How to Get to Scaglieri Beach on Holiday to Elba, Italy

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If you’re planning a vacation to Elba, you probably want to know how to get there. Whether you’re traveling for a family holiday or you’re heading off on business, you can find information about how to get there here. Regular sea and air connections make Elba easy to reach, regardless of season. You can also take the public bus service, or hire a private car. Different pages of this website have been allocated to different forms of transport.


While exploring the beautiful island of Elba, you should definitely consider stopping in Portoferraio. It is the former capital of Napoleon’s campaign in the Mediterranean and the site of two Napoleonic villas. You can still see these structures in the town. Besides the Napoleonic villa, the town is also home to numerous ancient buildings. Visit the town’s castle, which is the largest on Elba.

Located on the north-eastern coast of Elba, this seaside resort features a beach that is lined with rocks and pebbles. Located within the Gulf of Portoferraio, this enchanting beach is visible from the old town. The beach is composed of coarse sand, colored pebbles, and cliffs. The beach has numerous sun loungers and umbrellas for hire. For those who don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can also rent a motorboat or canoe and enjoy the quiet summer climate.

Apart from the beaches, Portoferraio is also home to several historical places. The town’s museum depicts life during the XIX century. If you are traveling by car, be sure to park it at a parking space. Parking is easy in Portoferraio, which is a popular tourist destination in the island of Elba. If you’re driving, you can take advantage of parking spaces at a nearby parking lot.


Capoliveri is a comune on the island of Elba, Italy. It is located in the Tuscany region, in the Province of Livorno. Capoliveri first appears in a document attributed to the republic of Genoa. It is about 130 km southwest of Florence and 90 km south of Livorno. The town’s history dates back to the Roman era. It is home to an ancient Roman theatre, which still stands.

While you’re in Capoliveri, don’t forget to visit its Roman past! The ancient Roman name for Capoliveri was Caput Liberum, or “Land of Vineyards.” The Romans called this place ’Liberum’, another name for the wine god Bacchus. This may be due to the freedom the island had of land. In any case, the town’s name is a fitting tribute to its historic roots.

The ancient town of Capoliveri sits 165 m above sea level. The narrow streets of this ancient town provide a picturesque setting for summertime concerts. From the square, you can admire the Stella Gulf. In addition to that, there are beaches and apartments in the town. Nearby, you can find the Fortess Focardo and Magnetite. Depending on what time of year you visit, you can also visit the town’s many churches and cathedrals.

Biodola Beach

The biodola beach is situated half way between Procchio and Portoferraio, in the area of Capannone. It is surrounded by hills of the Serone delle Cime and copse wood of Mediterranean bush. Monte Perone and Monte Capanne are visible in the background. The beach is exposed to north-west winds but protected from southerly winds.

There are two ways to reach Biodola beach. You can use public transportation from Portoferraio to Biodola. The bay is 1,8 km long and has good anchorage. There is a restaurant and bar within walking distance. There are two car parks at Biodola. For your convenience, we have compiled a short guide to help you get there from the town.

Located on the northern coast of Elba, Biodola is a perfect place to relax. The sandy bay is shallow and crystal clear, and the water is warm enough for swimming. The nearby hills are covered with lush Mediterranean bush. Families will enjoy the beach’s many bathing establishments. Families with young children will appreciate the relaxed atmosphere, as well as the numerous facilities for a relaxing holiday.

Scaglieri Beach

If you’re planning to go on holiday to Elba, one of the most important questions to ask yourself is: How to get to Scaglieri beach? Scaglieri is located in the northern part of the island, on the Gulf of Biodola. It is a small, sandy beach that slopes gently towards the crystal blue sea. It is popular with tourists and offers a variety of water sports and outdoor activities, including snorkeling and scuba diving. In addition to a small beach, Scaglieri offers a campsite, two restaurants and a shop. Besides, Scaglieri beach is close to the large Biodola beach, which is more crowded and has more services.

Scaglieri beach is a perfect destination for families with small children. Besides its fine sand and gentle seabed, Scaglieri offers breathtaking views of the island. During high season, Forno beach is less crowded and parking is difficult. Therefore, if you wish to visit Scaglieri, you should consider walking a few minutes to get there.

Fetovaia Beach

If you’re planning a family vacation, Fetovaia Beach in Elb is a fantastic option. The island’s sandy beaches are perfect for children, and there are plenty of options for accommodations. However, this popular Tuscan beach can get very busy during the summer months, so you may want to plan your trip in advance to ensure you have enough space and time to enjoy the beach.

The first step to getting to Fetovaia Beach is to take a bus from Marina di Campo. This bus will drop you off within 500 metres of the beach, and you can reach it in about 10 minutes. There are several bus companies operating in the town, and you can hop on the ATL bus from the Marina di Campo stop. Once you arrive at the beach, you will see the line of buoys that mark the way to the town.

Another great beach in the area is Biodola Beach. Located about halfway along the road to Procchio, this bay is named after the reed that grows along the dunes. The area is also a natural amphitheatre, with the Serone Delle Cime hills and Mount Perone, which are covered in Mediterranean bush. However, be aware that Scirocco winds can make the water dull.

Sant’Andrea Beach

If you are planning a relaxing holiday, you may be wondering how to get to Sant’Andrea Beach on Elba. This beautiful beach is located on the island of Elba, Italy’s third largest in the Tuscan Archipelago. You can reach this beautiful beach either by land or by sea, depending on your preference. Elba has its own airport, Marina di Campo, which offers direct flights to Munich but is primarily a domestic airport. If you are planning to arrive on Elba by plane, you can fly into the island’s main airport, or hire a car to get to the beach.

Sant’Andrea beach is relatively small, only a few hundred meters long. It is also known as the island within an island, as it boasts a micro-climate of tropical and Mediterranean plants. The soft sand of the beach is perfect for kids and families, and there are many facilities at this picturesque beach. To explore the area, you can also take a boat trip.

The beach is easy to access from the neighboring towns of Monte Capanne and Marciana. If you arrive by car, you can drive to Sant’Andrea in about 30 minutes. There is also free parking on the side facing the cape, and you can catch a sunset from there. The parking lot on the beach has 20 spaces, with additional space for cars. Once you’ve arrived, relax on the sand and enjoy the view.

Laconella Beach

Located near the famous Lacona beach, Laconella is a small pebbly beach with clear waters that is great for snorkeling. The water here is shallow and you can see the rocks while snorkeling. Camping is also available on the beach. There are guideposts pointing the way to the beach. To reach the beach from the campsite, take the dirt road to the left. The walk to Laconella is about one and a half kilometers.

One of the most beautiful and popular beaches on Elba is Lacona, a 1-kilometer-long strip of golden sand. The sea here is shallow and is often free. Located between small pine groves, this beach is perfect for snorkeling and diving. You’ll be able to see the Montecristo mountains from the beach, which give it an amphitheatre-like feel.

The beach is also a great spot for a picnic or a relaxing day. It’s surrounded by cork trees and maritime pines. It’s not accessible by land and so it’s much less crowded. The rugged promontory that protects it from the north makes it difficult to find parking, but once you arrive, you’ll find it easily enough. There are some great restaurants and shops in the area, and you’ll also find many Italians enjoying their holiday.

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