How to Use Puff Me Powder on Your Hair

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Last Updated on September 17, 2022

Using volumizing powder on your hair gives your locks instant lift. Available in a pump form, this product provides texture and volume. The powder’s texture also lends itself to workable grit that helps create a more secure hold for braids and ponytails. You’ll want to aim the powder at the root of your hair and massage it into your hair, using your fingers to distribute the powder evenly.

Application of puff me powder to hair

You’ve probably already heard of the benefits of puff me powder and wondered if you should give it a try. While this product may look like it doesn’t need any styling, it can give you serious volume and hold. This product is perfect for those who want to add a little extra grit and volume to their hair without using a styling tool. The best part is that this product is completely safe for your hair, with no harmful ingredients.

Features and benefits of puff me powder

This pump-style volumizing powder instantly lifts lashes and roots and gives a long-lasting boost. Its volumizing formula adds texture, hold, and volume to lashes for a dramatic look. This product is designed to be applied on damp or dry hair and comes in a variety of colours and scents. For best results, use it before blow drying your lashes. If you prefer a matte look, opt for another one of the puff me powder variants.

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