How to Fall in Love by Cecelia Ahern

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

Cecelia Ahern’s novel, How to Fall in Love, is a compelling tale about the importance of a healthy relationship and how to avoid being a victim. In this novel, we explore the grim realities of our society, and how we can overcome them to be happier and more fulfilled. Readers will find themselves completely absorbed in the story and the characters. A review from Richard Hamlin highlights the novel’s strengths and shows why this book deserves a spot on your shelf.

Strongest novel

The Strongest novel by Cecelia Aheran is a compelling debut novel. The protagonist, Allegra Bird, hails from a small island in Kerry and has moved to Dublin in her early 20s. The novel follows the relationships and struggles of five people she comes to love and hate, including a young man who seems to know more about her past than she does. Ahern has a unique gift for writing about the human condition, and her characters are both complex and realistic.

This YA debut by an internationally bestselling author continues the theme of embracing our flaws. In a society where perfection is rewarded, flaws are punished. This novel is an important message for anyone struggling with insecurity or shame about one’s appearance. Celestine North, the protagonist, lives in a society where perfection is a necessity, and she loses her self-esteem after being called flawed. Unfortunately, she has a secret that could bring the flawed system to its knees. To save herself and everyone around her, she must choose between saving herself or saving those she loves.

Clever writer

If you are looking for a quick read that combines romance, heartbreak, and contemporary society, then you should try Clever Writer Cecelia Ahern’s How to Fall in Love. The novel features a plot line that is similar to the Slane Girl controversy which saw a teenage girl perform an unnatural act on a young man. This book will make you laugh, cry, and even think – how can I resist?

How To Fall in Love is an engrossing contemporary novel that takes place in a modern city. The story is based on a suicide and a murder, and the novel’s heroine is an unlucky victim of both. After witnessing the death of her beloved Simon, Christine discovers that another man is also trying to commit suicide. The two of them are forced to make a deal and Christine convinces Adam that she will show him that life is worth living.

While the plot of this novel is unique, Ahern tackles a difficult subject in an entertaining way. The book is full of moments of humour, and a compelling underlying message. The novel will leave you with renewed faith in humankind, and a desire to appreciate life. You’ll even be more interested in self-help books than you were before!

Romantic romance

When I heard that Cecelia Ahern was releasing a new novel, I immediately thought it would be a must-read. Cecelia Ahern writes books with a unique twist, starting with the cover. Her stories are a wonderful escape from modern day life, but with a sprinkle of magic to keep things fresh. I loved reading about Christine and Adam and their courageous journey to find themselves again.

P.S. I Love You is Cecelia Ahern’s debut novel. The story revolves around childhood sweethearts Holly and Gerry. The two met in junior high and were instantly in love. The two could complete each other’s sentences and even laughed after a fight. This novel portrayed a real love story, with a twist to it. It is a refreshing read for fans of romance novels.

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