How to Use a Can Opener on a Multi Tool

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Last Updated on September 17, 2022

If you want to open a can without damaging the lid, a can opener on a multi tool is the answer. It’s useful for many reasons. The most obvious is the fact that it opens a wide variety of containers. It also comes in handy when you’re on a camping trip. But how does one use a can opener on a multi tool? Here are some tips.


The Geekey can opener is a multi-functional tool that can open standard metal paint cans of various sizes. Its patented design features a small tip that fits under the lid lip of the can and prys it open. The tool is dishwasher safe. It is easy to use and is great for opening cans with lids. However, it is not recommended for opening cans that contain food, since the bowl can break glass.

The multi-tool comes with a range of tools, including a Stainless Steel body and an enclosed serrated edge for cutting small plastic lines and thread. It also has a carved-in Protractor for measuring simple angles. Moreover, the tool is also equipped with a 1/4-inch Bit Driver Hex Pocket that enables high-force while rotating the bit. Another tool, a Wire Stripper, is also included. It works with both Metric and Imperial sizes.

The Geekey can opener on multi tool has a jimmy-like design that allows it to open a wide variety of canned goods. It can even be used as a mountain bike repair tool. Its various functionalities make it useful for many household tasks. Its size and slim design makes it an ideal addition to a keychain. The Geekey can opener is a multi-tool that comes with a lifetime warranty and is designed for maximum convenience.

Swiss Army knife

The Swiss Army knife is the ultimate multi-tool. Its versatile design has made it popular with the general public and military alike. The knife was first produced during World War II and gained notoriety for impressing soldiers with its nifty versatility. While there have been many imitators since, the knife has remained the standard for quality and reliability. Here are a few reasons to choose a Swiss Army knife over a competitor’s tool.

Multi-tools are often more tactical than SAKs, but they don’t have the same level of recognition as the SAK. While most multi-tools are made by reputed companies, their features may not be up to par with the SAK. Leatherman, which manufactures the most popular multi-tool, has been around for 40 years, but its brand recognition outside of the U.S. is not nearly as widespread as Victorinox.

While many Swiss Army knives don’t include pliers, some models come with them. These tools are akin to oversized tweezers or forceps. Pliers are the largest tool on a multi-tool. Many multi-tools are built around pliers. These tools are the strongest and biggest tools in the multi-tool. Some of these tools are even more useful than the Swiss Army knife itself.

Some of these multi-tools also feature a hook. This is useful for hanging heavy items. In addition to its other uses, it can be used as a parcel hook. Most 91mm SAKs come with a multi-purpose hook. It can carry a load up to 200 pounds. This makes hanging heavy objects a breeze. In addition, the hook’s nail-file surface is useful in case you lose the ring of your SAK.

Most mid-size Swiss Army Knives don’t come with pocket clips. Victorinox decided long ago that pocket clips would be redundant for their SAKs. These pocket clips are typically available separately or with multi-tools. Nevertheless, they can be expensive and can void the lifetime warranty. There are other advantages of buying a Swiss Army knife on a multi tool, including its ease of maintenance and cleaning.


This Gerber multi tool has an innovative can opener in the form of a clamshell packaging. Despite its tiny size, this tool packs a punch. In addition to a bottle opener, the tool features a pair of tweezers, each with a separate head and angled tips. While this tool struggles with smaller ticks, it handles most bee stings and thorns. The tweezers are 12mm long, with smooth serrations. The tweezers can work with Phillips and some Phillips screws.

The handle on the Travel version of the Dime can opener is ergonomically designed. The two-tone Gerber logo and name are printed on the handle. This gives it a flashier look than the Leatherman Squirt. The handle is textured, so it doesn’t easily snag on your pocket. The blade is small, but it works well for cutting bananas and apples. The blade is also strong enough to cut through plastic.

The Gerber Dime is the second-smallest product in our test. While it’s not as compact as the Gerber Vice, its light weight and small size make it very portable. The Dime weighs only 66 grams, making it practically invisible in a pocket. In addition to its lightweight design, it comes with a split ring, so it’s easily removable. The tool can open most bottles, including sodas and wine.

The Gerber Dime is a compact everyday multitool that is fun to use and can handle a variety of small tasks. At only $25, it’s an affordable option for those looking for a multi tool that fits into a pocket. The Gerber Dime is a direct competitor to the Swiss Gear Swiss Army Knife, Victorinox Micra, and Leatherman Micra. These are great choices if you want a fun, compact tool.

Spirit X

The Spirit X can opener on multi tool is a good-looking, well-functioning device. However, it doesn’t have the best pliers. Its knurled bolt gripper section and hard and soft wire cutting sections are both average and below-average. The straight knife is decent, resembling a Victorinox pocket knife. The blade is sharp enough for the most common uses, but the overall shape of the tool isn’t very comfortable to hold.

The Victorinox Spirit X has 26 functions. It features a can opener, bottle opener, reamer with universal hook, and 7mm chisel. The tool also includes a crate opener, a cap lifter, and a ruler that is marked in inches, centimeters, and inches. The multi-tool comes with a nylon sheath that you can clip on your belt or backpack.

The Victorinox Spirit X is the small version of the regular SwissTool. This multi-tool is ergonomically designed and has a curved blade that is easier to grip. It is made from stainless steel and weighs just over 7 oz. This tool also comes with a leather or nylon sheath. The Swiss Tool Spirit X is made with the highest-quality materials and features a Lifetime warranty.

The Victorinox Spirit X multi-tool has a lot of useful features. Its can opener, wire cutter, and pliers are all accessible on the outside of the tool. However, the knife on the Spirit X can’t be deployed one-handed, unlike most full-sized multi-tools. The SwissTool Spirit X is thin, at 0.50 inches, while the Leatherman Skeletool is slightly thicker.

A multi tool is a useful investment if you are going on a camping trip. It can handle a variety of tasks and perform many of them well. For example, it is ideal if you have to open a can and need to get into a tight space. Whether you plan to use it in a pinch or for everyday use, the P2 is sure to be useful. Its four other tools, such as a bottle opener and scissors, make it a versatile multi-tool.

The multi-tool also features a sharp awl and scissors. While it isn’t as large as a full-size multi-tool, it is easy to control and cuts through medium cardboard and paper. Another handy addition is the chisel. Although most multi-tools don’t come with one, this tool is useful to woodworkers. It is a small piece of stainless steel, and it can easily fit into a pocket.

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