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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

When Calls the Heart was a hit TV show that starred Daniel Lissing, Jack Wagner, and Ali in the lead roles. The show was also a huge hit when Ali guest-starred in two episodes in season eight. If you’d like to enjoy the series for the first time, you can find all of the screencaps for every episode in our gallery below. If you’d like to view screencaps of your favorite characters from When Calls the Heart, you can do so below!

Daniel Lissing

When Calls The Heart is a 2010 American drama television series. It follows the life of Elizabeth Thornton and Daniel Lissing, a married couple who are separated by a war. The characters are troubled and prone to misunderstandings. Daniel Lissing plays a Mountie, Jack Thornton, who finds himself chasing a young woman after he has been wrongly accused of murder. While he is a successful actor, he struggles with the emotional toll of a shattered relationship.

While the death of Jack Thornton was not shown onscreen, it was revealed off-screen that Elizabeth would want to see him again. It is possible that this dream sequence will open the door for Lissing’s character to appear. During the series’ last two episodes, fans were left reeling after the end of the fifth season. In one of the episodes, Elizabeth realizes that her illness was caused by the death of her husband. In another episode, another Mountie comes to town and gives Elizabeth the bad news that her husband is dead.

Jack Wagner

If you’re a fan of Hallmark Channel, you’ll surely be excited to see a handful of new Jack Wagner screencaps. Jack Wagner is an affable performer who is equally at home on the big screen and on the stage. He’s equally comfortable playing the guitar for a live audience, lining up a 30-foot putt, or singing to a piano. In fact, he’s so confident and charming onscreen that there’s little to get in the way of his acting.

The cast of “When Calls the Heart” includes Daniel Lissing, Lori Loughlin, Jack Wagner, and Kristina Wagner. The show also stars Stephen Amell and Jean Smart. The first season premiered on January 11, and has remained consistent among the top five shows in its Saturday night timeslot, attracting a total of 12.3 million viewers. Here are a few of the key scenes from Jack Wagner’s scene in “Past, Present, Future” on Sunday, April 10 at 8 p.m. Eastern.

Hope Valley

Fans of When Calls The Heart have come to recognize several landmarks in the fictional town of Hope Valley. As the series has progressed through eight seasons, the town has taken on new features. For example, Fiona’s barbershop opened in season 8 and Florence and Ned’s soda fountain opened in season 9. The latter was inspired by one of the best-loved Christmas movies, “A Christmas Story.”

Martin Cummins plays the part of Henry Gowen, a coal miner who was arrested for stealing town funds. He later tries to start a new life in Hope Valley, where he is able to pursue his dream of opening an oil pipeline. In addition, he marries Clara Stanton, a former friend of Faith’s. Their love story is marked by several twists and turns, with many viewers imagining their favourite characters returning for more.

Ali guest starred in two episodes of season 8

The new promo for When Calls the Heart has been released, much to the delight of fans. Ali is a guest star in two episodes of the show. Whether you’re a new fan or have been following the series for years, you’re sure to love the latest look at Ali’s character. A closer look at the actress’ character in the promo below, along with a gallery of the show’s screencaps, will make you feel as though you’re watching an episode of the popular TV show.

Actor Bill Avery is another star of the series. He plays a Mountie who reads a letter written by Clara to a friend in Hope Valley. Although they’ve moved on, they still miss each other. The writers have left it open that Jesse and Clara could return to the show, and fans should not rule out the possibility of this happening. Ali guest starred in two episodes of When Calls the Heart season 8 screencaps

Season 9 cast

When Calls the Heart Season nine is just around the corner! This season will pick up where the series left off with the events of season eight, with Elizabeth choosing Lucas over Nathan. While many of the main stars of the series are returning, two fan favorites are not. Read on to learn who will be returning. Then, check out the cast of When Calls the Heart Season 9! This article has been updated to include information on the cast of Season 9.

One potential love interest for Nathan is actress Amanda Wong. Rosemary LeVeaux, who played the character of Rosemary LeVeaux, first hated the show. She later married Lee Coulter. Nevertheless, the two have worked well together on the series. They’ve appeared in several Hallmark Channel movies together. If you’ve been a fan of the show, you’ll want to keep an eye out for her in this new season.

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