipe them dry. Don’t store them in the same tin with acrylic or resin dice.

You may also want to purchase a metal dice tin for storage purposes. While these are convenient, they are prone to scratches and other damage. Unlike plastic dice, metal dice are heavier and aren’t safe to use on ordinary tables. Besides, they are quite sharp, so you should keep them out of reach of children and pets. However, if you have metal dice, you can always opt for a tin that contains foam.

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