How to Use Salerm Hair Revitalizer

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Last Updated on September 17, 2022

Are you wondering how to use Salerm hair revitalizer? Whether your hair is dry and lifeless or just looking a little dull and lifeless, this treatment is perfect for you. It has 21 beneficial ingredients that are known to improve hair luster and vitality. Read on to learn more. Listed below are some of them. You can also try Biokera 4 phials. All of them have their own unique benefits.

Energy hair regenerator revitalizer is a treatment for hair lacking in vitality

This serum has revolutionary ingredients to give your hair its lost vitality. The formula contains ingredients that correct pilous follicles and restore the normal function of capillary bulbs. It is particularly suited for hair that has been exposed to harsh environmental conditions and lacks essential nutrients. It contains silk protein, natural liquid hair and ceramides, which help maintain cohesion between hair layers.

The essential oil treatment is formulated for damaged, dry, or color-treated hair. It contains silk proteins that increase the activity of hair follicles and restore hair vitality. It also contains amino acids, vitamins, and vegetable extracts, which help stimulate circulation and promote healthy hair. It also leaves hair shinier and more manageable. It contains soy seeds and seaweed extract, which are known to restore hair vitality.

Biokera 4 phials

The biokera 4 phials used by Salerm work as reconstructive treatments for hair. These fast-acting conditioners help protect and restructure your hair cuticles. This treatment also helps to reinforce your hair’s strength and elasticity before applying any other type of technical treatment. To use this product, apply the full content of the phial onto the scalp. Don’t rinse.

The Biokera 4 phials contain a concentrated, high-quality formula that works to repair damaged strands. The formula nourishes deep inside the cortex of the hair, repairing and hydrating it. And with a barcode of 0.34 oz., it’s easy to store. Use the Biokera 4 phials in the Salerm hair revitalizer 5 pack to get maximum use from a single bottle.

Salerm 21

This leave-in hair conditioner, based on the silk protein complex, is the ultimate solution for damaged hair. It instantly improves shine and restores damaged hair, while protecting it from the sun, chlorine, and heat. It also nourishes and moisturizes the hair, making it a perfect choice for both daily use and frequent trips to the beach. It can even be used as a styling aid, especially for those who want to enhance their hair’s natural shine.


How to use Salerm hair revitalizer? This leave-in conditioner and conditioning mask contains silk proteins to revitalize your hair from the first application. The formula strengthens follicles to create new hair, improves shine and protects damaged hair. Apply it to the points of dry hair and massage into the scalp. It has been endorsed by celebrities and is used by salon professionals around the world. It is available in different strengths and contains various ingredients to help hair grow healthy and shiny.

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