Why Did Ryan Stevenson Write When We Fall Apart?

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

Recently, I asked Ryan Stevenson, songwriter and ‘Wildest Dreams’ singer, why he wrote his new song, ‘When We Fall Apart.’ He explained the inspiration behind the song and shared a story about a home concert experience with a dying woman. The answer surprised me! I hadn’t considered that her dying words were the inspiration for this song.

Phyllis Stevenson’s dying words

When We Fall Apart is a new song by award-winning Christian artist Ryan Stevenson. It is dedicated to his late mother, Phyllis Stevenson. Stevenson penned the song on the 10th anniversary of her death. It is an incredibly moving song that explores the complexities of loss and grief. Phyllis Stevenson wrote the lyrics while in hospice.

A mother’s dying words have never been so relevant, and this song pays tribute to the strength and wisdom of a mother. Ryan Stevenson’s mother Phyllis Stevenson passed away from bone cancer when she was only 58 years old. The song was written in memory of her, and focuses on how to find strength through grief. In the video, Stevenson shares his mother’s dying words, which he includes in the song.

Despite her death, Stevenson tries to make the film as moving as possible, and has shared some of her personal experiences with audiences. While Stevenson’s film may have a heavy subject, the novel does offer plenty of emotional insight. Stevenson, who is a writer and a musician, is a gifted singer who can make you cry.

During the course of his life, Stevenson has published four critically-acclaimed albums. During his college years, he started singing in church choirs, and he has performed live on television several times. During this period, he co-wrote the No. 1 radio song, “Speak Life,” with TobyMac. He later went on to write and produce his debut album, the Fresh Start, and released two EPs, “Speak Life” and “Eye of the Storm.” After finishing college, Stevenson and roommate Paul Wright formed a small band, a favored genre of acoustic music.

Inspiration for “When We Fall Apart”

The emotional video for Ryan Stevenson’s new single “When We Fall Apart” debuts today. Directed by Dustbrand Films’ Nathan Corrona, the video captures the song’s lyrical subject matter – mother Phyllis Stevenson. The song was produced by Micah Kuiper, and was mixed by Bryan Fowler. Inspired by her mother, Stevenson wrote the song in memory of her.

ryan stevenson’s home concert experience

When you go to a Ryan Stevenson concert, you can count on the experience to be nothing short of unforgettable. His unique blend of music and message is sure to inspire you to make changes in your life. He has toured all across the United States, performing his signature songs alongside Jason Gray, Aaron Shust, and many other talented artists. You can even sign up for his monthly music updates to stay up-to-date with all of his upcoming performances.

As a GRAMMY(r) Award nominee, Ryan Stevenson’s latest single is making waves. Featuring GabeReal from DiverseCity and Bryan Fowler, “This Is Not My Home Concert Experience” is the rising single of Ryan’s career. While the artist’s popularity may be increasing, he is no stranger to Christian music. The author’s heartfelt story will make you want to hear more of his music.

Stevenson spent last year on the road, playing 75 acoustic shows across the country. On previous seasons, he’s teamed up with TobyMac, Amy Grant, and Bart Millard. His podcast has also featured a wide variety of musicians including Darryl Strawberry and Jason Gray. Stevenson’s Home Concert Experience is available on Netflix. Stevenson’s podcast Weathering the Storm is now in its third season.

Inspiration for ‘Wildest Dreams’

Upon hearing the song “Wildest Dreams” by Taylor Swift, I was immediately struck by its controversial music video. The clip has been criticized for its racially insensitive portrayal of colonialism. The video was directed by Joseph Kahn and stars actress Taylor Swift and actor Scott Eastwood. Although it’s been viewed almost 21 million times, critics have claimed that the video merely promotes white colonialism.

Taylor Swift echoed Styles’ sentiments in an interview with Rolling Stone in 2014. Although she didn’t name the song, she did describe it as a “Wildest Dreams” song. It seems likely that she won’t reveal the full story behind the song anytime soon. However, we will be able to speculate about the inspiration for the song as well as what the lyrics mean.

The lyrics of the song “Wildest Dreams” by Taylor Swift have already caused a stir on social media. Despite the album’s release date only seventeen days ago, the song’s lyrics have already received a large amount of attention. In a viral video, users lip-synch to the song. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Whether Swift’s fans are genuinely sad or just frustrated with romance, it is certainly worth the watch.

The re-recorded version of “Wildest Dreams'” was released on Friday. Swift said she was inspired by the popularity of the song among Swifties on TikTok. The song is slated to be released on her next ‘Taylor’s Version’ album, due out Nov. 19. The original song was written by Max Martin and Shellback and produced by him. Shellback and Christopher Rowe are not involved in the re-recording.

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