When Measuring Offline Conversion With Trueview For Action

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

When Measuring Offline-Conversion with Trueview For Action, you can see how long a user spends watching an ad. For example, if a user watches an ad for 10 seconds, they are considered to have visited a store in the last 30 days. Trueview can also measure the impact of a customer loyalty app. So what can you expect to see?


If you want to track your offline conversions, you need to know how your ads are working. TrueView for action uses custom intent audiences to help you drive website actions and clicks. It also features Target Outranking Share bidding to ensure your brand has the highest impact and highest ROAS. You can also track the number of times your ad has been viewed within a specific period of time.

When using TrueView For Action for measuring offline conversions, it is important to understand how to exclude audiences from your campaigns. In this article, we’ll look at how to exclude certain audiences during the campaign creation process. You’ll be able to see how many conversions you can expect per day based on your campaign. To do this, we will first define what is considered a “store visit,” which is defined as a person who watches 10 seconds of your ad before visiting your store.


When measuring offline conversions with Trueview For action in-store, the first question you’ll have to ask yourself is, “How do I measure my campaign’s success?” This tool will calculate the number of visits to your store after a user watches your video ad for 10 seconds. Likewise, you can measure the number of visits to your store within the last ten days by exporting the conversion data into Google Analytics.

Customer loyalty apps

To measure the success of offline conversion marketing strategies, it is crucial to measure the amount of offline traffic. However, most offline business is still done offline. While 30% of all mobile queries are local, nearly seventy percent of them are likely to visit a physical store within a day. This means that it is important to track the amount of offline traffic in a specific region to understand ROI.

Smart bidding

Using Smart Bidding when measuring offline conversions is a great way to improve the performance of your marketing budget and increase your revenue. AdWords Smart Bidding is based on Google’s deep experience with machine learning, which it uses to power everything from the Google Assistant to Google Photos. It uses millions of signals to constantly refine its models of conversion performance, giving you the best possible results from your marketing budget.

Stretching impressions

When evaluating the value of TrueView for Action, one question often arises: “Should I stretch impressions when measuring offline conversions?” The answer is a resounding yes! TrueView discovery ads engage an audience during crucial moments of discovery and increase brand consideration. TrueView discovery ads also extend your reach with additional formats. The iCertificationHelp team is here to help.

Store visits

When measuring offline conversions with Trueview For action, you can see the number of store visits based on the time it took a user to watch your ad for at least 10 seconds. But what does that mean in terms of conversions? It means how many days after watching your ad did your visitor visit the store? That information is essential when measuring offline conversions. Here are some tips to measure offline conversions with TrueView For action.

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