Attack on Moe – How to Get Tokens

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

In this Attack On Moe guide, we’ll discuss how to get all of the tokens you need to complete the game. This strategy is useful for all players regardless of level and is based on the asymmetrical power of the various heroes and villains. Having said that, you’ll also learn how to make the most of each asymmetrical power for optimal gameplay. To get the most from your character, you’ll need to know which of the asymmetrical power of each of the different hero or villain types has a high chance of success.

asymmetrical power of each hero

If you’ve watched the Attack on Titan show, you’ve probably heard of Attack on Moe. In this clicker RPG, you must train your warrior to defeat hordes of monsters and moe girls. There’s a lot of strategy involved in this game, as you can hire a grand cast of companions, each of whom has their own asymmetrical power. This game is currently only playable through the browser, but it’s on the way to mobile.

asymmetrical power of each villager

Each villager has an asymmetrical power. For example, Tinkerbell can move anywhere on the board, Timon and Pumbaa can heal, and Lumiere can re-roll a die. Players may spend a Star Token on any other hero in the game. Once a hero has been saved, the sidekick can use that hero token to take additional actions every turn.

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