Ark Survival Evolved – How to Spank Therizinosaurus in Ark

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

If you’ve been wondering how to spawn Therizinosaurus in The Ark, you’ve come to the right place. This article will show you how to spawn this dino, as well as how to eat Megalosaurus, Magmasaur, Yutyrannus, and Crops. Hopefully, you’ll find it helpful. In addition to its abilities, the Therizinosaurus can eat Megalosaurus Kibble, Crops, Mejoberry, Berries, and Fresh Barley. Therizino Claws are spawned by using the GFI command. They have a class name of ApexDrop_Theriz_C, and their ID is None.


In the Ark Survival Evolved game, you can spawn Therizinosaurus to help you complete the game. It is a highly aggressive dinosaur that will attack players if it sees you. Therizinosaurus normally spawns in the Eastern regions of the world, such as rocky areas and river areas. Its location varies, but it is normally spawned in areas with a lot of swamps and rocky terrain.

To spawn the Therizinosaur, you need to know its creature ID, which is ’Therizino_Character_BP_C’. The ID can be found on the Ark creature list. You can also enter the’spawn distance’ and ’y offset’ to spawn the Meijobeeren. You can copy the command to your clipboard and paste it into the command box.

Meijobeeren food

Therizinosaurus is a sneaky thief who attacks players when it sees them. This type of dinosaur is spawned in the eastern part of the world, along the rivers and coasts. However, if you want to spawn this dino as quickly as possible, there are a few things that you need to know.

Therizinosaurus can be tamed to help you farm large amounts of resources. It is an aggressive species with claws that tear armor to shreds. It will attack when it feels threatened, and if you get close enough, you can use them to farm large amounts of resources. Once you have one, you’ll find it useful in battles and farming.


If you are wondering how to spawn Magmasaur in Ark, you’ve come to the right place! You can find these molten eggs in a deer zone along a river of lava, at coordinates 89, 70, and 95, 80. You need to head down the path to a cave with purple stalactites and a purple floor, and you’ll find one of these eggs.

While a magmasaur can be water-mounted, it will lose its special attacks and stamina when in water. Magmasaurs are similar to Spinosaurus in their capabilities, with good speed, a powerful bite, and long endurance. This mount can also be used to gather metal, as it is better suited for harvesting metal than Dunkleosteus. Unmounted Magmasaurs are faster than mounted ones, but they will swim slowly.

It is possible to spawn a Magmasaur through breeding. Regardless of which type of animal you want to spawn, this creature does not tame. You can breed a Magmasaur with fire wyvern flames, but it will take patience. And, if your server does not have friendly fire enabled, this method will not work. Magmasaurs do not have a proper dossier from Helena, so you may need to manually breed them from eggs if you want to spawn them in Ark.

Magmasaurs are excellent tank creatures. They can deal both instant and slow damage to enemies. They can also deal full damage to rock elements. The Magmasaur also has an excellent health pool and can tank the offensive action of other dinos. You should level Magmasaur in health, and not melee. Magmasaur can counter enemy golems and other types of creatures.


If you’ve ever wondered how to spawn Yutyrannuses in the game, you’re not alone. Yutyrannus is a massive, carnivorous predator that displays aggressive tendencies. Like most large dinosaurs, it’s able to hunt in groups and can fight alongside Carnotaurus. Its powerful roar can frighten enemies and boost allies’ combat effectiveness. In addition, its roar can scare enemies, forcing them to run into turrets and flee from a location.

While Yutyrannus is dangerous, it is a very social creature. It is a great ally for you and your allies, and its roar will strike fear into any enemy. It’s also useful in battles because of its taming abilities and is best suited for tribes that have tamed dinos. The following are steps to tame Yutyrannus.

First, you need to find out what creature ID your X-Yutyrannus has. This is also known as its entity or creature ID. Secondly, you need to know the spawn command for Yutyrannus. This command will spawn Yutyrannus, albeit glitching it out. If you are still having trouble with Yutyrannus, you can use the SpawnDino command. This will spawn it at a distance specified in the game.

Once you’ve found the item ID, you must copy the command into the console. Once you’ve copied the command, type it into your Ark game or the server administrator console. You can then spawn Yutyrannus and other creatures using it. It won’t take long for the command to work. Once Yutyrannus is in the zone, you can begin attacking enemies with it.


Megaloceros are a rare type of dinosaur in Ark. They are capable of covering large areas quickly and can jump over cliffs. When a Megaloceros is attacked, it will run away, but can be chased with the Raptor and bola. They are not dangerous when wild, but they may attract carnivores that attack players. The Megaloceros bleed attack only occurs in tamed Megaloceros, and if you provoke them they will run away.

The female Megaloceros is 25 percent faster than its male counterpart. Its antlers are useless for attacking other players, but the male Megaloceros can use them to attack. While the male Megaloceros has an advantage in combat, the female Megaloceros is more suited to farming thatch in the woods or rare mushrooms in the swamp. A Megaloceros pair is advantageous for any tribe, since they can explore caves and islands at high speed.

If you’re wondering how to spawn Megaloceros in Ark, the answer is simple: use the GFI code. Megaloceros spawn in their natural colors, so you can use it in battles. Just remember to check the cheat console for its color ID before you do anything. In Ark, you can type the cheat SetTargetDinoColor 0 6 to color the Megaloceros’ “body” magenta. For more information on this creature, check the Base Creature Stats article.

Besides their name, Megaloceros is also known as the Irish Elk or the Giant Deer. They are much bigger than the normal deer and have impressive antlers. When tussling, they will pounce on the antlerless doe. These monsters can only be found in coldest areas of the ARK. They are prey for dire wolves, sabertooth cats, and a variety of other creatures.

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