How to Grill Our Love – A Rare Marriage

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022

You’ve heard the expression, “love is like a steak,” and you’ve probably tried to cook it yourself. But did you know there’s a better way? You can learn how to grill our love and create a smoky, grilled taste that will impress your spouse. Is this possible? It is. Read on to learn more. I’m sure you’ll be surprised!


Two visual artists, Kenta and Chihiro, share a passionate love for barbecue. The two are separated by work, but they spend weekends together on the grill. While the relationship is intense, it’s not all about the barbecue. Their relationship is truly rare, with both of them displaying a deep respect for each other. But there’s more to this relationship than fine meat. In this true love story, the couple finds a unique way to make their marriage even more special.

About The Author

Mindy Vu is a part time shoe model and professional mum. She loves to cook and has been proclaimed the best cook in the world by her friends and family. She adores her pet dog Twinkie, and is happily married to her books.